Dr David Rydings, Rehabilitation Fitness Coach - Liverpool FC

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Dr David Rydings

Rehabilitation Fitness Coach

Dr David Rydings

Dr David Rydings first arrived at Liverpool FC in July 2011 as part of the club's link with Liverpool John Moores University.

His role focuses on rehabilitation of the players, meaning he works across the club's medical and fitness teams at senior level.

"My role is quite varied but predominantly involves pitch-based rehab sessions," he explains. "It includes helping to write specific player programmes and I take quite a lot of the responsibility for quantifying the amount of work they take on.

"Once a player gets injured, we work closely with the physio to guide players back from day one back to being fit and available to play, which includes gym-based training and pitch-based rehab training.

"I love it here. All of the players are great lads and...

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