LFC takes decisive action to tackle discrimination and unacceptable fan behaviour



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Liverpool FC has seen a significant increase in the number of supporters sanctioned for the use of discriminatory abuse, thanks to its ongoing Red Together awareness campaign and official sanctions process.

During the 2021-22 season a quarter of all issues reported to the club’s official sanctions panel were for the use of discriminatory language at Anfield, with 100 per cent of issues reviewed by the panel receiving a sanction.

Those found guilty of using discriminatory language have been handed sanctions ranging from one-year to lifetime bans.

Red Together is LFC’s commitment to championing equality, diversity and inclusion, and a clampdown of discrimination in all its forms.

Rishi Jain, senior equality, diversity and inclusion manager at Liverpool FC, said: “It’s a positive step forward to see both fans’ awareness and confidence in reporting incidents grow.

“This enables us as a club to continually monitor situations and take appropriate action where required.

“We strive to effect positive change, and through our official sanctions process we are also able to guide and educate fans on important issues and tackle unacceptable behaviour.

“We want to encourage our fans to support their club in a respectful way that is both inclusive and welcoming to all. This not only reflects our principles as a family club but also upholds our strong values.”

Liverpool FC is also cracking down on ticket touting and other forms of unacceptable fan behaviour, including the use of pyrotechnics and pitch invasions, two areas that have been specifically highlighted as areas of concern by the Premier League for the 2022-23 season.

Last season LFC was able to successfully identify and punish every person found to have breached security and encroached on the Anfield pitch. All were handed sanctions.

The largest area of investigation for the sanction process throughout the 2021-22 season remained issues relating to tickets, with more than half of cases falling into this category.

A third of cases of ticketing abuse investigated by the club’s official sanctions panel resulted in action, ranging from cancelled accounts to indefinite suspensions.

All reported allegations of abusive or discriminatory behaviour will continue to be investigated by the club throughout the 2022-23 season, in order to identify and, where necessary, punish the perpetrators.

To report and log any incidences of abuse both online and in-stadium, please visit www.liverpoolfc.com/reportabuse.

LFC continues to warn and remind supporters not to buy tickets online or from unofficial sellers, as there has been an increase in the number of fans being defrauded, particularly online.

Fans can report unofficial ticket sales or fraudulent tickets to LFC here - and to Action Fraud.

More information on the LFC official sanctions process is available here.



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