NewsMona Nemmer book inspiring Turkey national team

Published 7th June 2022

The work of Liverpool's head of nutrition, Mona Nemmer, is currently being utilised by the Turkey national team.

Last September, Nemmer – who was recruited by Jürgen Klopp in 2016 – published her first book, A Taste of the Liverpool Way.

It is packed with insight on the health and nutrition regimes used by the Reds at the AXA Training Centre, explaining how the squad eat the right things in the right way and at the right times.

A Taste of the Liverpool Way was recently read by Nemmer’s German compatriot Stefan Kuntz, who was installed as Turkey coach last year.

And Kuntz was sufficiently inspired by the expertise within its contents to gift copies of the book to his players, who are currently together to compete in the UEFA Nations League.

“We always think about what we can do to benefit our players,” he said. “I know Mona, the author of the book; she worked for the German Football Federation, later Bayern, then Klopp took her to Liverpool.

“We thought that the easy-to-read book, which works with the best football players, would be useful in order for the players who need to show high performance in eating and drinking to be fed properly. Even if my players get one per cent, it is a plus for us.”

Ideal for aspiring young footballers and fans of all ages, too, A Taste of the Liverpool Way also explains the basics of nutrition in an easy-to-understand way with recipes, graphics and illustrations.

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Published 7th June 2022