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Premier League Schools Tournament

26th May 2016

The First Team’s season is over but that hasn’t stopped me having an action packed week. It started with singing and dancing with Liverpool FC Foundation and ended with dizzy mascot penalties at Goodison Park.

Why were we singing and dancing with LFC Foundation? Well, we were at a very special school, Prescot Primary. They had been battling it out all season against a load of the other schools in Merseyside. The fight was on to win the opportunity to represent LFC in the Premier League Schools tournaments. They beat all the other teams so LFC Foundation and I went down to give them their very own Liverpool FC Kits.

That wasn’t the last time we would see them because the next day we were off to the tournament at Everton’s ground Goodison Park, our Anfield neighbours. There were lots of teams representing their local Premier League squads. Well done to all the girls and boys who represented LFC. I had my own competition to deal with! I was up against my friends Changy and Fred the Red in dizzy penalties. It was so much fun, but I’m sure they fixed it as I didn’t win!

Pitch Talk

Not much going on with the First Team for a little while as some of the lads have now gone onto international duty. It has been announced that we will play Barcelona at Wembley as part of our Pre-Season Tour, how cool is that? Liverpool Ladies FC are keeping us entertained and playing really well. They beat Chelsea 3-0 and drew against Manchester City. Keep it up Ladies!



Top 5 things to do now the 2015/16 season is over

20th May 2016

It’s been such an amazing season. I have met so many new friends and been a part of so many boss events. Not to mention two finals with Jürgen Klopp. I know you’re thinking ‘what can I do now the football season is over?’ But do not fear Mighty Red is here! I have been searching for the top things to do:

  1. Liverpool Ladies FC’s season is in full swing. I will be at EVERY home game, check out their fixtures here
  2. Get a ball, grab some friends and head down to the park for a good kick about.
  3. What if it’s raining? Go and have a game of FIFA. Pick your favourite LFC player and go and show the rest of the league who is boss!
  4. Get creative and go do one of my activities.
  5. LFC has lots planned for the closed season. So keep up to date with my notebook so you don’t miss a thing.

It won’t be long until the lads are jetting off to play again in their Pre-Season Tour.

Pitch Talk

Two very special games took place this week. We had our very last Barclays Premier League game on Sunday against West Bromwich Albion. We took away a safe 1-1 draw, after being 1 goal down Jordon Ibe came in with a quick equaliser. We lost 3-1 in our UEFA Europa League final. Sturridge scored a beautiful goal from the outside foot to give us a 1-0 lead at half time, but Sevilla came back in the 2nd half to win the game. Some world class football has been played this season. I absolutely can’t wait until the 2016/17 season gets started!

Best kit in the world!

13th May 2016

I couldn’t believe it when LFC Retail asked me to come down to the official kit launch this week. Knowing I was going to meet some amazing players made it hard to sleep the night before! They gave me my very own top with my name and number on the back, extra special backstage access and I got to see my good friends Robbie Fowler and Jason McAteer before meeting Flanagan, Mignolet, Coutinho and Natasha Harding. We took pictures in our new kit. How cool is that?!

I was still smiling after that but pretty sad to be in the Family Park for the last time this season ahead of the game against Chelsea. We made up for it though by having as much fun as we could. And as if that wasn’t enough we were then visited by Britain’s got talent gold buzzer finalists ‘Boogie Storm’. They were amazing and performed on the pitch at half time.

Pitch Talk

We had a great start against Chelsea on Wednesday. Unfortunately they got a goal past us. It was looking like a loss until Benteke scored an equaliser in the 92nd minute. The crowd went mad! We have our last Barclays Premier League game on Sunday and the biggest game of the season next Wednesday - The European Cup Final against Sevilla. We've got this! Good luck Reds, I will be cheering you on!

Hurry back to hear more!

Biggest week of the season!

6th May 2016

It was bring your pet to school day yesterday so I decided to take my pet Iguana, Fred. I told my class how he loves to eat Flower buds, fruit and leaves. He also loves the heat because he is a cold blooded animal. This means he can’t warm himself up so he uses the environment instead. My class loved meeting him and he loved meeting them too!  

I think the Villarreal fans brought some sun over with them because it’s been very sunny in Anfield this week. The atmosphere here has been electric and shows why Liverpool FC is the best team in the world. The fans have been raising the roof and there’s a buzz in the air that can be felt by everyone within a mile radius.

Pitch Talk

The result wasn’t great when we played Swansea City at the weekend, we lost 3-1. The lads still put lots of effort in and it payed off when Benteke scored.  The Swansea City result has been completely forgotten after last night’s amazing performance. The Reds pulled back the score from the first leg of the UEFA Europa League Semi-Final, and put three in the back of the net to take us to the Final on 18th May! I am so excited!

Just 2 more games till the end of the season, check in to find out the final results -YNWA

This week’s for the Ladies

29th April 2016

I’ve been a busy bird this week. Event invites have been flooding in. I kick started the week with a trip to Lymm Rovers Girls training session. It was boss to see over 200 girls of all ages playing Football on one field and what made it even better was that the Liverpool Ladies FC team were there as special coaches.

I didn’t leave the lads out, the next day I was off to present prizes at the Academy. So many young footballers getting a taste of the Liverpool Way on the Academy turf makes me smile.

Pitch talk

I flew back over to watch Liverpool Ladies FC win 2-1 against Chelsea Ladies, I didn’t expect to see so many friends! 1000 girls from all around the North West were there. It's Girls Football Week and so it’s time to recognise all the hard work they do, some with support from Liverpool FC Foundation.

The lads had a 2-2 draw against Newcastle United at home on Saturday in our Barclays Premier League clash. Not a win but we still took a point! Well done to Sturridge and Lallana for getting those goals in.

It’s a very important week for the Reds in the UEFA Europa League! It was disappointing to come away with a 1-0 loss last night, as Villarreal scored in the 92nd minute! But they still have to travel to Anfield. I can’t wait for next week, the atmosphere will be electric when we bring Villarreal to Liverpool!



8 Goals in 2 games!

22nd April 2016

I’m so proud to be Liverpool FC’s number one fan right now. 8 Goals scored in 2 of the biggest games this year.  My friends and I have been singing, dancing and cheering louder than ever. The atmosphere in Anfield would certainly put any Liver Birds feathers on end. When the expanded Main Stand opens next season it’s going to be even louder, I really can’t wait.

Borussia Dortmund  4-3 – Our 2nd leg game against Borussia Dortmund has taken us to the semi-finals of the UEFA Europa League, get in! Some world class football has been coming out of Liverpool FC lately. Sakho, Coutinho and Origi scored in both of our last two games. Lovren also got one in against Dortmund. Sturridge was substituted but I’m sure he would have got one in there!

The Derby 4- 0 - The second game of the 2015/16 season, against our neighbours Everton, has crowned us kings of ‘Merseyside’. Sturridge got his chance to get one in the back of the net.

I’ve been catching up with my friends before the matches in the Family Park. It’s such a great place to get hyped up before the match. We even had a mini Derby on the 5-a-side pitch on Wednesday. Liverpool FC won of course. There are live bands, special guests, football games, food and so much more. If you’re ever there before a game, come and grab a photo with me ( I love a selfie!)

Good luck against Newcastle United on Saturday Reds! I will keep you updated next week!

Meeting the VIP’s!

14th April 2016

I was made up to start the week with a 4-1 win against Stoke City. That’s not the only reason I had a great day on Sunday. I got to have some fun with my friend John Farmworth who is one of the best football freestylers in the world! We played some footy together in the Family Park and he showed us his skills. It was very impressive!

The week only got better, some of my  fellow LFC Official Junior Members won the chance to interview Benteke, Bogdan and Gomez at Melwood, where the players train. Before the players arrived we showed each other our best goal celebration, my celebrations were the best obviously!

Everyone did so well as junior press officers asking great questions. The players stayed and signed some of our LFC kit and took photos, I couldn’t miss out on the chance to get involved! I was sad to say goodbye to everyone but they promised to come visit me at Anfield soon.  

Pitch Talk

Origi, Sturridge and Moreno all scored in our match against Stoke taking us to 8th position in the Barclays Premier League. The atmosphere was incredible, so much signing and shouting. I think they were just warming up ahead of the return of Klopp’s old army Borussia Dortmund. My feathers are crossed for a big win for the Reds tonight so we can make it through to the semi–finals…..Check back soon so I can update you on the match!

My Mighty School Holiday!

8th April 2016

I’ve had such a fun school holidays!

Day 1

I couldn’t believe my feathers when I found out I would be hosting a special tour of Anfield with Mamadou Sakho! We showed off our dance skills and took lots of pictures. It was all to raise money for Liverpool FC Foundation which is always great.


I was back to Anfield to host more Family Tours. Unfortunately Sakho couldn’t make it this time. But that didn’t stop us having tons of fun! I love meeting new friends.

Day 3

I was up bright and early to go say hello to all the young new stars at the International Soccer School. After an inspirational talk from the coaches we were off practising our skills, I have loads!

Day 4

I had a day at home with my sisters, Mum and Dad. I needed the rest so I was ready to watch and cheer loads when Liverpool FC took on Klopp’s old Army, Borussia Dortmund, and what a lot of cheering I did as Origi scored the first goal!

Day 5

I’m going back to the Academy this afternoon to see how everyone has got on and what great skills they have learned this week. I’m also going to hand out some special certificates and medals to reward all my new friends’ hard work.

Pitch Talk

What a game against Klopp's old army on Thursday night as the Reds took away a 1-1 draw with the return leg still to play at Anfield. We have a Barclays Premier League clash against Stoke City on Sunday. I can’t wait! I will be in the Family Park from 12:00, come and say hello!

What an Eggcelent Week!

1st April 2016

I've had so many Easter eggs over the last few days I think I might turn into one!

Easter Sunday was the best, I set up an Easter egg hunt around Anfield for all my friends on my special Family Tours and left them clues to find out where I was too. They all managed to find out where I was, in The Kop of course! I like it there the most because I can make as much noise as I want (and nobody tells me to sssshh)
The fun didn't stop there! It was time to work off all the chocolate, starting at the International Soccer School. We got a pep talk off the amazing coaches and all my friends were feeling really inspired. They told us that when Steven Gerrard was 8, like me, he was sitting where we were and if we trained hard one day we could be in the First Team.

Pitch Talk

It was great to be back with Liverpool Ladies FC, they played against Birmingham City at home and sealed a 1-0 victory when Van De Sanden scored the winner!

The First Team have been on International Break, playing for their countries or training in Tenerife!  James Milner was even captain of England playing alongside Sturridge, Lallana and Clyne. Sakho was a crucial player in France’s win against Russia. 

It’s back to the Barclays Premier League this weekend as we play Tottenham Hotspur on Saturday.  I can’t wait, COME ON YOU REDS!

Home sweet home

24th March 2016

I’m home now and happy to be close to Anfield. Not to mention Fred, my pet Iguana, he was so excited to see me walk through the door. I will miss my new friends in South Africa though.

I got to do some pretty amazing things whilst I was out in Cape Town. I joined in with the top junior Gum Boot dance group. I now know how to make beats with my boots!

I’d like to say a massive thank you to everyone who made it such a special trip, especially Liverpool FC Legends Jason McAteer and Robbie Fowler. I’m looking forward to my next adventure here in Liverpool.

Pitch Talk

We have been drawn against Borussia Dortmund in the Quarter Finals of the UEFA Europa League. It will be interesting to watch the Reds play against Klopp’s old army.

LFC took on Southampton away last week, it was looking hopeful for us when went into the second half against Southampton 0-2 up. But it wasn’t to be, the final score was 3-2, so no points for us this time. Its International duty for some of the lads this week so no games for us, but we will come back stronger. Red forever! 

I’m in Cape Town South Africa!

18th March 2016

It’s been another incredible week! After I’d trained with my friends at the LFC Academy, I packed my bags and flew through the clouds to meet everyone in Cape Town South Africa. Thanks for the VIP pass to the Barclays Premier League Live event! 

As soon as we touched down we busted the iconic Table Mountain. I have never seen such an amazing view, apart from the view a few rows back in The Kop obviously.  Liverpool FC Legend Jason McAteer came with me and we got some great photos. He even showed me some skills at the top of the Mountain (before he kicked it too far!)

We popped in to see the top coaches at Liverpool FC Academy SA. Playing with these guys was boss, hope to play with them again soon.

Pitch Talk

After an absolutely boss win over Manchester United at home last Thursday, I was so excited for the second leg at Old Trafford. Watching it with Robbie Fowler and Jason McAteer was just out of this world. I predicted right, the final score from both games ending 3-1. Coutinho was a real magician ending the second leg 1-1. Bring on the next round!

A ‘Mighty’ Week!

11th March 2016

I love spending so much time at the LFC Academy, hopefully one day I may be there full time. I made sure I caught up on my school work after I’d been, so everyone is happy.

Did you do anything special for Mother’s Day? Me and my Sister, Ruby Red made my Mum breakfast in bed. Mum really liked the breakfast but I’m not too sure about the mess in the kitchen!  After that I went over to Anfield to join in the Family Tours. We had a great time singing in The Kop, the mums even got a little surprise from me; I’m such a great Liver Bird!

It was an extra special day for my two new friends Daniel and Izzy. They didn’t know it, but they were going to receive my 1 in 100 Mighty Golden Pin Badge Award! Both of them really deserved it for their outstanding bravery. Izzy’s little brother Daniel, is going to have an operation to help his big sister, Izzy get better. Wow what a week!

I'm off on my travels again next week, back to South Africa to see all of my friends for the BPL Live event in Cape Town. I can't wait to see my friends again!

Pitch Talk

Our battle in the Barclays Premier League, against Crystal Palace, set us a new Club record. We won with only 10 men after James Milner was sent off. Firmino scored our first goal then Benteke scored the final one of the match, a penalty which led the Reds to 1-2 victory.

Next up was our first ever UEFA Europa League clash against Manchester United and what an amazing night it was! The crowd at Anfield was so noisy, and it was definitely the best version of You’ll Never Walk Alone that I’ve ever heard! The final score was 2-0 to LFC, I can’t wait for the next leg at Old Trafford in a couple of weeks. Come on you Reds!


My First Trip to Wembley!

4th March 2016

I have had such a good week! It all started on Sunday, when my dream of going to Wembley came true. I went to watch the Capital One Cup Final with my friends from Liverpool FC. We definitely got VIP treatment as they took me pitch-side to meet our special matchday mascots and my friend Moonchester from Manchester City. It was amazing, Wembley Stadium is huge! I even got a high 4 (I can't high 5 with my bird hands!) from Robbie Fowler and John Barnes.

Then later in the week we got to see the snow here in Liverpool, I love the snow but Fred,my pet Iguana, didn’t like it at all! The snow didn’t stop lots of goals being scored at Liverpool FC Foundation’s Premier League Schools tournament. I was made up that we got to present the players with prizes.

Pitch Talk

It was a good effort but an unfortunate loss to Manchester City in the Capital One Cup Final. We held up a fight right through extra time, but lost out after it went through to penalties.

Playing them on our home turf in our Barclays Premier League fixture on Wednesday was a different story. We had to show them that they just got lucky at the weekend and we certainly did that! Lallana, Milner and Firmino all got a goal in, whilst Man City couldn’t break our defence. Great work lads, let's do the same at Crystal Palace on Sunday!

'Lekker Man' - The best time

26th February 2016

I couldn't believe my luck when Liverpool Ladies FC invited me on their first Pre-Season Tour to South Africa with Discovery SA.

As soon as we touched down there was singing, dancing and flag flying from our local supporters - The Liverpool Way.

I've made loads of new friends after visiting grass roots football centres and I even went to school (my teacher will be so proud!)

It's hard to pick my favourite part of the trip, but meeting LFC Legend Gary McAllister has to be up there. I'm sure I've impressed everyone and that I'll be invited back to South Africa soon!

Pitch talk:

Two big games and two top wins for the Ladies. Discovery Walter Sisulu Ladies 2-0 and Mamelodi Sundowns 6-2! 

Luckily, I was back at Anfield in time to watch the lads take on FC Augsburg in the UEFA Europa Cup clash, and it was definitely worth coming home for, the Reds won 1-0 and we are now in the next stage of the competition!

I can't wait until Sunday, we are going to WEMBLEY for the Capital One Cup Final – we’ve got this Reds!

Schools out, Footballs in!

19th February 2016

It was so nice to wake up on Monday and be on School holidays.  My sister Ruby Red and I had some breakfast before deciding what to do for the day. Ruby decided to go shopping with Mum at Liverpool One, I decided to go and see the new recruits at the International Soccer School!

All of the cool coaches where there, I love how they make training hard really fun. Lots of future footy stars in the making in this place!

My friends over at Museum and Tours in Anfield held special Family Tours this week too. The best part about a Family Tour is I am always there to say hello, I can’t wait for the next one!

Pitch Talk

GOAL! I heard that word a lot over the weekend! We played Aston Villa on Sunday and we absolutely smashed it, scoring six goals. Kolo Toure scored his first ever LFC goal! Sturridge, Millner, Clyne, Origi and Emre Can all scored goals, unfortunately the ball didn’t find the back of the net last night as we had a goalless draw against FC Augsburg in the UEFA Europa League.

No time to be disappointed with the draw as I am off to South Africa with Liverpool Ladies FC today, make sure you check back to see what I've been up too.


Fact Packed Family Fun!

12th February 2016

I had an amazing start to my week when I picked up Official Junior Member Jack and his friends and took them to School in the Mighty Mobile! The fun didn’t stop there; I got to meet all of Jack’s school friends and took part in a whole School assembly!  Everyone loved hearing about what I get up to with LFC.

Did you know it was safer internet day this week? I was invited to a huge event at Anfield where I met over 200 new friends. We learnt 6 really important facts:

  • Be Kind
  • Be Respectful
  • Stay Safe
  • Be Inclusive
  • Report acts of online hate
  • BE THE BEST! This one is my favourite
  • My Mum, Dad and my friends at LFC always help me stay safe on the internet, who helps you?

    Pitch Talk

    Saturday saw a 2-2 draw at Anfield after playing visitors Sunderland in our Barclays Premier League fixture. 59 minutes in to the action Roberto Firmino scored the first goal, then 11 minutes after Adam Lallana scored the second! But Sunderland came back to take a draw. After a tough battle with West Ham United, we were knocked out of the FA Cup with a 2-1 loss. But don’t forget we are going to WEMBLEY for the Capital One Cup Final at the end of this month!

    The First Team weren’t the only ones I watched this weekend, I really wanted to get the Kop super loud for LFC’s U21’s game on Sunday. So I went on my mission and visited locals schools to give out free match tickets to come along to Anfield and watch them take on Manchester City U21s. It really worked! The Kop was SO loud and full of all my new mates too! 

    Playground Pitch Talk

    5th February 2016

    I have to admit that I am not the best at getting up in the morning, but once I get to school and see all my friends I’m the happiest Liver Bird ever!

    This week in school we have been learning new languages, obviously I was the best at it. I decided I would show off my talent first, I chose “Mighty Red loves LFC” in African. Groot Rooi is lief vir LFC.

    My teachers and all my class mates were impressed; think I will have to learn a bit more before my trip over to South Africa soon though!

    Pitch Talk

    We had plenty to discuss in the playground this week, although some of the results I have tried to forget! Last Saturday’s FA Cup 4th round result against Sunderland ended in 0-0, it was great to see the Academy graduates in the line-up and we might see them again in the replay next month. Leicester City’s 2-0 defeat was only mentioned quickly as I was so excited to tell everyone that I was spending the whole weekend watching football at Anfield. Saturday is LFC v Sunderland and my first ever U21s game against Manchester City is on Sunday. Best keep up my good behaviour! 

    We are in the Final!

    29th January 2016

    My friends and I decided to watch the away match against Norwich City at Anfield for a change. Little did I know it was going to turn out to be the most awesome day ever! There was lots of singing and dancing before the match had even began. No chance of sitting down whilst the match was on either, after 9 goals were scored!

    After the match against Norwich City going so well, I was super excited for our home clash against Stoke City. I got to the Family Park extra early to catch up with all my friends. We played footy, jammed with the band and took lots of pictures. Just before the match began I went up to the Family Zone in the Anfield Road stand for more fun.

    Match Report

    We beat Norwich City 4-5 in our Barclays Premier League clash. Milner, Firmino and Henderson started smashing the goals in as we battled to keep up in the first half. The lads showed an amazing effort and earned a well-deserved win! It was another slow starter as we faced Stoke City for our fight to bag a place in the Capital One Cup final at Wembley. We secured our win with a nail biting round of Penalties!

    Bring on our Capital One Cup Final Clash against Manchester City, YNWA!

    FA Cup here we come!

    22nd January 2016

    I'm always up bright and early, after Mum has shouted me a few times, but when I get to spend the day at the Liverpool FC Academy it makes it a little easier! I was there this week, to celebrate with all of the teams that played in the Premier League Schools Tournament with Liverpool FC Foundation, and also to present some special awards to new friends in the U5s tournament. There were some great goals and lots of mini future footy stars there! I can't wait to see you all again. 

    Match Report

    I didn’t dwell on our result against Manchester United last weekend for too long, we had more matches to win and Mum and Dad took me and my sister Ruby for ice cream to cheer us up, it worked! The weekend was forgotten and we looked forward to the replay of the FA cup 3rd round at Anfield on Wednesday. The Exeter City fans where very noisy and confident on the way in. Although I think they were just happy to be at Anfield. As I rightly predicted, we scored three fantastic goals. Joe Allen started us off, followed by Sheyi Ojo and lastly Teixeira securing the win with a final goal in the 82nd minute.

    Bring on our next Barclays Premier League game, the Reds are away against Norwich City on Saturday – YNWA!

    Goals Everywhere!

    15th January 2016

    This week has been another exciting one, lots of goals, footy with friends and a special visit to the Liverpool FC Academy. I’m fully into the swing of 2016 now, although my pet Iguana, Fred, ate my home work! It wasn’t very fun having to do it again but I still managed to get it done and then watch the match!

    I met lots of junior teams playing at the Liverpool FC Academy for the Premier League School’s Tournament. After the matches were over we had a penalty shootout and of course nobody got a goal past me! The amazing coaches let me help them give out the prizes in the presentation at the end, I love prizes.

    Match report

    There has been lots of hype around the matches this week. New signings and players injured meant there was just no way to be sure how the match was going to go against Arsenal. The atmosphere at Anfield before the match was louder than I have heard it in ages! The players must have felt this, especially Firmino. He scored the first goal in the first ten minutes! That was the opener for a lot more goals to come. It was a very proud draw in the end, 3-3.


    Bring on our neighbour rivals Manchester United on Sunday. COME ON YOU REDS!

    Off to a flying start!

    8th January 2016

    This year has literally been off to a flying start. I flew all the way from China back to Liverpool. There was no rest. I’ve been back to school, watched two matches and wished James Milner a Happy Birthday all in the space of a week!

    Going back to School was fun. My friends all said how amazing their Christmas and New Year has been and were made up to hear about my trip to China. There was so much to do and so many new friends to meet. Including some of China’s very own football stars! I went on this journey with the amazing John Barnes, the top LFC Academy coaches and Super Sports who I would like to say a big thank you to for making my trip to China so enjoyable. Can’t wait to see them all again soon!

    Pitch Talk

    I was really disappointed when we lost against West Ham in our Barclays Premier League clash. Jürgen Klopp said we were too passive and had to be more aggressive. This means go and make an opportunity happen, don’t wait around for it. The lad’s definitely took this on board when we went up against Stoke City in the Capital One Cup Semi Final game. We won 0-1 thanks to a boss goal in the first half from Jordan Ibe.


    I’m looking forward to see what this year brings. 

    I’m starting my New Year in China!

    30th December 2015

    It has been nonstop action this month. It turns out I have been a good Liver Bird and Father Christmas brought me everything I wanted.

    Straight after our victory against Leicester on Boxing Day I jumped onto a flight to China, thanks LFC.

    If you didn’t already know, Liver Birds love to fly. It was a long journey but I definitely felt at home in the clouds!

    After touching down in Beijing (China’s Capital) I went to meet the amazing nurses at the Smile Foundation, Children's Hospital. They really made my day and said they loved my smile!

    I have lots of people to meet and places to go, not to mention the New Year’s Eve party. Hope you have a boss party too!

    Match Report:
    I nearly lost my voice when we played Leicester (the table toppers). Everybody was singing so hard to support the lads. I think our songs really helped because we won 1-0 thanks to Christian Benteke who scored in the 63rd minute. Big shout out to Dejan Lovren on getting Man of the match. I see another 3 points coming from our next game against Sunderland too. See you back here next year! Happy 2016 everyone.


    Hope Santa brings you all you wished for!

    24th December 2015

    I’ve been waiting all year and now it’s finally here, it’s Christmas! It’s my favourite time of year loads of VIP invites, presents, chocolate, football and the Christmas markets in town. Presents are definitely my favourite though!  I hope Santa brings you loads of cool toys.

    VIP Invite 6

    My Family Tour around Anfield was a very special one this Christmas. I had been hiding presents all around Anfield to lead my friends to all the best places. They ended up finding them all and eventually finding me in my favourite place, The Kop! We even made a Christmas song about me and the tour guides.

    VIP Invite 7

    Next was with all my friends from the LFC Official membership and Liverpool FC Foundation at their Christmas Party. This year was the best! We got our face painted and had lots to eat followed by me showing off my dance moves! I can’t wait to do a lot more with the Mighty Red Members next year!

    Pitch Talk

    To top Christmas off there will be a Barclays Premiere League match on Boxing Day. I will definitely be there (hopefully wearing my new Kit off my Mum and Dad!). The lads will be playing against the table toppers, Leicester City. It won’t be easy but I’ve got a Christmassy feeling we can win this one! Hopefully Klopp will lead the lads to victory! 

    The VIP invites haven’t stopped!

    18th December 2015

    VIP Invite 4

    Liverpool FC Foundation dropped off my next invitation to visit Christ the King’s Catholic Primary School.  The Little League Sports coaches who work on behalf of the Liverpool FC Foundation at the school let me join in their session. We had a penalty shootout and guess who was number one Goalie! Me, of course! Can’t wait to go back and see my new friends again.

    VIP Invite 5

    My favourite invite of the year, I could hardly sleep the night before!  The First Team Alder Hey Children’s Hospital visit! Getting to spread some Christmas cheer with my Liverpool FC heroes. There were lots of high five’s, funny jokes and smiles from so many children.

    Pitch Talk

    The atmosphere at Anfield last Sunday at the West Bromwich Albion game was extra special. We were down 1-2 and the final whistle was approaching but us fans didn’t give up, we carried on cheering the lads on! Divic Origi felt this and scored in the 90th minute! We have been drawn to face Augsburg in our next UEFA Europa League game. It will be the first time Jürgen takes us to a match on his home soil can’t wait!

    Check in for my final Christmas message on Wednesday. 


    Academy Christmas

    14th December 2015

    VIP Invite 2 – A party just isn’t the same if you don’t have a special visit from your favourite Liver bird!
    3 parties all in one day for me! The young Academy lads asked me to join in their Academy Christmas Party at the Boot Room Sports Cafe at Anfield.  We had so much fun, food (loads of ice cream) party games and a visit from Father Christmas.

    VIP invite 3 – Back with the Academy team to visit Alder Hey’s amazing new hospital. The U18s and U21s visited the wards whilst I joined the staff and children in a special Christmas Party. There were plenty of smiles from everyone.

    Pitch talk – After returning back from a defeat in the Barclays Premier League against Newcastle United the lads travelled to Switzerland to take on FC Sion in the UEFA Europa League.  The score ended 0 – 0 which means we travelled home at the top of our group and on to the next stage! 

    Back at Anfield for our BPL clash against W.B.A and the lads took 1 point after 2 – 2 draw. Well done Henderson and Origi a nice early Christmas gift. Check back in on Friday for more Christmas adventure news. 

    VIP Invite

    3rd December 2015

    December is my favourite month, chocolate for breakfast! But also loads of parties and special adventures. This week LFC sent my first advent VIP invite. Love being part of the greatest football family in world.  

    VIP Invite 1 - I was invited to go behind the scenes of the new Stadium development.

    The new upper tier, which can be seen high above Anfield, is almost finished.  The Carillion team have given me some special facts just for us, find out more

    It was so windy last Sunday that I nearly flew away! That didn’t stop the lads beating Swansea City 1-0 though. Well done to Millner for scoring the penalty and giving LFC 3 more points. And WOW I am speechless ( that doesn’t happen often) 1-6 win against Southampton flying us in to the semi-finals of the Capital One Cup.  Amazing to see Sturridge back and scoring 2 goals, Moreno netting 1 and Orgi celebrating a HATRICK! I’m still jumping around I’m that happy. Can’t wait to see what happens on Sunday when we take on Newcastle United away in the Barclays Premier League – Come on you Reds!

    Mighty Winner!

    27th November 2015

    My writing skills have impressed everyone this week with the reveal of the new edition of Kop Kid magazine. This is the 6th issue I have put together and trust me it is one not to be missed. Check out more details here

    Big shout out to my Mighty Winner Cameron this month who won a full LFC home kit. I always wear my kit when I am playing footy and when I am watching the lads play at Anfield or away. It was boss to watch them win against Manchester City last Saturday. Firmino and Coutinho were amazing to watch and I was made up Skrtel scored too. Can’t believe it was 6 years exactly since he had scored his first ever goal in his LFC shirt and against Manchester City as well!

    Back at Anfield the game against FC Bourdeaux in the UEFA Europa League was full of excitement, I’m made up that we won 2-1 Get in! Excited to be back on Sunday for our next Barclays Premier League match against Swansea City – Come on you Reds!

    VIP Invite

    19th November 2015

    I’ve been looking after Anfield whilst the lads have been training and on their International duty. Clyne and Lallana contributed to a 2-0 win against France whilst they were on International Duty for England - well done lads!

    I started off taking new friends on my special Family Tours showing them some of the coolest places they wouldn’t normally get to see. We had some boss prizes to give away thanks to the LFC retail team.

    All Saints Catholic Primary School were made up to see me again! I was so proud to see everyone getting in on time. We say ‘If you attend, you can achieve’ To make my visit even better the Head Teacher  gave me a VIP invite to open their new playground , how exciting is that? I love playtime!

    Time for us to get ready for are Barclays Premier League match against Manchester City on Saturday. The lads are taking Klopp to his first game at the Emirates Stadium; I’ve got a feeling in my feathers that we can beat them!

    Smiles All Round!

    13th November 2015

    It’s been “All smiles” from my All Saints Catholic Primary School friends. I got to meet them at the gates, as they began their day. They’re really cool and they loved it when I did my Sturridge dance!

    The smiles didn’t stop there, It was the day before matchday and I was invited to do a Family Tour at Anfield. It was extra special as we were allowed to go into the players changing rooms and touch the legendary “This Is Anfield” sign. Walking out of the tunnel sent shivers up my feathers!

    The lads have been really busy too with a trip over to Russia to play in the next Europa League game against Rubin Kazan. Jordon Ibe led us to a 0 – 1 victory, he scored his first goal for Liverpool FC – get in!  I’m sure there will be a lot more to come.

    They flew back in time to greet our visitors Crystal Palace here at Anfield for our Barclays Premier League fixture, despite a great goal by Coutinho we didn’t manage to gain any points. After some inspiring words from Mr Klopp, he made me realise, even when we lose it is a time to show extra support and be the biggest fan I can be!

    Can’t wait for next week’s match against Manchester City, I best do my homework so I can watch!

    The Kloppkin

    5th November 2015

    It’s been a spooky weekend and an action packed week with great results from the LFC Team!

    I got to spend my weekend at my favourite place again, Anfield! This time it was Halloween and all my friends where dressed up really scary, ready for the Family Tour best dressed competition. I had my bat with me (just a pretend one of course) and there was even time for some pumpkin carving too! I carved Jürgen Klopp, I called it “the Kloppkin”!

    It was so hard to pick a winner as everyone looked so spooky! The lucky winners won LFC Official Membership vouchers. They were very happy , they told me they couldn’t wait to become a Mighty Red Member just like me!

    After watching Liverpool FC’s victory over Chelsea I have been getting lots more practice in! I’m made up that Jürgen Klopp has won his first Barclays Premier League match, thanks to the boss goals from Benteke and 2 from the ‘Magician’ Coutinho.

    Next up Liverpool FC are playing Rubin Kazan over in Russia in the next Europa League game  (I’m going to put on my favourite scarf to watch the match on the TV!) I’m looking forward to seeing them all back safe and sound for are next home match against Crystal Palace on Sunday. 


    Liverpool FC Superstars

    30th October 2015

    There is no rest for this Liver bird’s feathers during school holidays!

    I received a special invite to the Liverpool One Retail Store to host their LFC family quiz and give out some of my limited edition backpacks; I was the best quiz master they had ever seen! News travelled fast as William Square Retail Store asked if I would join two LFC superstars Nathaniel Clyne and Mamadou Sakho for a perfect holiday snap! 

    The fun continued when I swung over to the Academy to meet with the International Soccer School coaches and the new stars of the future, there was so much talent in one room. We talked about all the games we had watched over the past week at Anfield. Starting with Southampton last weekend, the game ended 1-1 but we watched a boss game and that header from Benteke was unbelievable, headers are definitely something that I am going to practice!

    Then we faced Bournemouth in the Capital One clash, the atmosphere was buzzing as we gathered to watch the lads fight to get through to the next round. Nathaniel Clyne netted his first goal for the Club, since his summer move, early on in the game and the score remained 1 -0 firing Liverpool FC into the quarter-finals – get in!

    More football to come this weekend as LFC travel to Stamford Bridge to take on Chelsea in the Barclays Premier League – Come on you Reds.

    Me and Mamadou Sakho take on the mile!

    23rd October 2015

    It’s not every day that I get the chance to play games with one on my favourite LFC players. This week I got the chance to go back to All Saint Catholic Primary School and join in some sports games with a difference.

    All my friends at this school have been given the challenge to run a mile a day so I couldn’t let them do it alone. I gave my wings a good stretch and we set off, they were all really good.

    After that we played some cool games with coaches from the Liverpool FC Foundation it was time for a surprise, Mamadou had come to visit!

    I was so excited to see Jürgen Klopp take out his first LFC squad on Saturday. The team looked really strong as they took on Tottenham Hotspurs at White Hart lane. After 90minutes the score board flashed 0–0.


    We all gathered back to Anfield on Wednesday to take on Rubin Kazan in the UEFA Europa League, the Russian visitors went 1 up early on but Emre Can pulled it be for the Reds and the game finished 1-1.

    More Football here at Anfield on Sunday when Southampton visit us for our next match in the Barclays Premier League, 3 points are ours – Come on you Reds! 


    Out to WIN!

    16th October 2015

    There is no place I would rather be than at Anfield, luckily for me I got to spend my weekend there doing my special Family Tours. We had so much fun watching all the big diggers helping to build our new stand.

    After taking lots of pictures and meeting new friends (big and small) I jumped in to the Mighty Mobile and headed over to meet up with Liverpool Ladies FC at the Select Security Stadium.

    Huge thanks to Oxton Girls and LFC Girls Centre of Excellence this week who joined our team on matchdays, everyone did an amazing job!

    The Ladies had an emotional week, with the Continental Cup and UEFA Champions League titles now out of their reach, as well as final goodbyes to Manager Matt Beard. Good luck in your new adventures Matt!

    I really can’t wait for the game at White Hart lane against Tottenham on Saturday, Jürgen Klopp will be leading his first team selection out to WIN. I’m excited to see who that will be!


    9th October 2015

    I'm really excited about the arrival of LFC’s new manager Jürgen Klopp, I can’t wait to see him in action managing his first game, I’ve been keeping track of all his interviews on LFCTV!

    Liverpool Ladies FC played the first leg of their UEFA Champions League tie on Wednesday night and it’s now all to play for in Widnes next week, as they take on Italian side Bresica who won 1-0 in the first stage. Come on Ladies, I know you can do this!


    It’s an International break this week which means there are no First Team games in the Barclays Premier League, so me and my mates have spent our time playing out in the park and playing on our computers, we’ve had great fun, but I’ve scored some of my best goals on the new FIFA 16, boss game. You can’t keep me away from Anfield though, even with no games for the Reds, my Family Tours are back! Hope to see some of you there!


    2nd October 2015

    There have been so many games to go and watch over the last week but I have showed my mum that it doesn't stop me learning when I'm at school. I think I may even get star of the week soon!

    I was sad to hear that Matt Beard, manager of Liverpool Ladies FC is leaving to go to the USA. But we all gave him a massive farewell and thank you at the Select Security Stadim on Sunday. The crowd cheered and sang his name (I'm sure they could hear us in America!) The Ladies didn't win the game against Chelsea but we still have one more game to go.

    The boys have been busy too, taking on Aston Villa in the Barclays Premier League winning 3 - 2 and FC Sion in the UEFA Europa League taking away a draw, 1-1, at Anfield. Next up the big Merseyside Derby at Everton's ground, Goodison Park - Come on you Reds!

    Star Supporter!

    25th September 2015

    I have been cheering so loud at the games this week that my teachers gave me a special sticker for my good work!

    Learning was made a lot more fun because the Liverpool Ladies invited me on their school tour in the Widnes area. We went to assemblies, classroom sessions and also joined in a training session. The girls were so impressed with my special passing skill that they all wanted to try and do it!

    We gave our new friends free tickets to come and watch the LFC Ladies play their final WSL game at home, Halton Stadium.

    The first team have had a mix of games; Europa League against Bordeaux 1- 1, then back to Anfield for the Barclays Premier League game against Norwich 1-1, and the Capital One Cup against Carlisle which went to penalties 3 – 2. That’s a lot of football which makes me and my dad very happy!

    More still to watch at Anfield next week - check it all out here 

    See you there!

    Super Quadruple

    17th September 2015

    The squad have landed safely in Bordeaux ahead of their Europa League tie against FC Girondins de Bordeaux. My teacher wouldn’t let me take the time off school to travel with them this time, as I have too much homework to hand in. Dad says that we will watch it together though, I will be cheering that loud they will still hear me!

    I was telling all my friends how Natasha Dowie scored 4 goals against Bristol Academy in the quarter finals of the Continental Tyres Cup. They were so impressed, then we all tried to do the same during our P.E lesson but we only managed 2.

    This weekend is jam packed as Norwich City are travelling up to visit us here at Anfield for a 4pm KO on Saturday and the Liverpool Ladies FC play their last game of the WSL season against Chelsea on Sunday. I am feeling very positive about both games.

    We can do this – Come on you Reds!

    Game on!

    11th September 2015

    The International break is over with a win for England v Switzerland in the UEFA Euro Qualifying Group stage - well done lads. That means we are back ready for the Barclays Premier League game this weekend, LFC travel to Old Trafford on Saturday to take on Manchester United, game on! 

    Me and my new friends that I met on my last Family Tours of the summer promised we will be shouting and singing as loud as we can to help bring home 3 points.

    It was great to have Orford U12s and St Bartholomews U10s girls at the Select Security Stadium on Saturday to join the Liverpool Ladies FC team ahead of the game. The score against Arsenal Ladies FC and Manchester City Women wasn't what we hoped but we had fun joining in.
    There’s so much exciting stuff happening over the next few weeks make sure you check back in.

    Back to school!

    3rd September 2015

    Starting a new school year is so exciting. I packed my new school bag with everything I needed for my first day, including my new stationery from my Mighty Red Membership pack! The best part of the day is break time where I can catch up with my mates and talk about all our summer stories. We've all done so much over the summer months.

    I was gutted that we didn't get any points last weekend when West Ham came to Anfield.
    The Liverpool Ladies FC won at home against Sunderland in the Women’s Super League but weren't able to pick up points in the Conti Cup away a Manchester City.
    The Barclays Premier League stops for an international break this week. Good luck to all the Reds who are off to play for their country.

    Game time!

    28th August 2015

    Here at LFC we have been causing a storm on the pitch, the Liverpool Ladies FC have played 2 games in 7 days and won both! Natasha Dowie was top goal scorer and me and the ball girls got her signature, check out all their winning match news here!

    The lads took a trip down south to the Emirates Stadium to play their next game of the Barclays Premier League, away against Arsenal. LFC played really well but there were no goals scored by either team and ended the game ended 0 – 0. We left the game with 1 point and a 3rd clean sheet of the 2015/16 season, great work everyone let’s keep it going!

    There’s not much time left for us to wait for the next game back here at Anfield. West Ham are coming to visit us on Saturday and I’m hoping for another 3 points at home, game time! If you come to the ground early make sure you come and say hi, I will be playing footy in the Family Park.

    Anfield has still been rockin’ whilst the players have been away as I’ve been showing my friends around on my Family Stadium Tours, I’ve got to meet so many new friends it’s so much fun.

    Hope to see you at Anfield soon – YNWA  

    3 points all round!

    21st August 2015

    The summer holidays are going so fast with all the fun stuff that I have been joining in with and on top of that I got to go to 2 games in one week.

    I visited the International Football Academy’s Soccer School last week, and afterwards I was really excited to choose some lucky winners who had outstanding individual performance. I decided to reward them and their families, with the opportunity to join me and the mascot team on the Liverpool Ladies FC Matchday mascot experience.

    We were all so excited to be back at the Select Security Stadium in Widnes for the Ladies Continental Cup game against Durham Women FC. We were all cheering from the stands and we even sang Happy Birthday to Coco (Corina Schroder), who was celebrating The Liverpool Way, thanks to Natasha Dowie who led the ladies to a 1- 0 win. What a great birthday present!

    The celebrations didn’t stop there, as we all piled back over to Anfield on Monday to watch the First Team’s return home. The Family Park was rocking with all the great entertainment from JC & the two steps and the Liverpool FC Foundation teaching us what it is like to play football when you don’t have sight.

    Thankfully we left the match as happy as we entered, Benteke took us up 1–0 in the 26th minute against Bournemouth – 3 points all round! 

    Learning from the best

    14th August 2015

    People always ask me “Mighty Red why are you so happy and have a big smile on your beak all the time?”

    Well, with the amazing start the lads had on the pitch playing against Stoke City on Sunday is it any wonder why! Although we left the Britannia Stadium with a 6 – 1 defeat at the end of the last season, the boys didn’t let that hold them back. Roberto Firmino (No11) took his first Barclays Premier League bow and his friend Coutinho (No10) showed us some magic.


    In the 86th minute assisted by Joseph Gomez (No12) Coutinho was dipping and moving through the air, he took it past Stoke City’s keeper, Butland and scored – GOAL! The final score of the Reds first game of the season was 0 – 1, what a start!

    This left me and my friends keen to get our boots on and get practicing The Liverpool Way. We had some boss coaches to show us all that they know about football at the LFC International Football Academy Soccer Schools. They were very impressed with some on the new skills I showed them, and I was introduced to the U18s Academy players. Hope you can join us on one of the Soccer Schools one day.


    I’ve got a very busy week this week, my new Family Tours start again, I’m off to watch the Liverpool Ladies FC at home against Durham Women FC on Saturday then back to Anfield on Monday for the first home game of the Barclays Premier Legaue Season – And all of this is why I always have a smile on my beak! 


    Fun in Finland

    7th August 2015

    I had to pack my suitcase and get my passport back out this weekend, as I was off to Helsinki in Finland for the Reds to take on HJK Helsinki in the Olympic Stadium.  Divock Origi got the opening goal to make it 0-1 after great work from Ibe and Milner. We also got to see Phillipe Coutinho back in action and back on the scoresheet with a man of the match performance giving us a 0-2 win to take back to Liverpool with us.

    There was still time for one last warm up game before the season starts and it was against Swindon Town at the County Ground, we got to see new signings Christian Benteke and Foberto Firmino for the first time as well as welcoming back Emre Can.  Benteke scored on his debut with an absolute wonder goal, Swindon equalised but Sheyi Ojo’s late strike was too hot for the keeper to handle and gave us a 1-2 win which meant we were unbeaten in Pre-Season – Get in!

    The Liverpool Ladies FC got back to winning ways in the Continental Cup with a 0-3 win away at Doncaster Belles.

    Finally the wait is over and the Barclays Premier League is back this weekend.  The Reds travel to the Britannia Stadium on Sunday for their first game against Stoke City and we are hoping we can start with a win – Come on you Reds!

    Countdown to kick off

    31st July 2015

    We touched down at Kuala Lumpur airport for our final leg of the Tour. Some amazing LFC fans were waiting for us as we arrived, singing and playing drums as we got to our hotel.  This incredible support continued as I met all the Malaysian fans at open training and on match day, everyone wanted a picture with this handsome bird, I lost track of how many selfies I had!

    Our last game was against Malaysian XI at the Bukit Jalil National Stadium. The Malaysian team took a shock lead when Patrick 'Ronaldinho' Wleh scored, but Jordan Ibe’s screamer equalised and that’s how the game finished.

    After the game it was straight to the airport to fly home to Liverpool to my mum and dad and all my friends at Anfield.

    I caught up on all the things I had missed whilst I’d been away. A 650 tonne roof truss was installed above the Stadium it looks awesome take a look at the video, and unfortunately Liverpool Ladies FC lost against Birmingham.

    I’m off for another LFC adventure this weekend, with a trip to Finland for the Reds to play HJK Helsinki in our last weekend of friendlies before the big kick off, it’s nearly time and countdown begins to the start of the Barclay’s Premier League 2015/16 season!

    Big Red and Ruby Roo show me the sights

    23rd July 2015

    After the short flight from Brisbane to Adelaide it was straight back into action for this bird, I hung out with the amazing Liverpool FC Foundation coaches and joined in their coaching sessions. First we went to the Reagan Milstein Foundation and then The Smith Family Foundation soccer clinic. We were all surprised with a special visit from Sakho and Moreno, it was so much fun.

    It was then time to meet a new very special friend, Trigger the Tiger who is the official mascot for the Epilepsy Centre and I got to tell him all about our trip so far. We both joined 160 new school friends as we entertained them at their assembly, teaching them all about the LFC Family, they want to visit us at Anfield one day!

    Straight after assembly we popped over to the Royal Society for the Blind with LFC Legends Ian Rush and Craig Johnston to teach a soccer session together.

    Our 3rd match of the Tour was against Adelaide United at the Adelaide Oval and Big Red and Ruby Roo, Adelaide FC’s mascots showed me around their stadium. It felt like we had a great connection as my sister is called Ruby & I’m big and red!

    Hearing 53,000 people singing You’ll Never Walk Alone made my feathers stand on end.  We took the lead in the 2nd half, when James Milner got his 2nd goal in 2 games and fellow new boy Danny Ings got his first ever LFC goal to wrap up the Reds 2-0 win and leave us unbeaten on Tour so far.

    I said goodbye to the Koala’s and Kangaroo’s and jumped on the plane for our last stop of the tour, Kuala Lumpur.  Our welcome was unbelievable, the fans were singing, cheering and playing drums, I think they were happy to see us all.

    We only have one more game to go against Malaysian XI at the Bukit Jalil National Stadium before I head back to Liverpool to see my family. I’ve heard that Fara Williams had a warm welcome back to Halton Stadium last Saturday and that Natasha Dowie celebrated her 50th Liverpool Ladies FC game. Unfortunately Notts County spoilt the party by taking the 3 points with a 1-2 win, but new signing Rosie White got on the score sheet in her debut.

    Keep following our Tour 2015 success here


    First Stop Bangkok

    17th July 2015

    It was finally here - pre-season tour time and our first stop was Thailand! We landed in Bangkok to be greeted by all the amazing Thai fans and their support continued for the whole of our short visit. I have had so much fun!  I got to make lots of new friends at the New Balance and Dunkin Donuts soccer clinic with Mamadou Sakho, then more special people at the Thailand School for the Blind. I hope I get to visit you all again soon.

    Our first game was against the Thai All Stars at the Rajamangala Stadium and in a rain-soaked match, the Reds came out on top with a 4-0 win thanks to goals from Markovic, Sakho, Lallana and new boy, Divock Origi.

    Then back on the plane straight after the match - next stop was Brisbane in Australia. The first day here was boss! LFC legends Didi Hamann and Luis Garcia got to have a kick about with me, the Brisbane Roar youth players and their mascot, Roary. And I even got chance to meet a Koala!

    We played Brisbane Roar at the Suncorp Stadium and the atmosphere was one to remember. The Australian Kop gathered in the stands showing the Brisbane Roar the 'Liverpool Way'. It wasn't long until the score was 0-1 but that didn't hold us back as Lallana scored to make it 1-1 before half time. Second half we saw Milner score his very first goal for LFC in the 75th minute, GET IN. Another win in the bag 2-1 to the reds.

    I have been keeping up with everything back home and saw that Liverpool Ladies FC got back to winning ways with a 1-3 win away at Arsenal with Women's World Cup hero, Fara Williams, getting on the score sheet. Good luck at home on Saturday!

    Bags are packed and I am ready to go!

    10th July 2015

    It's nearly here my favourite time ever, the players and I are ready to jump on a plane and go to visit all our amazing fans all over the world.  I'm so excited, my bags are packed, my sunscreen is on and my passport is open ready for more international stamps!

    It's so cool to know we have so many LFC supporters all over the world, I love telling my friends about them. Not so long ago I got to be a teacher for the day and I made a video about my adventures (with a little help from LFC TV!) Check out all the places I am going to visit this year and all the fun I had learning about the countries and thier flags, watch my video here

    Pitch talk - The FIFA Women's World Cup is over now, Liverpool Ladies FC player Fara Williams scored a late penalty in their last match which secured England Ladies 3rd spot, they got a bronze medal to take home with USA taking the title. Well done everyone!

    James Milner and Danny Ings where officially unveiled as Liverpool FC players this week and will join us on the plane along with some of our other new faces, I can't wait to meet them all.

    Make sure you check back here next week to see what I have been getting up too.


    ‘The Land of Remarkable People’

    3rd July 2015

    I have been a very busy bird this week and it all started with another sports day, I am going to be the fittest Liver Bird around. This time it was with all my friends at Park View Primary and all of the amazing Liverpool FC Foundation coaches, we got to join in with the hurdles, sack race and my favourite - the egg and spoon race as well as lots of other fun sports.

    There was no time to rest my feathers as it was straight off to 'The Land of Remarkable People' - at Alder Hey Children's Hospital, to see all the amazing kids and the staff that look after them. We gave out some gifts, had a sing song and got to see lots of smiling faces.

    In the FIFA Women's World Cup, England ladies made more history this week by knocking out hosts Canada with a 2-1 win to put them into the semi-finals against reigning champions Japan. Unfortunately that is where the World Cup journey ended for the Lionesses as Japan won the match 2-1 to progress to the final but the ladies can be so proud of their performances, I know the nation is!

    The transfer window opened this week which meant we could officially sign goalkeeper Adam Bogdan from Bolton and it also meant we saw another new face join the Reds when Right back Nathanial Clyne was signed from Southampton.  Nathanial became our 6th summer signing and it doesn't look like it will be our last.

    World Cup Football Festival

    26th June 2015

    To celebrate the FIFA Women's World Cup Canada 2015TM, I got a very special invite to visit the Widnes Primary Schools Sports Association Girls Football Festival at Moorfields Primary School.

    Each of the schools taking part represented one of the countries that is taking part in the tournament in Canada.  I had such a boss time meeting everyone, I even gave some pre- match team talks. Brendan Rodgers would be proud!

    England Women made history this week by making it through to the FIFA Women's World Cup Canada 2015TM quarter finals with a 2-1 win against Norway. Let's hope our very own Fara Williams can bring home a winners medal to add to her two FAWSL titles.

    Next up the Lionesses play against hosts Canada for a semi-final spot...

    Two more new faces joined the LFC Family this week taking our summer signings to five so far.  First to sign was 18 year old centre back Joe Gomez, who we bought from Charlton Athletic.

    Next in was attacking midfielder Roberto Firmino from Hoffenheim, who will join the Reds subject to a medical after he has finished representing Brazil in the Copa América with fellow Red, Philippe Coutinho.

    I can't wait to see the whole squad back and ready for the new season.

    Fun with Flags

    19th June 2015

    It is that time of year again when I get to go and teach all my friends at All Saints Catholic Primary school about the LFC Pre-Season Tour. This year we are travelling to Thailand, Australia and Malaysia and not only did I get to teach them all I know about these boss places, we got the chance to get nice and messy making our own flags for each of the countries. I can’t wait to take the flags on my travels with me I’ll get lots of pictures to show everyone.

    It’s been a great week for all our Reds on International duty, Henderson, Sterling, Lallana and new boy James Milner helped England to a vital win in their Euro 2016 qualifier.  Emre Can got a goal to earn Germany a draw in their opening under 21’s Euro game. Fara Williams also got on the scoresheet and was awarded player of the match, by getting the England Ladies through to the last 16 of the FIFA Women’s World Cup with a 2-1 win over Columbia.


    Let’s hope the good luck continues for another of our new boys Danny Ings as he begins his UEFA European under 21’s Championship journey this week.

    Sports Day Fun

    12th June 2015

    I had to dig out my trainers and my head band this week as I was invited to All Saints Catholic Primary School to help everyone get ready for their sports day. We learnt how to do all the sports like the athletes on the TV, including how to start a sprint like Usian Bolt, do the long jump and shot put like heptathlete Jessica Ennis and lots of other fun sports.  Everyone was really impressed with my skills and I even borrowed Mo Farah's celebration and called it the 'Mighty Bot' next stop the Rio Olympics for this Liver Bird!

    Two new faces joined the Reds this week Midfielder James Milner agreed to join us from Manchester City and Striker Danny Ings from Burnley they will both join us subject to a medical on the 1st July, welcome to the LFC family.

    With the domestic season over, international football now takes centre stage for the summer and a number of the Reds' have been in action flying the flags for their national teams.  Congratulations to Philippe Coutinho who scored his first ever international goal for Brazil and Lazar Markovic who was also on target for Serbia.  For the ladies Asisat Oshoala scored for Nigeria in their first world cup match which ended 3-3 with Sweden.

    No rest for the best

    5th June 2015

    Half term is so much fun and I always get to have lots of boss LFC adventures. This half term was no different, no rest for this Liver bird. Not only did I get to go to the 3 day Liverpool FC Soccer School to improve my skills, but I was also invited to a very special soccer school at the Academy for 96 Mighty Reds.  96 lucky LFC Official Mighty Red Members got to spend the day learning, The Liverpool Way, with all the amazing LFC coaches and even better, at the end of the day, they got to meet me and have a picture!

    As there are no Barclays Premier League games to watch, I have been playing football instead. I've been training every day since the end of season while the players have been getting a well-deserved break, some breaks shorter than others! I thought I better get some practice in, just in case Brendan Rodgers needs me to step into the squad next season!

    This week is the start of an amazing journey for two of our Ladies players. Asisat Oshoala & Fara Williams have travelled to Canada to represent their countries in the FIFA Women's World Cup which starts on Saturday, the matches start a little bit too late for me to watch, but I hope one of them can bring the trophy back to show us.

    LFC Family Fun

    28th May 2015

    I had such great fun on Saturday as I was invited to the LFC retail store in Liverpool One for their very special bank holiday family fun day.  I made lots of new friends as we all joined in with the quizzes and activities that where going on all day, I even gave away prizes for everyone who joined in.

    The last day of the season arrived on Sunday and the Reds travelled to the Britannia Stadium to face Stoke City, this would be Steven Gerrard's last ever game in an LFC shirt.  The game and result is definitely one we want to forget, with the Reds losing 6-1. This meant we dropped a place to finish 6th in the Barclays Premier League, but that still means we will be playing UEFA Europa League football next season, and on the plus side Stevie got a goal in his last of 710 appearances for the Reds.  We wish him all the luck in the world with his new adventure playing for LA Galaxy in the USA and hope to see him back in the Kop one day.

    So that's it, no more football for the lads until we travel on the Asia and Australia pre-season tour in July.  So hopefully we will see some new faces in that time and be ready to get back up where we belong next season. YNWA

    The Liverpool FC family says goodbye

    22nd May 2015

    On Saturday, the day had arrived that the whole LFC Family had been dreading, the last home game of the season and time to say goodbye to our hero and Liverpool FC Legend Steven Gerrard.  We didn’t want it to be a sad day, so we made it into a celebration; the whole of Anfield was absolutely buzzing and ready to start the party for our captain.

    Just before kick-off all the players came on to the pitch and gave Stevie a guard of honour, the whole of Anfield started singing it made my feathers stand on end.

    It was Crystal Palace who were the visitors to Anfield for the last time this season, we were all hoping for a win to send Captain Fantastic off in style. We got off to the best start when Adam Lallana gave us the lead in the 26th minute, but Palace spoilt the party by scoring 3 times to give them a 1-3 win.

    Next up it’s the last game of the season on Saturday and the Reds travel to the Britannia Stadium to take on Stoke City.  Let’s hope the Red men can finish with a win.

    Barnsey, Rushie and Mighty

    15th May 2015

    I got a special treat this week when LFC Soccer Schools invited me to the Standard Chartered trophy 2015 finals. It was great to meet players from all over the world, LFC legends John Barnes and my good mate Ian Rush also joined in, I am one lucky bird.

    It was a sad day for me on Sunday as I went to Anfield for my last Family Tour within the existing main stand. I wasn’t sad for long though, as I got to share the experience with some new friends and we are all very excited for the next time we visit and see a new look Anfield.

    Pitch Talk – It was a trip to Stamford Bridge on Sunday to visit the newly crowned champions Chelsea.  It was the blues that took the lead very early in the game, but up stepped Steven Gerrard to nod down Henderson’s free kick and level things up right before the break.  Stevie got a standing ovation from the whole crowd as he left the pitch with 10 minutes to go, the match finished 1-1.

    Next up is our last game of the season at Anfield and it is Crystal Palace who visit the Reds.  It’s going to be a very emotional game so let’s give Stevie the best send-off ever.

    Mighty School Olympics

    8th May 2015

    I got to take a break from lessons this week to join in with the Halton School Games. I even got to officially open the games with the Mayor Councilor of Halton Shaun Osborne and my good friend Jigsta,r who is the official mascot of the Merseyside School Games. Over the 2 days,1000+ pupils got to try out different sports including fencing, archery, tug of war, football and rugby with the help of Cronton's Centre of Sporting Excellence students, I even got to show off my dance and Zumba skills.

    Pitch Talk – The Reds where back at Anfield on Saturday and back to winning ways against Queens Park Rangers.  Coutinho gave us the lead in the first half when he found the top corner.  QPR equalised late in the second half to make it 1-1. Steven Gerrard was then given the chance to make it 2-1 from the penalty spot, but his shot was saved! He soon made up for his penalty miss to head home from Coutinho’s corner and give us all 3 points, putting us 4 points behind Manchester United.

    There are just 3 games left of the season and it’s a visit to the newly crowned Champions, Chelsea, at Stamford Bridge on Sunday, come on Red men we can still get 4th place.

    We showed racism the Red Card

    1st May 2015

    I have been a very busy bird this week, it’s tough being so popular sometimes.  I got to join LFC Legend Robbie Fowler, Liverpool Ladies FC striker Ashley Hodson as well as many other celebs at Anfield for the ‘Show Racism the Red Card’ School Competition presentation earlier in the week! What a boss competition it was, talented artists, poets and story writers got to show their work and win themselves some prizes. I still think my picture should have won! 

    Pitch Talk – Two games in 4 days but not quite the results we wanted. On Saturday we were held to a 0-0 draw in our visit to The Hawthorns to play West Bromich Albion.  The Reds where on the road again with a visit to Hull City’s KC Stadium in Tuesday night’s game and again it was not what we wanted as Hull City won 1-0, which left us in 5th with 4 games to play.

    It was a different story for Liverpool Ladies FC as they got another win on the board, with a 2-1 win at home against Manchester City Woman, thanks to goals from Oshoala and Smorsgard which lifted the Reds up the Women’s Super League.

    Next up for LFC it’s QPR at home in the Barclays Premier League. Come on Red men let’s chase 4th place.

    BT Sport

    24th April 2015

    It was back to school this week for this Liver Bird, although I did get special permission to make a trip to the BT sport call centre. I was off to invite everyone to join me at the Select Security Stadium, Halton, to watch Liverpool Ladies FC V Manchester City Ladies on Sunday. When I arrived I was greeted by lots of people jumping at the chance to take a picture with me, it’s not every day someone as good looking as me visits them in the office (their words not mine!). They were so impressed with the signature gift I gave them, that I got to wear my very own headset and explore with them online.  

    Pitch Talk – It was a long journey back from Wembley for most fans as we didn’t get the result we needed to get us to the final. Phillipe Coutinho gave us the lead in the 30th minute but 2 goals either side of half time for Aston Villa gave them a 2-1 win and sent us home disappointed.


    Next up for LFC its two away games in four days, first it’s a trip to the Hawthorns to play West Bromwich Albion and then it’s off to the KC Stadium on Tuesday night to play Hull City, I’ve got my wings crossed that the Reds come back with all 6 points.  

    Code playground

    17th April 2015

    There was a new species of bird joining me at Anfield this week when the 'Digital Eagles' arrived. They took me on a fun adventure of learning what makes tech tick with the basics of coding in the Barclays code playground! I found out that I had even more skills off the pitch, I know it's hard to believe as I have so many already, but now I've coded my own computer game - BOSS (The Liverpool FC Foundation and my new digital eagle experts helped me a little!) I couldn't wait to tell everyone about it. I popped over to see all my friends at the LFC Soccer School at the Academy, they were impressed but said I was a lot better in goal!

    'Pitch talk' - We closed the gap on fourth place to four points with a 2-0 victory over Newcastle United at Anfield on Monday night.

    Raheem Sterling gave the Reds a ninth-minute lead, dancing into the area from the left and scoring the opening goal. Joe Allen made it 2-0 at the second attempt after his initial header had been blocked. Signing off in perfect fashion ahead of the trip to Wembley on Sunday!

    Easter Egg Hunt

    10th April 2015

    We all know Anfield is my favourite place in the world, but it was even better last weekend as it was full of chocolate Easter eggs for us to find on my LFC Family Tours. Me and all my friends had to listen very carefully on the tour to answer all the questions on the quiz which helped us find the eggs, after all that hard work we definitely earned the chocolate!

    Pitch talk – LFC had a trip to the Emirates Stadium on Easter Sunday to play Arsenal but unfortunately it was not the result we wanted as we lost the game 4-1 with stand in skipper Jordan Henderson netting a penalty that gave us a consolation goal to travel back to Anfield with.

    But the Reds were on the road again on Wednesday, as we headed for a massive game at Ewood Park in our FA Cup replay against Blackburn Rovers, knowing a win would set us up for a semi-final at Wembley against Aston Villa.  We got the win we needed thanks to a goal from Coutinho giving us a 0-1 win, we are off to Wembley and one step closer to the Cup final – Get in.

    Next up for LFC its Newcastle United who visit Anfield in their Barclays Premier League game on Monday night.

    All-Stars Shine

    2nd April 2015

    Sunday was the best day ever, it all started with my special Family Tour of Anfield. I got to show my new friend Snap the squirrel around my second home, Snap is the official mascot of Red Touch Media who sponsored the match shirt for the Liverpool All-Stars Charity Match. 

    After that we both got ready for the match by meeting all our friends in the Family Park and we even had a game of 5 a side football, I think Snap has a lot of practice to do to match my goalkeeping skills!

    Then it was game time, there was an enormous roar as Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher led there All-Star teams onto the Anfield pitch ready for kick off.  Carra’s team got off to the best start with Mario Balotelli and Didier Drogba giving them an early 0-2 lead, before the man himself Steven Gerrard converted a penalty to make it 1-2 before half time. Then the moment we had all been waiting for…the return of Suarez and Torres, amazing! They didn’t manage to get on the score sheet but Suarez did win the penalty for Stevie to smash home and even up the score at 2-2, that’s how the game finished.

    The Liverpool Ladies FC got back to winning ways this week with a 2-1 win against Birmingham City Ladies thanks to goals from Asisat Oshoala and Fara Williams.

    Next up for the Reds it’s an Easter trip to the Emirates to play Arsenal, hopefully they will come back with 3 points to put in the Easter basket.

    Merseyside Schools Games

    27th March 2015

    I got myself a gold medal this week, as I got to go and take part in the Merseyside Schools Games with Everton's mascot Changy and the games mascot Jigstar at the Liverpool Ladies FC home ground Halton Stadium. We had such a boss day watching the Yr. 5/6 Girls Football tournament, I've never signed so many T-shirts and boots!!

    The winners St Paul’s from Liverpool and 3rd place Green Leas from Wirral won the chance to be the Liverpool Ladies FC mascots for their first game against Sunderland Ladies at the Select Security Stadium the next day - Well done girls.

    The Liverpool Ladies FC who have held the Women’s Super League title for two seasons running unfortunately didn't start this season off as they had hoped, with the final score ending Liverpool Ladies FC 1, Sunderland FC Ladies 2.

    The First Team had a similar result on Sunday when Manchester United beat them 1-2 at home, Sturridge scored the Reds’ only goal. Last time we lost to United we went on a 13 match unbeaten run so, we go again and we will get a UEFA Champions League place! There is international duty for some of the lads this weekend so no Barclays Premier League game but instead it’s our very special Liverpool All-Star Charity Match at Anfield.  I can’t wait to see Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher lead out the two All-Star teams


    Treat for Mum

    20th March 2015

    Some Mums got an amazing treat this Mother's Day, they got to meet me on my very special Anfield Family Tour. Not only did they get to see the most handsome Liver Bird around but they got to see the best stadium as well, does it get any better? But don't worry, my Mum didn't miss out, when I got home me and my dad made her tea, Jamie Oliver has nothing on my cooking skills.

    It was a visit down to South Wales on Monday night to face the Boss' old club Swansea City at the Liberty Stadium. It was a very close game until our stand in skipper, Jordan Henderson, charged down the Swansea defenders clearance and the ball looped over the goalkeeper, into the back of the net, to make it 0-1 and that's how it finished! Another 3 points and another away clean sheet meaning we haven't conceded a Barclays Premier League away goal in 9 hours and 19 minutes.

    Next up for the Reds it's a massive Barclays Premier League game at Anfield against Manchester United, knowing a win would move us above them and into the Champions League places. Come on Red men let's jump into 4th place.

    Champions again!

    13th March 2015

    How quick is this year going? This week it was time for the Premier League schools tournament final again. Of course my name was first on the list to go and meet every one and see who gets to represent Liverpool FC at Tottenham’s home ground White Hart Lane in May. I got to help LFC Academy stars Jordan Rossiter and Marc Pelosi with the presentation and for the 3rd year in a row Plantation Primary School lifted the trophy. Let’s hope they can stay Champions in May and win the whole tournament for a second year running.

    The Reds were back to Anfield on Sunday and it was Blackburn Rovers FC, from the Championship, who visited for the FA Cup quarter final, knowing that a win would set us up with a Wembley semi-final.  It didn’t go quite to plan and the match finished with a 0-0 draw, meaning we will have to play a replay at Ewood Park on 8th for a chance to play Aston Villa in the next round.


    Next up its Monday night Barclays Premier League football for the Reds with a trip to South Wales to play against Swansea City at the Liberty Stadium, let’s hope they come back with all 3 points.

    Family Park Surprises

    6th March 2015

    I had a big surprise for 2 lucky young Reds this week. They thought they were just coming to Anfield to watch Liverpool FC in action, but little did Matthew Lowe and Joshua Oakes know that everyone’s favourite Liver bird had something up his sleeve. They were Official LFC Membership prize winners. They got to meet me, which is a prize in itself, had a special presentation in the Family Park from compare Steven Fletcher and got some boss personalised prizes to take home with them.

    What a game they got to see as well, when the Barclays Premier League Champions Manchester City visited Anfield on Sunday. LFC had the best start when Henderson scored making it 1-0 but Manchester City made it 1-1 soon after.  It stayed that way until Coutinho scored the winner to make it 2-1 with a world class finish.

    The winning didn’t stop there, Burnley came to visit Anfield on Wednesday night. Thanks to a captain’s performance from Henderson with a stunner of a first goal and then an assist for Daniel Sturridge, LFC came away with a 2-0 win and another clean sheet, leaving us in 5th position in the League.

    Next up for the Red men it’s an FA Cup quarter final at Anfield against Championship side Blackburn Rovers FC on Sunday.


    Here’s hoping we can get a semi-final visit to Wembley.

    Mascot dream

    27th February 2015

    This week I was invited to join my friends from the LFC Foundation and our partners MBNA, to help pick the winner for the amazing prize of becoming a matchday mascot.

    Massive congratulations to Liam Wilson, you will lead the first team players out onto the pitch at Anfield when we play Burnley FC next week, see you there!

    On Sunday it was a trip down to St Mary’s stadium to play Southampton. We got off to the best start when Philippe Coutinho put us in the lead after just 3 minutes with a wonder strike. Raheem Sterling made it 0-2 in the 73rd minute and gave us all 3 points and our 5th away clean sheet in a row. That win has left us just 2 points off the UEFA Champions League places.

    Last night the Reds returned to the Ataturk Stadium in Istanbul for their Europa League 2nd leg tie against Besiktas. The stadium wasn’t as lucky for us this time, as we didn’t make it through to the last 16. We took the game right through to extra time and then penalty’s but Besiktas walked away with the win.

    This Sunday we are back to the Barclays Premier League. Champions Manchester City visit us at Anfield, let’s hope we can get a win with 4th place in our sights!


    It's all about the Cups

    20th February 2015

    Half term is boss and the best way to spend it is at the Academy learning The Liverpool Way with all my new friends. With all these new skills it can’t be long till I get a call up to the First Team, especially as they need someone to replace Stevie, I’ll make sure I keep practising.

    There were no Barclays Premier League games this week, so it was all about the Cup competitions. First up on Saturday was the FA Cup 5th round game against Crystal Palace.  Palace took the lead early on and went in to half time 1-0 up, but it wasn’t long before we were equal as Daniel Sturridge made it 1-1. Then 10 minutes later Adam Lallana made it 1-2 after the keeper couldn’t hold Balotelli’s free kick.  That win means we have a home tie against Blackburn Rovers before we can book our place in the semi-final.

    The Reds were in UEFA Europa League action last night against Besiktas. The match finished with a 1-0 LFC win, after Balotelli scored a penalty to give us an important lead going into the second leg, in Istanbul next week.

    We are back to the Barclays Premier League on Sunday with a trip to St Mary’s to play Southampton, 4th place we are coming to get you!


    The 'Perfect Match'

    13th February 2015

    I got the chance to welcome my good friend Sir SIB to Anfield to support Tuesday night's very special 'Perfect Match'.

    Sir SIB is the official mascot of Seeing is Believing, a charity sponsored by Standard Chartered that was set up to help tackle avoidable blindness.  The players wore special shirts for the game with the 'Seeing is Believing' logo on. The match worn shirts will be auctioned off during Standard Chartered's online auction.

    On the pitch it really was the 'Perfect Match' against Tottenham - it had everything! Markovic put us in the lead, but it wasn't long before Spurs equalised.  A Steven Gerrard penalty gave us a 2-1 lead, but the visitors scored and equalised AGAIN! But up stepped Mario Balotelli off the bench to score a late winner and give us a 3-2 win and all 3 points.

    Steven Gerrard played in his final Merseyside Derby against Everton on Saturday. The match finished 0-0 with the Reds having the most chances but we couldn't find a goal, so points were shared at Goodison Park.

    Next up for the Reds it's a 5th round FA Cup game against Crystal Palace at Selhurst Park. Let's hope we can take a step closer to Wembley...

    One Step Closer to Wembley!

    6th February 2015

    I headed to Anfield on Saturday to see Liverpool FC take on West Ham United, but mum said I had to put my hat and scarf on as it was very chilly.  Don’t tell her I took them off to have selfies with everyone, when you are this good looking you can’t hide your face. 

    LFC took the lead when Sterling scored to put us 1-0 up.  The biggest cheer of the day came when Sturridge came on for his first game after 5 months out. It only took him 10 minutes to get back on the score sheet to give us a 2-0 win.

    Wednesday’s FA Cup 4th round replay against Bolton Wanderers was Steven Gerrard’s 700th LFC game, and a win would put us into the next round against Crystal Palace. Bolton scored the first goal to give them the lead but a goal from Sterling made it 1-1 and a wonder goal from Coutinho in stoppage time gave us a 1-2 win and took us a step closer to our dream, of seeing Stevie lift the FA Cup at Wembley, in his last game in a Red shirt.

    Next up the Reds make the short trip over Stanley Park to play Everton, let’s hope they come back with all 3 points.

    Reds round-up

    30th January 2015

    I knew brushing my feathers would make a difference, meeting up with the Liverpool Ladies FC Team before their first pre-season friendly game brought them extra luck! They came away from Halton Stadium with a 4–1 win against Aston Villa Ladies FC.

    That game was followed with more celebrations, as we had lots of Red birthday shout outs to make this week, first was No3 Jose Enrique, then the boss Brendan Rodgers followed by LFC Legend Jamie Carragher, I’m still waiting for my piece of cake lads!

    We played Bolton Wanderers in an FA Cup fourth-round game at Anfield on Saturday. Although we made a few attempts on goal, Adam Bogdan’s (Bolton Wanderers’ goalkeeper) saves were greater, ending the game as a goalless draw. We now replay the Championship side at the Macron Stadium on February 4th 19:45.

    Our next game was on Tuesday evening and was our final battle with Chelsea to take us through to the Capital One Cup final at Wembley. It was not meant to be, as we took the game into extra time. The final score at Stamford Bridge was 1- 0 for Chelsea finishing the semi-final with a 2-1 aggregate result.


    Next up the Reds are back at Anfield for their Barclays Premier League home game against West Ham Untied on Saturday, 3pm Kick-off. 

    Women’s Super League Champions

    23rd January 2015

    The Liverpool Ladies FC team and their manager Matt Beard sent me a special letter this week “Mighty Red, please would you be able to help us give something back to the local community, by joining both myself and the players on a special visit to Alder Hey Children’s Hospital?” Of course I said yes, I love making people feel better.

    At the hospital we got to visit lots of wards, sign autographs and some of the children even let me play with their toys with them!

    We talked about lots of things together especially the two games the First Team had played over the past week.

    First was Aston Villa V LFC, we moved four points off fourth position in the Barclays Premier League table, after Fabio Borini and Rickie Lambert were on target, ending this game 0–2. I also got my second correct Mighty on Matchday prediction of 2015, I was made up! This result also means Liverpool FC go unbeaten now in 8 matches.

    Next we talked about our first leg game in the Capital One cup game against Chelsea. We took away a 1–1 draw after Sterling equalised by planting a left footer past the Chelsea goalkeeper Courtois. This leaves it all to play for in the second leg at Stamford Bridge on Tuesday at 19:45. The battle is on for Wembley!


    16th January 2015

    I have amazed myself this week with all the great work I have done at school, not only have I made sure that my work is the best it can be, but I have made sure that I got to school on time EVERY day. Mum didn’t even have to pull the covers off my wings in the mornings either! This makes both my mum and my teachers happy, I can tell as they are smiling more.

    Talking about happy people, I met lots of them on Sunday when I got to take them around my 2nd home, Anfield, on a Family Stadium Tour. We were singing and cheering in the Kop pretending we were at a real game, it was so much fun. We all agreed, after LFC’s game away at Sunderland’s Stadium of Light, that Lazar Markovic’s right footed shot from the centre of the box to the centre of the goal, assisted by Fabio Borini, definitely deserved the Man of the Match title. Scoring that goal meant that LFC brought home victory, 3 points and their 3rd win for January.

    The Reds have got two more games coming up this week so make sure you don’t miss out. Aston Villa V Liverpool FC on Saturday 17th Jan, 15:00 kickoff, and then Chelsea visit us again in the Capital One Cup, kicking off at 19:45 on Tuesday. See you there.

    Football Frenzy

    9th January 2015

    Happy New Year everyone, I hope you had a great Christmas and Santa brought you everything you asked for.

    There has been so much football over the last week I’m in a football frenzy! The lads didn’t have much time to let their Christmas Turkey settle as they played Burnley on Boxing Day at Turf Moor.  Raheem Sterling got the only goal of the game after a boss ball from Coutinho, the game ended 0-1 and Liverpool FC came home with all 3 points.


    Next was the Reds final fixture of 2014 as Swansea City visited Anfield. Goals from Alberto Moreno and Adam Lallana gave Liverpool FC a 2-0 lead. Swansea City pulled one back to make it 2-1.  Lallana’s 2nd and a Jonjo Shelvey own goal, gave us a much needed 4-1 win and moved us above Swansea City in the Barclays Premier League table.

    Our very first game of 2015 was here at Anfield playing Leicester City. My new friend and Leicester City’s mascot Filbert the Fox came for some New Year’s Day fun with us. 

    LFC took a 2-0 lead going in to half time with 2 Steven Gerrard penalties. But 2 goals for Leicester City meant the points were shared with a draw 2-2.

    Still no time to rest for the Red’s as they played in the FA Cup on Monday against AFC Wimbledon leaving the third round with a 1-2 win.

    Next up we are back to the Barclays Premier League and a visit to the North East to play Sunderland at the Stadium of Light.

    Merry Christmas everyone

    24th December 2014

    I’m so excited it’s just 1 more sleep till Santa comes down the Chimney, to bring me lots of presents, for being such a good boy this year.  Mum says I have to go to bed really early so I can be ready for the big day, but I want to stay up and see if I can spot him!

    On Sunday, it was Arsenal’s turn to visit Anfield for our next Barclays Premier League game.  We took the lead just before half time when Philippe Coutinho scored the opener, but Arsenal equalised 60 seconds later.  The away team took the lead in the second half, but a Martin Skrtel header earned us a draw in the 7th minute of injury time, meaning the match finished 2-2.


    We have loads of games to look forward to over Christmas, starting on Boxing Day when we travel to Turf Moor to play Burnley, followed by Swansea City who visit Anfield on the 29th December and then we welcome Leicester City on New Year’s Day.  Finally it’s an FA Cup trip to AFC Wimbledon at the start of January so let’s hope we get the Christmas present we all want and the lads grab 4 festive wins.


    I hope everyone has the best Christmas ever and I will check back in with you in the New Year, I can’t wait to see you all in 2015.


    Have a very Red Christmas.




    Spreading the festive cheer

    19th December 2014

    I have been a very busy bird again this week and managed to get another stamp on my passport, when I got a very special invitation to visit Mumbai in India, for the Barclays Premier League Live event. It was great to meet all the Liverpool FC fans in Mumbai and it was even better to join in with the International Soccer School soccer clinics. I showed all of my new friends my skills and helped to teach them all The Liverpool Way, I hope I can go back to visit again soon.

    I also got to go to my favourite event of the year this week, when the First Team players and I got to go and spread the festive cheer, to all the children, at Alder Hey Hospital.  We sang songs and gave out Christmas presents to all the children; it was so nice to see everyone smile when they received a plush toy of ME!

    It was a trip to Old Trafford for the Reds on Sunday, in the early Premier League kick off.  We created plenty of chances, but unfortunately Manchester United scored 3 goals and took all the points with a 3-0 win.

    Next the Reds played in the Capital One Cup on Wednesday and got a 1-3 win against Bournemouth. 

    We took the lead after Raheem Sterling finished off a fantastic move by the whole team, which included 52 passes. It was soon 0-2 when Lazar Markovic got on the score sheet with his first ever LFC goal. Sterling got his second early in the second half to make it 0-3.  Bournemouth pulled one back in the 57th minute, but it wasn't enough we safely made it into the draw for the semi-finals. We will play Chelsea over 2 legs to try and secure our place at Wembley. 

    Next up LFC welcome Arsenal to Anfield on Sunday let's hope we can keep the winning going.

    Christmas Shopping

    12th December 2014

    With less than 2 weeks to go until the big day I thought I'd better get my Christmas list to Santa sorted, as I must be on his nice list this year.  So the best way to pick my presents was to visit the LFC retail stores in Liverpool One and Williamson Square and pick out all the goodies I wanted under my tree.  While I was there I thought I could help all my friends choose their Christmas presents and I even gave out some treats myself as I was feeling festive.

    Sunderland visited Anfield in the Barclays Premier League game on Saturday.  The match finished 0-0 and meant the points where shared and we were unbeaten in 3 games.  That result left us in 9th place in the league 6 points off 4th place.

    We were all very nervous Reds on Tuesday knowing only a win against FC Basel at Anfield would put us through to the next round of the UEFA Champions League.  Unfortunately we got off to the worst start with the Swiss team taking the lead.  It got even worse when Markovic was sent off in the second half.  But an amazing free kick from Steven Gerrard gave us all hope that we could make it through, but it wasn't to be, we created so many chances in the last 10 minutes but the ball just wouldn't go in the back of the net. So the match finished 1-1 and we came 3rd in the group which means we automatically go into the UEFA Europa League.

    Next up for the Reds it's a trip to Old Trafford on Sunday to play Manchester United, I have my wings crossed they come back home with all 3 points!

    Read all about it

    5th December 2014

    I was a very lucky bird this week as I got to visit all my friends at All Saints Primary school for a very special reading session, and even better we got to read my very own book.  We had so much fun acting out my adventures, I was really impressed with everyone's reading skills and I can't wait to go back and read some more.

    It was back to the Barclays Premier League on Saturday when Stoke City visited Anfield.  It was a tough game but LFC took the lead in the 85th minute thanks to a Glen Johnson header, this was enough to secure all 3 points for the Reds with a 1-0 win.

    On Tuesday the lads visited the King Power stadium to play Leicester City in a Premier League game where Glen Johnson played his 150th league game for the Reds, and Jordan Henderson started for his 150th appearance in total for the Club.  We did not get off to a good start with Leicester City taking the lead on 22 minutes but it wasn't long till an Adam Lallana strike put us level.  After half time Steven Gerrard and Jordan Henderson got on the score sheet to give us all 3 points with a 1-3 win against 10 man Leicester.

    Next up its Sunderland who visit Anfield on Saturday, here's hoping for a 3rd win in a row!

    Christmas is coming

    28th November 2014

    It's the last week in November which means only one thing - it's time to put the Christmas decorations up in the Red's household. Even better it's nearly time to open the first window on my Liverpool FC advent calendar and get ready for all the festive fun. I have got so much to look forward to in December and I can't wait to see you all at all the fun events. As I have been a very good boy this year, I had better get writing my list ready to give to Santa, I'm hoping for a very Red Christmas.

    Our trip to London on Sunday to play against Crystal Palace was not what we hoped for. After taking the lead through Rickie Lambert's first Liverpool FC goal, in the 2nd minute, Crystal Palace quickly equalised to make it 1-1. Then another two goals late on in the second half gave them a 3-1 win.

    Next up it was a trip to Sofia in Bulgaria, to face PFC Ludogorets Razgrad, in the Champions League on Wednesday. We had the worst possible start, when the home side scored the first goal in the third minute, but five minutes later with his second goal in two starts, Rickie Lambert headed the equaliser. Jordan Henderson then finished a Raheem Sterling cross to give us the lead going into half-time. We held that lead right up until the 88th minute when PFC Ludogorets Razgrad scored from a corner, to make it 2-2 and that is how it finished. With Real Madrid beating FC Basel in Switzerland, it means we just need a win against FC Basel at Anfield in two weeks' time to qualify for the next round.

    Next up it's Stoke City, who visit us here at Anfield, let's all keep our fingers (and wings) crossed for three points!

    A Mighty Tour

    21st November 2014

    While the lads have been away on international duty I have been looking after Anfield.  We all know that it is my favourite place in the world, and it really makes me smile, when I get to show all of my friends around on my very own Family Tours. My friends didn't stop smiling during the tours and who can blame them, as they got to see where the magic happens, learn the history of our Club and win prizes with me. It just doesn't get any better.

    There has not been a Barclays Premier League game for 2 weeks now, while 14 of our players, Balotelli, Henderson, Sterling, Mignolet, Lallana, Coutinho, Skrtel, Lovren, Toure, Markovic, Lambert, Allen, Can and Danny Ward, have been away representing their countries. They have achieved mostly good results and have returned back ready to take on the Barclays Premier League again.

    We travel down south to Selhurst Park to play Crystal Palace for the early kick off on Sunday. Then the Reds are back in Champions League action on Wednesday, with a trip to Bulgaria, to play Ludogorets Razgrad at the Vasil Levski Stadium. Let's hope this time next week we are celebrating 2 wins.

    Mighty Respect

    14th November 2014

    I have been learning all about Remembrance Day in school this week and why we wear poppies. We learnt that we wear them as a sign of respect for all the service men and women who lost their lives serving their country in the two world wars and later conflicts. I made a donation with my pocket money and got myself a poppy, which I proudly wore on my shirt at Anfield on Saturday. The Liverpool FC players wore special shirts embroidered with poppies when Chelsea visited Anfield, the Reds signed their shirts after the game and donated them to the Royal British Legion to raise money. 

    Before kick-off we all took a minutes silence to remember and to show our respects. The match then kicked off to massive cheers that got even louder when Emre Can gave us the best possible start to the game, when his long range effort gave us an early lead. Two goals from Chelsea put them in front and gave them all 3 points, but we now have two weeks without a game so hopefully we can get everyone back to full fitness and our Barclays Premier League season up and running.

    14 of our players are away on International duty, which means there is no Barclays Premier League game this weekend, so I'm going to go to the park and have a kick about with my mates.

    ‘Kolo, Kolo Toure’

    6th November 2014

    Just when I thought my half term could not get any better, I put my boots on tied my laces and grabbed my football ready to join in a very special training session with the Soccer School coaches in Rainhill. 

    Our partners Vauxhall picked 2 lucky teams who got the chance to train and learn The Liverpool Way and of course meet me. As an extra special treat Liverpool FC defender Kolo Toure popped in for the afternoon session. He answered questions and helped out in a football master class, he was very impressed with my skills!

    The weekend started with an early kick-off and a trip to St James Park to play Newcastle. The game ended with a 1-0 loss for us, but we are still only 4 points off 4th place so there is still plenty to play for.

    Then it was a trip to the Spanish capital for our Champions League game against Real Madrid on Tuesday. Kolo Toure played his best yet, with a man of the match performance against the European Champions, meeting me in the week must have helped. Unfortunately we lost the game 1-0 but we still have a good chance of qualifying if we win our last 2 games and I'm proud of the team.

    Next up, Barclays Premier League leaders Chelsea at Anfield, come on Red Men! 

    ‘Kick It Out’

    31st October 2014

    I had a boss time at the new look Family Park last weekend, before the Red's game against Hull City, especially when my Liverpool Ladies stopped by to show everyone the Women's Super League trophy and answer questions from the fans.  My day just got better as I was given a special 'Kick It Out' T-shirt, just like the matchday mascots and the players in the pre-match warm up. We were all celebrating the work of Kick It Out, football's equality and inclusion organisation, it's a good job my mum ironed it so I was the best looking Liver bird at Anfield!

    When the clock struck 3pm and the game got under way against Hull City, the atmosphere from the fans was amazing and the Kop was rocking. No wonder we are the world's greatest football family, the support from the stands really helped the players, the game might have finished 0-0, but we did create a lot of chances and I think it's only a matter of time before the goals start flying in.

    There was no time to rest for the lads, or for me, as we were in the Capital One Cup on Tuesday against Swansea. After a goalless first half the visitors took the lead in the 65th minute and it looked like we were going out of the cup, until the 86th minute when Mario Balotelli equalised, GET IN! Then, just as we were getting ready for extra time, Dejan Lovren headed home the winner from Coutinho's free kick to secure a quarter final tie against AFC Bournemouth. BOSS!

    Next up the lads travel to St James Park on Saturday to play Newcastle in the Barclays Premier League, I've got my wings crossed for 3 points!



    A Flying Visit

    24th October 2014

    I had a boss trip to Liverpool John Lennon Airport this week, but I wasn't going on my travels this time. I was there to greet the Official Scandinavian LFC Supporters Club as they flew over ready to watch the Reds in action in the Champions League. How lucky they were not only to go to Anfield to watch the game, but to see my handsome smiling face as they arrived at Liverpool Airport, I think it was possibly the best surprise they could of asked for!

    The Barclays Premier League was back last weekend and we were in action against QPR at Loftus Road, we took the lead early in the first half when Glen Johnson's cross was put into their own net by a QPR player. There was a crazy 8 minutes at the end of the game as QPR equalised, Philippe Coutinho put us back in the lead, QPR then made it 2-2 before a second QPR own goal gave us a much needed win and all 3 points, that took us up to 5th in the table.

    Then it was Champions League night at Anfield on Wednesday and the game everyone had been waiting for since the draw was made. Liverpool FC against European Champions Real Madrid. The result didn't go our way and we lost the game 0-3. But with PFC Ludogorets Razgrad beating FC Basel in the other game in group B, it means it's all still to play for to qualify, with 3 teams all on 3 points.

    Next up its Hull City who will visit Anfield on Saturday, here's hoping we can get back in the top 4!



    Celebrating with the Champions

    17th October 2014

    With the lads still away on International duty it was down to the Ladies to fly the Liverpool FC flag in their last game of the season against Bristol Academy.  It was a very special day at the Select Stadium in Widnes and you could feel the buzz and excitement as soon as the gates opened. I really enjoyed greeting all the fans with my special bag of Liverpool Ladies giveaways.

    The Liverpool Ladies went into the game in 3rd position, 3 points off the top of the league table, needing to score 3 goals and for Chelsea and Birmingham to slip up in their games to retain the Women's Super League title.  That is exactly what happened, Chelsea lost 2-1, Birmingham drew 2-2 and thanks to goals from Natasha Dowie, Lucy Bronze and a Fara Williams penalty the ladies got the 3 goals that they needed to top the Women's Super League and lift the trophy. 

    As soon as the stadium announcer declared it over the tannoy that Liverpool Ladies were the 2014 CHAMPIONS, the stadium erupted, I was so happy that I ran on to the pitch to join in the celebrations with hugs and high fives with all the team, I think I am definitely their lucky mascot. 

    The Barclays Premier League is back this weekend and the lads have a trip down to Loftus Road on Sunday to play Queens Park Rangers, let's hope they bring all 3 points back with them.

    The Luck of the Irish

    10th October 2014

    Our postman has been very busy lately delivering me special invites to lots of fun LFC events. This week was no different; a letter dropped on the mat addressed to Master Mighty Red.  When I opened up the envelope it said, "You have been invited to join Liverpool FC Legend Dietmar Hamann at the opening of the new Liverpool FC Club Store in in Dublin, Ireland".  I ran upstairs, got my passport and went to the airport.  The flight wasn't very long and before we knew it we were at the brand new store meeting all the Irish Reds.  There were 100's of fans waiting to meet me and Didi.  We had a boss time meeting all of our new friends and it was even better to see the amazing new store.  Then it was straight back on a plane to get some sleep ready for the big game the next day.

    We brought back the luck of the Irish with us to Anfield on Saturday, for the visit of West Bromwich Albion.  Adam Lallana got his first LFC goal just before half time to give us the lead, but West Brom scored a penalty to even things up.  Up stepped our new vice-captain Jordan Henderson to score the winner, with a great finish, to give us a 2-1 win and a very important 3 points.

    The good luck continued all the way to the Select Security Stadium, for Liverpool Ladies first ever appearance in the UEFA Women's Champions League against Linköpings FC.  Gemma Davison and Natasha Dowie scored to give the Ladies a 2-1 first leg lead to take to Sweden next week.

    No games for the Red men this week as 11 of them are away on International duty, but the Liverpool Ladies still have a chance to win the Women's Super League in their last game of the season on Sunday against Bristol Academy Women.

    The Golden Mighty Award

    3rd October 2014

    Being part of the greatest football family in the world is amazing and when someone in our family does something special it's even better that we get to share it with them.  My friend Benjamin is definitely someone who deserves my 'Golden Mighty' award. He has raised £4,679.66 for the 'When you wish upon a star' charity by swimming 21 miles, which is the same distance as the English channel!

    He started training in January and in just 8 months he has swam over 82 miles, as well as playing for 2 football teams and training with them twice a week. What an achievement, especially as he is only 7.  I thought the best way to say well done was not only to award Benjamin with the Golden Mighty pin badge, but to go to his school and present it to him myself. I don't think I could swim that far (not without my arm bands anyway).

    It was Derby day on Saturday, so Everton made the short trip over Stanley Park to Anfield.  The atmosphere was amazing, every single fan in the stadium was cheering and singing as the referee blew his whistle for the start of the game.  The first 45 minutes flew by and the score was 0-0 at half time. It stayed that way until the 65th minute when Mario Balotelli was fouled on the edge of the area, up stepped captain fantastic Steven Gerrard to put the ball in the top corner from the free kick.  It was looking like we had secured all 3 points until Everton scored an equaliser in the 92nd minute, which meant the points where shared.

    We are back at Anfield on Saturday playing against West Bromwich Albion, I hope we can get all 3 points and get back up the league.

    Goals Galore!

    26th September 2014

    Two games to watch this week so Mum says that all toys must be put away and my room must be kept tidy at all times, which is worth it to watch LFC play (just hope she doesn't look under my bed!).

    First up for the lads was another Saturday night game, a trip to Upton Park to play against West Ham. Unfortunately it finished with us losing 3-1 with Raheem Sterling getting our goal, it's still early days and I'm sure it won't be long till we are back up where we belong.

    We were back home to Anfield on Tuesday for the 3rd Round Capital One Cup match against Championship side Middlesbrough and what an epic game it was. LFC took the lead when 17 year old Jordan Rossiter scored on his First Team debut.  Middlesbrough equalised in the second half to take it to extra time.  Suso made it 2-1 with his first goal of the season and it looked like that would put us through, until we gave away a penalty in the last seconds of the game, which they scored to make it 2-2 and that took us to penalties.  Every LFC player got a chance to take a pen and it finally finished with a 14-13 victory for us, the way it was going I thought I was going to be next up to take a penalty.  That win meant we were rewarded with a home draw against Swansea in the 4th round.

    Next up its Everton at Anfield on Saturday, let's get our Barclays Premier League campaign back on track with a Derby win.

    The UEFA Champion’s League is back

    19th September 2014

    Can you believe it, the UEFA Champions League is back and we got to host the first game here at Anfield! But more on that later...

    This week as usual I got to school on time and I got my sticker in my book, that's nothing new as my Mum ALWAYS makes sure I am up no matter how much I put the covers over my head! I love school as there's a group of us that always sit together at lunch and talk football; I could see myself as match day reporter when I'm older actually. This week we had 2 matches to talk about so it was hard to wait until lunch time.

    Firstly Aston Villa, ok so we don't want to talk too much about that as we came away from the game with a 0-1 defeat. Brendan did tell us "There is nothing better after a disappointing performance and result like today than to get going again on Tuesday night in a competition we love. Hopefully we'll start that competition with three points."  He was right, the second half of that game was full of excitement - Mario Balotelli scored his first goal for the Club at the Kop end and the stadium shook with the celebrations. Then Ludogorets equalised but in the 93rd minute Gerrard stepped up to take a penalty... goal! All of the fans got to their feet to cheer the final score, 2-1 to the Reds.

    Next it's back to the Barclays Premier League with a trip to West Ham United - Let's bring 3 points back home.

    New Moves

    12th September 2014

    Now as you may have seen or heard before, I am a Liver Bird that knows how to move. Not only am I very good at football as well as being a pretty good goalkeeper, I have some really good dance moves too.  All Saints Primary School were very lucky to witness them this week, when I joined in the Wake and Shake session on Wednesday morning. It definitely woke me up dancing to some really good songs; it put a big smile on my face for the rest of the day. 

    We got some really special news this week at LFC. We have been picked to be one of the 8 teams that feature in the new FIFA15 demo. I've had so much fun playing FIFA14 I couldn't wait to download the demo of FIFA15. We don't even have to wait that long to actually get the game either as it is out really soon.  You can try it out now too  http://www.liverpoolfc.com/news/latest-news/170469-play-as-lfc-in-fifa-15-demo-now

    Big shout out to all the England squad especially Henderson, Lambert and Sterling who represented LFC on the pitch in a great 0-2 win against Switzerland on Monday.

    Hope the Reds can get 3 points at Anfield on Saturday against Aston Villa, that might make Daniel Sturridge feel a little better whilst his ankle recovers (I'm doing the studge!) YNWA!

    My Ice Bucket Challenge

    5th September 2014

    After everyone hearing how brave and strong I am I was nominated to take the Ice Bucket Challenge this week! The aim of the Ice Bucket Challenge is to raise awareness of the neurodegenerative disease, motor neurone disease.

    My friends Ben, Chloe, Nicole, Bobbie and William did a great job presenting for my challenge video. Matt Beard (The manager) and Gemma Bonner (defender) of Liverpool Ladies helped out too when they poured the biggest and coldest bucket of icy water all over me, my feathers were drenched, I tried to use my umbrella and armbands but they were no good! I was soaked! Watch my challenge here

    I would now like to nominate my mascot friends Changy who is Everton's mascot, Moonbeam and Moonchester Man City's mascots as well as Pottermus of Stoke City.

    Earlier in the week, before all the Ice Bucket Challenge fun, I went along to Halton Stadium and watched the first ever Liverpool Ladies open training session, it was great to see the Ladies put through their paces and we had fun with a group penalty shootout too.

    No game for us this weekend, so I must get out in the park and practice instead. I want to be able to play as good as the Red boys did on Sunday against Tottenham Hotspurs at White Hart Lane.

    The first goal came from Raheem Sterling (assisted by Jordan Henderson) when he took a shot from the left side of the six yard box and scored. Then captain fantastic, Steven Gerrard converted a penalty to make it 0-2 and we didn't stop there, Alberto Moreno in his second game for LFC, took an unstoppable shot to make the final score 0-3, taking home 3 points - Get in!


    New faces

    29th August 2014

    It's been a boss week, it all started when I got to go to the Academy to see the stars of the future at Soccer School. We learnt all the best skills that will turn us into LFC Legend's. We learnt how to pass like Gerrard, score like Sturridge and head the ball like Skrtel, I'm definitely ready for a call up to help the squad in the Champions League now!

    As I have been such a busy bird I didn't get a chance to see my Liverpool Ladies in action on Sunday, but they moved into 2nd place in the Women's Super League, after a late Katie Zelem goal gave them a 1-0 win against Notts County, don't worry ladies I'll be back for the next game.

    The first team had a tough trip to the Etihad Stadium to face Manchester City on Monday night, unfortunately ending in a 3-1 win to City.  Our goal came thanks to a Man City own goal, after a boss cross from Daniel Sturridge and great work from Rickie Lambert. We may have lost but it was a great performance from the lads and even better to see new boys Alberto Moreno and Lazar Markovic getting on the pitch for their Barclays Premier League debuts.  They were not the only new faces to make an appearance, the latest member of our LFC family Mario Balottelli was at the game to watch his new team mates in action, I can't wait to see him on the pitch in a Liverpool shirt.

    Next up it's a trip to visit Tottenham Hotspur at White Hart Lane, let's get back on track lads starting with a win at Spurs.


    The wait is over

    22nd August 2014

    The new season is finally here and I got to watch the first game on Sunday! I grabbed my lucky scarf, jumped in the Mighty Mobile with my dad and headed to Anfield . As we arrived we could see the excitement amongst all the fans straight away, everyone was ready to sing and chant 'The Liverpool Way'.

    Before the game I got to make a new BFF, Joshua, he was coming to see his first ever LFC game. We talked about our score predictions and shared stories about why we love LFC, I hope he had as much fun at the match as I did.

    The stadium was buzzing, we had been waiting (for what seems like forever) for the Barclays Premier League season to start again. Southampton was the first team to visit us here at Anfield. 

    We had a great start to the game, Raheem Sterling finished a great long ball from Jordan Henderson to make it 1-0, Southampton equalised quickly after half time, but Daniel Sturridge got the winner to make it 2-1 with his 36th LFC goal on his 50th appearance.

    Next up we visit the Ethiad Stadium on Monday to play Manchester City, come on Red men let's get another 3 points.

    The final countdown

    15th August 2014

    I'm back, I had a 'Mighty' time in the USA but it's nice to be home! I landed at John Lennon airport and had very little time to rest my wings, it was back home to Anfield for me, ready to see all your smiling faces for the LFC Official Members' family day.  Getting to greet Steven Gerrard and the rest of the players onto the pitch for open training was the best part of my day.  I was made up with the boss dance off I had with Sakho, I think 'Got to Dance' might be on the phone when they see our moves!

    It was off to Halton Stadium on Saturday for the Liverpool Ladies game against Chelsea, they won with a 2-0 score; the ladies are marching up the league!

    Home again! The first team were back for their last Pre-Season friendly at Anfield against Borussia Dortmund, what a way to finish with a 4-0 win.  Daniel Sturridge opened the scoring, Dejan Lovren made it 2 on his debut, Coutinho got our 3rd and Jordan Henderson wrapped up the win with the 4th.

    Bring on the Barclays Premier League opener on Sunday against Southampton; it's a new season so here we go again!



    Goodbye USA!

    5th August 2014

    All aboard the Mighty plane.

    I've been really busy this week on Pre-Season Tour visiting New York, Charlotte and Miami.

    My first task in New York was to give out my special 'Golden Mighty Award' to the New York Fire Department Soccer Foundation, for all their amazing work in their local community. Then on matchday, we got to watch the Reds play in one of the most famous stadiums in the world, The Yankee Stadium. We played against Manchester City, Moonbeam and Moonchester joined us too.  It was a great match, twice Manchester City took the lead and twice we equalised through Jordan Henderson and Raheem Sterling. The game finished 2-2, which meant we had to end with penalties, we won 3-1.

    We packed our cases again and off we went to Charlotte ready for our last chance to secure our place in the final in Miami.

    First we met USA stars of the future at the LFC International Soccer School; it was great to see everyone learning The Liverpool Way.

    Match time again, our final group game was against AC Milan at the Bank of America Stadium knowing a win would get us to the final. The final score was 2-0 with Joe Allen and Suso scoring, so it was off to Miami we go.

    The final was played in the Sun Life Stadium, Miami and it was against Manchester United. Although we took the lead, we lost the game 3-1.

    Then it was straight to the airport and back to Liverpool. I can't wait to see everyone at Anfield, at the weekend, for the last pre-season friendly against Borussia Dortmund.

    Mighty in the USA

    29th July 2014

    What an experience, I got to travel on the LFC First Team plane and join Brendan Rodgers, with the players and Legends, to fly all the way to the USA for the LFC Pre-Season Tour 2014.

    The first stop was Boston (I came here in 2012 too).

    I got to visit some very special places, such as Camp Harbor View, Perkins School for the Blind, Boston Children's Hospital, International Football Academies, Soccer Clinics with the Foundation, and more besides! I've made lots of new friends and I got to award many of them with one of my very special 'Golden Mighty' awards. The awards were presented for outstanding achievement and making a difference in people's lives. I was so happy to have Linda Pizzuti, Robbie Fowler and Ian Rush at the presentations.

    Our first match in the USA was a friendly against AS Roma at Fenway Park, the home of the Boston Red Sox, and their mascot (my good friend) Wally gave me a guided tour before kick-off.  Wally wasn't the only friend I got to see, I was joined on the pitch by AS Roma mascot Romolo, we got to meet all the fans and even helped out with the half-time competition.  Unfortunately Romolo was the happier mascot as the game finished with us losing 1-0. A lot of the squad got a chance to play so it was great to see them all in action.

    Then it was time for our next adventure in Chicago. We were about to take part in the International Champions Cup, the first game was on Sunday, which was against Greek champions Olympiacos at the Soldier Field Stadium. We got off to a great start in our group with a 1 - 0 win. Sterling scored with a great assist from Daniel Sturridge.

    Can't wait for the next game in New York against Manchester City. I hope we can get another win and go to the top of our group.

    If you want to check out everything the team and I have been up to so far click here

    Legends and Ladies!

    17th July 2014

    I got to join in a 'World Cup Football Friday' with my new friends at Broadgreen Primary school this week. To get themselves ready for the World Cup Final everyone had been learning  football skills and they got the chance to test them out in a penalty shootout, they all did amazing but it's not easy to beat a goalkeeper as good as me! Can't wait to see you all again soon.

    I always have so much fun at the Liverpool Ladies and this week I doubled my fun! First I saw them beat Doncaster Belles 3-2 in the Continental Cup then they won the Derby against Everton 1 - 0. My friend and LFC Legend Robbie Fowler was there with me - it was the best night ever, a win and watching the game with Robbie.

    The players are back in training and we had our first pre-season friendly against FC Brondby in Denmark, the score ended 2-1 and it was great to see the lads back.

    Next up a friendly against Preston at Deep Dale on Saturday 19th July.  After that we will all be up nice and early on Sunday, ready to get on the plane for our next pre-season adventure.

    America here we come!

    Mighty’s travels!

    11th July 2014

    I have lots of stamps in my passport from all the different places I have visited with LFC and it's that time of the year again when I get to explore the world a little bit more. I have been personally invited to go on the 2014 LFC pre-season tour of the USA with all the players and Brendan Rodgers.

    When I found out I was so excited I jumped up and down and nearly knocked my mum over. I asked my Dad to take me to the Library so I could learn all about the places I would be visiting.

    The books were boss, I found out loads about the USA Flag and fun facts about each place I'm going to.

    I couldn't keep this to myself! The teachers at All Saints Primary, Anfield Juniors and Infants school said I could lead a fun geography session so I could share it all with my friends (I think I would make a great teacher when I'm older). 

    I taught everyone about all of the cities and states we will be visiting, what type of foods came from that state, their nicknames and even the sports teams that normally play in the stadiums we will playing at, but most importantly information about their mascot - like me!

    Everyone had a great time and said they wish they could come with me in my suitcase, but I don't think I'll have enough room! 

    Now I know everything about the USA I can't wait to jump on that plane to see all the places. I promise I will share all my adventures with you all when I get back!



    World Cup Warriors

    8th July 2014

    I started off last week the best way, getting to spend the day at Reducate at Anfield. All my friends from St Gregory's Catholic Primary School joined me on a special World Cup themed day.  We learnt all about the different countries that are competing in the World Cup and got the chance to play lots of new games, get involved with fun activities and there were lots of chances to win prizes too.  We went on a tour of Anfield and the Museum and even got to eat pizza in the Boot Room Sports Cafe and have lots of ice cream for desert (but don't tell my mum).

    On Saturday it was the summer Fayre at All Saints Primary School, although the weather was not very summery it didn't stop our fun. There were lots of stalls, activities and a coconut shy, I was even allowed to make my own cookie with an LFC design on it, it tasted pretty good as well.

    On the Sunday I got to see my Liverpool Ladies again as they were playing Arsenal at Halton stadium and that meant only one thing, dance off time with my old friend Berry the Bear. After two wins in a row my winning streak came to an end, but it was Berry's birthday so I thought I'd better let her win.  We also got to make banners to help cheer on the team and I got to pick the best ones at the end of the match - they won some great prizes.  Unfortunately the ladies lost 1-0 but we all had a great day.

    Anyone for tennis?

    27th June 2014

    I wasn't the only special visitor to Anfield on Saturday being taken on a really special tour called 'The Legends tour'.     I was joined by reigning women's Wimbledon champion Marion Bartoli, tennis legend Barry Cowen and Mike Russell who were all in Liverpool for the International Tennis Tournament 2014. We all got to go around the stadium with Liverpool Legend Phil Neal, how lucky am I?

    It was amazing that they had come to see me, we all had a picture pitch-side and I even got to practice my tennis with Marion Bartoli, my serve was so good she asked me to be her doubles partner - I'm definitely a sporting genius! We had so much fun on our tour that I can't wait for my Mighty Red family tours to start again, <> to find out when you can come and visit me or even meet an LFC Legend yourself.

    Wimbledon started this week with the reigning men's champion and British number 1 Andy Murray starting off the tournament , I even got a special tweet from him as I wished him good luck. I like watching Wimbledon as my mum always gives me strawberries when it's on.

    The World Cup group stages are coming to an end after England lost to Uruguay and drew with Costa Rica.  Unfortunately England didn't manage to make it through to the last 16, but at least it means some of our players will be back in Liverpool sooner, so they can prepare for next season.

    It's nearly pre-season tour time and I'm so excited to fly all the way to the USA, make sure you keep reading my blog to see everything that I get up to.



    World cup fever!

    20th June 2014

    World Cup fever has hit everywhere, even my school.  This week we have been learning all about the 32 teams that are in the World Cup and where they all are on the map, what their capital city is called and all about the different foods they eat, did you know people in France eat frogs legs and snails? I think I'll stick to my Mum's homemade scouse.

    Learning all about those countries got me ready to watch the World Cup games on TV and last night was the biggest match so far when England took on Uruguay, which meant it was Gerrard V Suarez.  What a game it was and 8 LFC players got on the pitch, it finished 2-1 to Uruguay with Luis Suarez scoring the 2 goals that gave them the win, a disappointing result for England but there is still a chance they can qualify.

    Next up for England its Costa Rica which I learnt is in Central America, I can't wait to see what I will learn next week!

    Liverpool Stars

    17th June 2014

    The postman delivered a really special invite to my house this week. When I opened up the envelope it said, "You have been invited to join Liverpool FC Legend Dietmar Hamann at the re-launch of the new Liverpool FC Club Store in Chester." how cool is that?

    When I was there I also got to meet Chester the Cat who is Dee 106.3's mascot (Chester's radio station). We handed out prizes and entertained the crowds with a dance off and I showed him some of my footie skills that I had learnt at the LFC Soccer School.

    It was so good to see so many new friends come down to meet us and the new store looks amazing, I even used my 10% discount I get for being an LFC Official Member to get my dad's Father's day present while I was there (which he loved obviously!)

    The Fifa World Cup finally kicked off on Thursday night with hosts Brazil (and my mascot friend Fuleco of course) taking on Croatia, it was a on a bit late for me to watch because it was a school night but I heard it was a 3-1 win for Brazil. Mum let me stay up late on Saturday to watch Steven Gerrard lead England out against Italy, they may have lost 2-1 in their opening game but Daniel Sturridge scored our goal, and I'm proud of all our Red's performances. Next for England is Luis Suarez's home country Uruguay, on Thursday.

    FC have 12 players in total representing their countries in Brazil this summer so we all have lots of Liverpool stars and teams to cheer on.

    Mighty’s Warriors

    5th June 2014

    I got home from school on Monday and my mum gave me the best news ever, she said I could go to the LFC Young Warrior training session and join in all the fun with all my friends. 

    We did a warm up with the coaches, just like the players do before a big match, then they all asked me to go in goal for a penalty shootout, they must have heard all about my top goalkeeping skills.  One by one everyone stepped up to take a penalty and even though I let a few in I think everyone was impressed with my saves.

    It has been a great week for all us LFC fans, the celebrations started when Daniel Sturridge got on the score sheet for England with an amazing goal in their warm up game against Peru on Friday, then we signed our first player of the summer when striker Rickie Lambert signed from Southampton, who also scored for England against Ecuador on Wednesday, but best of all our amazing Club celebrated its 122nd birthday on Tuesday, imagine having to blow out the candles on that cake.

    I hope there is more celebrating to come this summer; I'm really looking forward to seeing all the LFC stars in action at the FIFA World Cup. YNWA

    Let's have a selfie!

    30th May 2014

    I jumped in the Mighty Mobile on Sunday full of excitement as the LFC Foundation sent out special invites to over 500 kids and I got one of them! We all got to go down to Anfield with a special chance to play on the pitch. It wasn't the best weather but it didn't stop our fun, it was amazing to make so many new friends along the way. Now as you know I take a pretty good picture, being the handsome bird that I am, well this week I have realised I look just as handsome in a selfie too. After one of my new friends took one everyone wanted to do the same, it even brought the sun out! 

    I didn't get the chance to see my Liverpool Ladies this week but I heard it was a 1-1 draw with Birmingham in the Women Super League; your favourite feathered friend will be back for your next game on 29th June.

    After all that excitement, I rested my wings before I was back in my car to visit the Academy and show off everything I had learnt last week at the Soccer School, the coaches were very impressed with my skills, I'm surprised I haven't been called up to help the England team out at the World Cup in Brazil.

    Summer's nearly here and I can't wait to see what adventures are coming up next. YNWA

    Play on the pitch

    21st May 2014

    Earlier this week I was back at Anfield, the best stadium in the world, to join so many new friends including our LFC Official Mighty Red Members.  They were there for the best experience that anyone could ever dream of, playing football on the pitch - just like all our football heros do.

    The event started by getting changed in the home team dressing room, then touching the famous 'This is Anfield' sign, before walking out of the tunnel to the sound of 'You'll Never Walk Alone.' As they made their way onto the pitch the crowds were cheering and shouting for them. Only then were they greeted by everyone's favourite LFC hero - ME, which I'm sure was the best part of their day!

    After the final whistle we all gathered in front of our supporters in time for the LFC presentation. My certificate is definitely going up on my wall and I will wear my medal with pride, I'm sure everyone else will do the same.

    It's boss spending so much time at Anfield but it's even better when I get to learn more about 'The Liverpool Way' from all of the amazing LFC International Football Academy coaches, see you soon lads. 

    Irish Reds

    16th May 2014

    Anfield was full of hope on Sunday as we all had our fingers crossed (and wings) for LFC to win against Newcastle United and hoped that West Ham would get a win against Manchester City. Newcastle took the lead with an own goal from Martin Skrtl but 2 goals in the second half from Daniel Agger and Daniel Sturridge meant we finished the season with a 2-1 win and secured 2nd place in the Barclays Premier League.  We can be very proud of the team for bringing us back into the Champions League.

    The season might have finished but that doesn't mean that this Liver bird has finished his LFC duties.  It was straight back to Anfield on Monday to join Liverpool Legends Howard Gayle, Alan Kennedy and Ronnie Moran as well as Liverpool Ladies Natasha Dowie, Becky Easton, Libby Stout and Martha Harris.  We were all there to watch the Liverpool Youth Cup finals being played, presenting the winning teams with the Liverpool Cup and the Jack Cross LFC Cup as well as being on hand to present the runners up with their medals.  It was boss to see so much talent on the pitch, they definitely entertained a great crowd at Anfield with their football skills.

    The fun didn't stop there,  I got a very special invite this week to jump on a plane and join those of the First Team (that are not preparing for the World Cup) in a trip to Ireland. Here the team got to play a friendly game against Shamrock Rovers at the Aviva Stadium in Dublin. It was great meeting all the Irish Reds and it was especially good to hang out at the stadium with my new friends, Shamrock Rovers mascot Hooperman and Irish FA's mascot RUA, as always I was the happiest mascot with a 4-0 win, I hope they get to visit me at Anfield soon.

    LFC Dance off Champion

    8th May 2014


    Going back to school last week came at the right time, I can now work off all those Easter eggs. I joined All Saints Primary School in Anfield for their 'wake and shake' class, not only do you learn new routines, it puts a smile on all our faces for the rest of day.

    All the moves I learnt at school meant that I could show them off at the Family Park. Before the Chelsea game I got to keep my crown as dance off champion, even Liverpool's Juice FM DJ Dan Roach couldn't keep up with me, but he did play some boss tunes!

    It was great to be back with my Liverpool Ladies this week, I was lucky enough to go to two matches in one week, I watched the them play in the Continental Cup, a tense 0-0 game against Everton, then they ran riot against Sunderland 3 days later with a 6-0 win, it was boss to see Natasha Dowie back to her goal scoring best with a hat-trick.

    After a great performance from all the First Team against Chelsea at Anfield last week, the match unfortunately ended in a 0-2 defeat with Chelsea scoring a goal in each half.  Next up it was a trip to Selhurst Park to play Crystal Palace on Monday night which saw us storm in to a 3 goal lead.  Joe Allen scored his 1st LFC goal in his 50th game. Daniel Sturridge and Luis Suarez made it 3, but Palace scored 3 quick goals in the second half to draw the match 3-3, we may not have come away with the results we needed but we can still be very proud Reds after an amazing season, we still have one game left against Newcastle United at Anfield on Sunday so it's not over just yet.

    We are Liverpool, 'We Go Again' YNWA



    EGG-cellent Easter

    23rd April 2014

    The Manchester City Mascot Moonbeam flew down all the way from space to have lots of fun before our game at Anfield on 13th April.  We had a great time meeting all the fans.

    Luckily I was the happier Mascot after the game because of another amazing performance from the Reds. We got 3 massive points with a 3-2 win, Raheem Sterling, Martin Skrtel and Philippe Coutinho sealed our 10th win in a row. I thought the roof was going to blow off the Kop at full time, I am still out of breathe from cheering so loud.

    This Easter half term I have been a very busy Liver Bird, my first stop was the Foundation Tournament in Rainhill where I got to see some great teams in action, I even showed off some of my new skills too.

    I then flew off to help get the WSL champions Liverpool Ladies 1st game of the season underway with my good friend Berry the bear, we even had a dance off, which I am the champion of for the 2nd year in a row!  The Ladies had a great game with a 1-0 win against Manchester City Ladies. 

    The First Team took a trip to Norwich last Sunday 20th April in an early Easter kick off.  We won 2-3, with 2 goals from Sterling and one from Suarez, which moved us 5 points clear at the top of the Barclays Premier League.

    My favourite part of Easter is getting to eat lots of chocolate and going on Easter egg hunts and it's even better when I get to do it at Anfield.  All my Friends got to help me on my quest to find hidden eggs as we went on a special hunt around the stadium on the Easter Family Tours, I was really good and shared all the eggs I found. And if all that wasn't exciting enough I got invited to The 'Celebration for the 96' charity match on Easter Monday. It was a very special day, local LFC Legends took on International LFC Legends in a game that finished 2-2.  I was in goal at half time in the Kop end and celebrities Russell Howard, Colin Murray, Clare Balding, John Bishop and Andy Brown from Lawson all took 2 penalties against me, but I let most of their shots in to make them feel better.

    Next up is another huge game when Chelsea visit Anfield on Sunday.  Come on lads let's get this Barclays Premier League trophy in the bag. YNWA 

    Showing off my Skills

    10th April 2014

    It's going to be an exciting few weeks for all of us Liverpool fans, and to make it even better its half term. All of my good behaviour at school last term means I was allowed to go to the LFC soccer school this week at the Liverpool Academy. My mum dropped my off in the Mighty Mobile, so I was ready to show off my skills and learn the Liverpool Way just like my Anfield heroes. I can't wait to show all my friends what I have learnt, mum said if I'm really good I might be allowed to go again next week.

    The Reds were in action last Sunday at Upton Park in London for our match against West Ham United. The lads made it 9 wins in a row with a 1-2 win against the Hammers, with 2 Steven Gerrard penalties sealing the win either side of half time. Those two goals meant that Captain Fantastic has now scored more Liverpool goals than LFC legend Kenny Dalglish and we were back at the top of the Premier League Table.

    Next up its Manchester City, they are coming to Anfield this Sunday for probably the biggest game of the season so far. A win would move us one step closer to our first Premier League title in 24 years, let's keep everything crossed for a massive 3 points.


    The Perfect Match

    3rd April 2014

    It was a very special day at Anfield on Sunday, as I invited my good friend and Standard Chartered mascot Sir SiB to the Family Park. I presented him with his very own special ‘Golden Mighty Award' for all of the incredible work he and our sponsor Standard Chartered do to tackle avoidable blindness around the world through their charitable initiative Seeing is Believing, (SiB).

    To help raise awareness of this initiative the LFC players wore unique home shirts that replaced the Standard Chartered logo with the Seeing is Believing logo. Five of the player's shirts from the match where signed and then auctioned to raise money for Seeing is Believing. All donations will be matched by Standard Chartered, making the game against Tottenham the ‘Perfect Match'. View our Standard Chartered match video here.  

    It definitely was a ‘Perfect Match' with us not only beating Tottenham 4-0 but it meant we went back to the top of the league. The match had only just started when we took the lead from a Spurs own goal. Luis Suarez then broke Robbie Fowler's record of 28 goals in one season by scoring his 29th to make it 2-0. Philippe Coutinho and Jordan Henderson also got on the score sheet to make the final score 4-0.

    Next up it's a trip to West Ham on Sunday. 6 games to go, come on red men ‘Make us Dream'.


    Running a Mile

    28th March 2014

    I swapped my football boots for running shoes this week and headed over to meet some new friends at Pinehurst Primary School in Anfield.

    I heard they were doing a special event to raise money for BBC's Sports Relief which raises money to help vulnerable people in both the UK and in some of the world's poorest countries.

    I wasn't alone I took my buddies Marc Pelosi, Danny Ward and Stephen Sama from LFC's under 21's team to help fundraise to. We all did our stretches and got ourselves ready on the starting line to run a whole mile (5 laps around the playground). It was tiring work but I managed to finish and luckily there was a cake sale waiting for me when I finished. It was all for a very good cause and I was very proud of everyone who took part.

    The next day the first team travelled all the way to Wales to play Cardiff City, it was another game full of goals. Cardiff took the lead, but it didn't last long. A hat trick from Luis Suarez, 2 goals from Martin Skrtel and 1 from Daniel Sturridge meant the final score was 3-6 and another 3 points.

    It was so great to be back at Anfield Wednesday night after so long. It was Sunderland who were visiting us, so excited knowing a win would take us back up to second in the Premier League. Goals from Steven Gerrard and Daniel Sturridge gave us a 2-0 lead. Sunderland did pull one back but we held on to win 2-1 moving us back up to second.

    We will welcome Tottenham Hotspur to Anfield on Sunday, only 7 games left now - YNWA


    Winning Week

    20th March 2014

    It's been another busy week for your favourite mascot. Jon Flanagan and I got VIP invitations to the Premier League School Tournament at the LFC Academy to check out all the teams that had made the regional final. The winners were Plantation Primary School who won the chance to represent Liverpool in the final at the Ethiad Stadium in May. They have lifted the trophy for the second year in a row now, so good luck lads I'm sure you will do us proud.

    Watching all that footie got me ready for the big match on Sunday against Manchester United , what a game. Our trip to Old Trafford ended in a 0-3 LFC win which keeps us second in the Premier League table. Steven Gerrard scored the first from the penalty spot. The second half was only a minute in when Captain Fantastic got his second again from another penalty. He did get the chance to score a hat trick of penalties but he hit the post. Luis Suarez got on the score sheet to make sure the 3 points were safe.

    Lots of football to look forward to this week, 3 games in 8 days coming up starting with a trip to Wales on Saturday to face Cardiff City, then Sunderland and Tottenham Hotspur both come to visit us at Anfield. Only 9 games left for us to climb right to the top of the table. We can do it.

    Show Racism the Red Card

    13th March 2014

    I got a really important invite this week, I was asked to join over one hundred other children at Anfield for an Anti-Racism Educational Event.

    The event was called 'Show Racism the Red Card'. I wasn't the only celebrity there either. I met former players; Howard Gayle and Neil Mellor, current Liverpool Ladies players Libby Stout and Danielle Gibbons, Premier League referee Chris Foy and MP for Liverpool Walton, Steve Rotheram.

    We got to take part in a workshop, ask lots of questions to the special guests and I gave out some prizes for the best questions, I even had a picture with the European Cup. It was a boss day and we all learnt a lot.

    I can't wait to see the lads back in action this Sunday against Manchester United, top of the Premier League LFC are on their way!


    Pancake Treats

    6th March 2014

    Half term is over and it was back to school for me this week. I got all my buddies at Anfield Junior School to help me practice my handwriting so I can make sure I am top of the class. As I had done so well in school I was allowed a treat which was pancakes - I love Pancakes. I put a smiley face with chocolate sauce on mine yum yum, I ate so many I nearly burst.

    Thanks to a 0-3 win on our visit to Southampton we are back up in 2nd in the Premier League table. Luis Suarez put us one up with a great finish on his 100th LFC appearance. We had to wait till the second half for our next goal, when Raheem Sterling came off the bench and doubled our lead with his first touch. Steven Gerrard got the 3rd from the penalty spot in injury time. What a great result.

    Looking forward to our next game away at Manchester United 16th March. Top of the table here we come!


    Mighty Style

    27th February 2014

    I have been spending a lot of time at my favourite place ever this week, which of course is Anfield! I got to show everyone the best parts during the Family Tour especially the Kop, here we all get to be really loud and sing my very own special chant.

    With that singing and chanting I was definitely ready for Match Day.  So good to see so many smiley happy faces in the Family Park, we have so much to do there and this week I got to show football freestyler John Farnworth how to do keepy up's Mighty style.  My favourite part of the day, was when I got to have a dance off with the singer from the live band, he was really impressed with my moves. 

    After all that I was warmed up and ready to support the lads. This week we were up against Swansea City.

    I had only just sat down when Daniel Sturridge gave us the lead after 3 minutes; not long after it was 2-0 when Jordan Henderson scored a great goal from the edge of the area.  Swansea then scored 2 quick goals to even up the score, before Sturridge put us back in front to lead 3-2 at half time.  Straight away after the break Swansea equalised after they scored a penalty.  I knew there was still plenty of time to get a winning goal and with 15 minutes left Henderson scored his second to make the final score 4-3 and give us another 3 points - what a game!

    Saturday we are travelling to Southampton, I can't wait to see the lads in action again.



    The Liverpool Way

    20th February 2014

    I love half term because that means I get to grab my kit put my boots on and go and learn the Liverpool Way at the LFC International Football Academy. I had a boss time learning new skills from the amazing coaches and I made loads of new mates. I hope the scouts were watching, I defo think I have earned a place in Brendan's starting line up after my performance.

    It was FA Cup time last weekend with a trip to the Emirates Stadium to play Arsenal. It wasn't a great start to the game as Arsenal went 2-0 up, but a second Steven Gerrard penalty in 4 days gave us hope of a replay. That made it 2-1, and that was how it finished.

    It's a shame we lost and we are out of the FA Cup, but the lads did us proud and at least now we can concentrate on our last 12 premier league games and securing our place in next season Champion's League.

    Next up - Swansea come to visit us at Anfield, wings crossed for 3 points!

    Stars of the Future

    13th February 2014

    Wow - what another great week in my LFC world. I visited the LFC Academy to check out the under 6 team and see if I could spot any stars of the future, I even got to test out my goalkeeping skills - Simon Mignolet better watch out, I might be getting a call up to the squad after my performance.

    What a week it's been for the lads, 2 games in 5 days and a full 6 points. It all started at lunch time on Saturday when league leaders Arsenal visited Anfield. I think this could have been the game of the season so far, I couldn't believe my eyes, we were 4-0 up after 20 minutes. Martin Skrtel started the scoring after 1 minute and quickly added another, Raheem Sterling got 2 and Daniel Sturridge also got on the scoresheet. Arsenal did get one back scoring from the penalty spot but the final score finished 5-1 what an amazing game.

    Next up was a trip to London to play Fulham and we were treated to another boss game. Fulham took the lead after Kolo Toure scored an own goal, but Sturridge equalised just before half time. Fulham went back in front for a second time, before Philippe Coutinho scored to make it 2-2 and captain fantastic sealed the win with a 90th minute penalty, after Sturridge was pushed in the box. The match finished 2-3 and we took all 3 points back home.

    We are heading back to London on Saturday to play Arsenal for the second time in a week in the FA Cup fifth round! Let's hope we keep up our unbeaten run in 2014.

    Wake and Shake

    7th February 2014

    I got to visit all my friends at Anfield Juniors and Anfield Infants this week to check that everyone had been getting to school on time and working hard. When I was there I did some learning of my own by joining in a literacy lesson. As a special treat for doing so well I went to All Saints Primary School and joined in their ‘Wake and Shake' morning exercise class. I got the chance to teach everyone my favourite dance, as well as throwing some boss shapes to some of their dances, Strictly Come Dancing better watch out, Mighty's got some moves.

    The lads had a trip to West Bromwich Albion on Sunday which finished with a 1-1 draw; Daniel Sturridge got our goal with the SAS linking up again to put us in front. It was a shame we couldn't hang on for 3 points as West Brom equalised in the second half but that point will help in our fight for 4th.

    Next up we welcome league leaders Arsenal to Anfield on Saturday.


    The 'Golden Mighty' Award

    30th January 2014

    I got the chance to visit Hunts Cross primary school in Liverpool this week to present one of my very own special 'Golden Mighty' pin badges.

    'The Golden Mighty' is a unique pin badge that is awarded for outstanding achievements. There are only 100 available, 8 people across the world have been awarded one so far!

    This week Luke Hamid was nominated and I got to present it to him. He earned his badge for working extra hard at school, he practiced his grammar and literacy skills and wrote an excellent poem all about how much Anfield meant to him, it was boss.(click here to read it

    Luke is the 9th person now to have 'The Golden Mighty ' you could get one too, all you need to do is keep working hard and maybe I will visit your school to give you your very own 'Golden Mighty' award soon.

    If that wasn't exciting enough, it's been a great few days of football. The weekend started with a 0-2 FA Cup win against Bournemouth on Saturday. Goals from Victor Moses and Daniel Sturridge saw us safely into the 5th Round , where we will play against Arsenal.  

    Next up was it was an action packed game against our neighbours Everton in the 222nd Merseyside derby. Our captain Stevie G got us started, scoring our first goal. Daniel Sturridge scored 2 goals in 2 minutes to make it 3-0 before half time and of course it's not a party until Luis Suarez gets on the score sheet. He wrapped up the game making it a 4-0 win.

    We are off to West Bromwich Albion on Sunday, come on the mighty Reds let's keep on scoring!




    Lucky Liver Bird

    23rd January 2014

    As if spending match day at Anfield wasn't amazing enough, Saturday was super exciting because I got to meet LFC's chairman Tom Werner, our owner John W Henry and his wife Linda Pizzuti. I'm such a lucky Liver Bird as she even wanted to have her picture taken with me, who wouldn't want to get a picture with a superstar like me though! It's my favourite picture so far this year.

    They were here to watch the lads in action against Aston Villa and what a rollercoaster of a game it was finishing 2-2. We went 0-2 down after 36 minutes but you can't keep the Reds down for long. Daniel Sturridge scored just before half time to get us back in the game. After the break Aston Villa's goalkeeper brought down Luis Suarez in the penalty area, and up stepped Captain Fantastic Steven Gerrard to score the penalty to equalize.

    We have a big week coming up as we will be hoping to get a step closer to Wembley, with a trip down to Bournemouth on Saturday in the fourth round of the FA Cup.

    Not forgetting the massive game on Tuesday against Everton at Anfield. I love Derby day come on Red men let's move on up that table!

    Behind the Scenes

    17th January 2014

    I have been working hard back at school this week making sure I always get there on time. Mum said because I had done so well I was allowed to go to Anfield for the first family tour of 2014. I love getting to go on Family Tours because I get to spend time at my favourite place in the world and make lots of new friends at the same time.  I also get to have a sneaky peak behind the scenes of our great club.

    I think that when I touched the famous 'This is Anfield' sign on Saturday it must have brought us luck for our trip to Stoke on Sunday as we won 5-3. It didn't take long for us to take the lead when Cissokho's shot bounced off a Stoke City player into the goal; we doubled our lead with a goal from the man himself Luis Suarez!

    Then in a crazy 6 minutes just before the break 2 ex LFC boys Peter Crouch and Charlie Adam made it 2-2. We were back in the lead just after half time when Gerrard marked his 650th appearance with a goal, he took the penalty after Sterling was pushed in the box.

    66 minutes in was the moment we had all been waiting for, the return of Daniel Sturridge from injury and he made an instant impact by setting up Suarez for his second of the game and his 22nd of the season. Stoke added a 3rd to make it 3-4 before Sturridge marked his comeback with a goal making the final score 3-5. What a game and what an important 3 points.

    Back up to fourth in the league ready for Aston Villa to visit Anfield on Saturday. Let's hope S.A.S can fire us back up the league.

    FA Cup Time

    10th January 2014

    It was a very rainy day at Anfield on Saturday for the 3rd round of the FA Cup, but as always that didn't spoil our fun in the Family Park. We started with a dance off to the live band and a kick about with our football freestyler friend John Farnworth, there was even face painting and some of you got my name on your faces - thanks!

    On the pitch our great start to the new year carried on with a 2-0 win against Oldham Athletic. Aspas scored his first Liverpool goal to put us 1-0 up and an Oldham own goal (after a great shot from Sterling) sealed the win and put us through to the next round. Next up we have earnt an away tie with either Burton Albion or Bournmouth.

    Back to the Premier league this weekend and a trip to see our good friend Pottermus at Stoke City. Here's hoping we stay unbeaten in 2014 with another 3 points.


    Happy New Year

    3rd January 2014

    Happy New Year everyone!

    I hope all your Christmas celebrations where as boss as mine, I must have been a very good boy last year as Santa left lots of goodies under my tree. I think I might have eaten too many mince pies and chocolate whilst I was watching all the festive LFC games though!

    We started Christmas with a nice 3-1 home win against Cardiff with Luis Suarez scoring 2 and Raheem Sterling getting the other which sent us to the top of the league for Christmas. 

    Then we then had 2 tough away games against Manchester City and Chelsea. Although we lost both 2-1 we can be very proud of our performances.  

    I was allowed to stay up late to see in the New Year before we all headed to Anfield for a New Years day game against Hull City which we won 2-0. Daniel Agger scored the first with Suarez getting the 2nd making him the fastest player to score 20 goals in a Premier League season.  This win took us back to 4th  in the League.

    Next up its our first FA Cup game of the season at home to Oldham on Sunday. I'm hoping we can keep Anfield as a fortress and move into the next round.  

    Come on Reds let’s stay unbeaten in 2014.

    Family Fun

    20th December 2013

    We all had a great day at Anfield for the Family Fun Day. I showed off my dance moves, gave out some prizes and even got to see Santa. Everyone was full of smiles and festive cheer just like me.

    I also got to visit my friends at All Saints Primary School to help give out presents from their attendance shop. Everyone has done really well getting to school on time this term, I can't wait to see them keep up the good work into next year.

    Who can forget the game? What a result we had on Sunday beating Tottenham Hotspur 5-0. 2 goals came from the captain for the day, Luis Suarez, 1 for Jordan Henderson, then Jon Flanagan. Flanagan scored his first ever LFC goal before Sterling wrapped up the win from a Suarez pass. That result keeps us 2nd in the League - boss result!

    We have Cardiff, Man City and Chelsea coming up next, come on Red Men, let's have a very merry Christmas.

    Spreading the Christmas joy

    12th December 2013

    13 more advent calendar chocolates till Santa comes to visit.

    I got a really special invitation this week to join the first team in spreading Christmas cheer at Alder Hey Hospital. We got to give out presents, pose for photos and sign autographs, it was so nice to see everyone's faces light up like the lights on the Christmas tree when they saw the players, and of course everyone's favourite Liver Bird - me!

    Another great home win for the Reds against West Ham, although I think a few of the players got confused which team they were on! 2 own goals from the Hammers (West Ham) and 1 from Skrtel. The final score was 4-1 to LFC.
    Sakho scored his first ever LFC goal and Suarez scored his 14th of the season. We are now back up to 2nd in the league - Great work everyone.

    We have a very busy Christmas with 5 games in 15 days, so I have asked Santa for 15 points and if we can be top of the league!

    Here's hoping for a very red Christmas starting with a win at Tottenham on Sunday.

    Christmas is Coming

    12th December 2013

    I am feeling very Christmassy after visiting Liverpool One superstore and giving my Christmas list to Santa. I had so much fun picking out things that I could use my membership discount on.

    If all that didn't make me feel festive enough, it was Christmas jumper day at school and along with Santa and two of his reindeer we got to help spread the cheer.

    A lot of football in this week which is BOSS! It all started with a trip to Hull, luckily we had a mid-week game straight away to help forget about that result. So next up was Norwich at home -Anfield, It was an amazing game with Luis Suarez becoming the first player in Premier League history to score three hat tricks against the same team, GET IN! He didn't stop there; he also added a 4th goal and set up Sterling for our 5th making the final score 5-1. Great game lads, keep it up and we can get another 3 points against West Ham on Saturday. Come on you red men.


    When Mighty Red met Oli the Elephant

    29th November 2013

    I always enjoy meeting new friends, but this week was really special as I got to meet Alder Hey‘s very own mascot Oli the Elephant for the first time. He showed me around the hospital where he makes people smile every day, we exchanged stories about our adventures and played a few games. I definitely think I have made a friend for life.

    It was Derby Day as well and what a treat both teams gave us with a 3-3 draw. Coutinho got us started after only 5 minutes before Everton equalised. Suarez got us back in the lead but then they scored two goals in the second half to make it 3-2.

    The game didn't finish there as super sub Sturridge came off the bench to head us a point, it's a shame we didn't get all 3 points but it was a great team effort from the Reds.

    Next up we are playing away at Hull City and we all get to open the first window on our advents calendars.

    Come on you Reds, let's start December with 3 points.

    Dream Team

    22nd November 2013

    I was so happy to see my buddy Pudsey bear last week as it was Children in Need time. We both got invited to a special sports day with my friends at Anfield Juniors. Steven Gerrard, Luis Suarez and Lucas Leiva came along to join in the fun aswell. What a dream team we had to help raise cash for a good cause.

    There was no match this week as everyone was away on International duty. Our very own captain fantastic was in action again getting his 108th England cap. Suarez and Sakho did us proud helping their countries get through to next years World Cup. I'm glad they are all back now ready for the Derby against our neighbours Everton this weekend.

    Come on you mighty red men.


    14th November 2013

    Spending time at Anfield makes me the happiest bird ever, this week I got to surprise some old friends there who had flown in all the way from Thailand. I was so excited because I had heard some of them had met me before on the LFC pre season tour, how lucky are they meeting me twice in one year! I had an awesome time showing off the best place ever.

    It was great to be back home for match day as I got to see all my friends, I was very popular as you can imagine. Before kick off I was invited up to the hospitality boxes to meet some very special people from Alder Hey, they were VIP guests for the day and got to watch the match from the best seats in the house.

    Then it was game time and what a game it was. LFC 4 Fulham 0 was the final score with the away side scoring an own goal for us! Luis Suarez got another 2 goals and even Martin Skrtel got on the score sheet, it was great to see us go back up to 2nd in the league.



    Pumpkin Fun

    8th November 2013

    The excitement hasn't stopped since I got back from China. I have had so many boss things to keep me busy this week.

    First stop there where lots of spooky things going on and I tried my wings at pumpkin carving as it was Halloween, some people even said mine where masterpiece's.

    Next was the game at Arsenal. Shame we didn't get the points we hoped for but we have our home game against Fulham this weekend so feathers crossed for 3 points.

    Bonfire Night was next on my list, after I had put my gloves on, I got my sparklers at the ready and then it was time to see all the fireworks. I love watching all the colours light up Liverpool. It didn't stop there; I also got to see my good friend Pudsey Bear again. We got the chance to visit our school mates together. I can't wait to see what's coming next.

    Trip to Guilin - China

    5th November 2013

    Back safe from my travels.

    I had the most amazing time in China. I got to see my good friend Ian Rush as we were both special guests at the brand new Official International Football Academy.

    During the week I got to visit two schools everyday, where we learnt new skills and played football ‘The Liverpool Way'. We got a great welcome everywhere we went as I impressed them with my new talent, writing my name in Chinese, I know I'm such a clever bird! Click here for a few of my holidays pics.

    I might not have been able to watch the match while I was away as it was a bit late on TV in China for me (10pm), but I got chance to catch up the next day. What a game, we got another 3 points against West Bromwich Albion with a 4-1 win. Luis Suarez got his first Anfield hat trick and Sturridge got to do his dance again after scoring the 4th goal, good job I taught him all my best moves.

    Every time we play West Brom I think about my friend Edward who cycled all the way from Anfield to West Brom's ground (The Hawthorns), a total of 107 miles in 2 days. It was all for charity and so far he has raised £360 for Zoe's Place in West Derby and £200 for Walsall Heart Care, what a guy.

    Off to China

    24th October 2013

    All packed and ready for my very exciting journey but before I go anywhere there was time to watch the lads play away against Newcastle United.

    The match finished 2-2 with Stevie G scoring our first goal. This is his 100th league goal from the penalty spot - Captain Fantastic. The second one was scored by who else but Daniel Sturridge, that's 7 goals in 8 games. We didn't get 3 points but hopefully we will this weekend!

    I'm glad it was an early kick off as I had to go to bed after my dinner as I had to be up early and ready to go to the airport for my flight all the way to China.

    18 hours later (which is nearly more than 3 days in school) I landed in Guilin and couldn't wait to start my first day of fun with the International Football Academy and meet all my new friends here. I'm such a lucky bird.

    Flying the Flag

    17th October 2013

    There were no LFC games this week but some of the players have been on international duty. This hasn't stopped me from being a very busy bird and flying the LFC flag for them whilst they were away. 

    I was so excited to get an invite to another birthday party, this time from the Boot Room Sports Cafe in Cheshire Oaks. We got to celebrate my new friends William's birthday by playing lots of fun games and we even played table football, of course my team won. I had so much fun and I even had a little piece of cake, but I think I might start looking like a birthday cake if I eat any more!  

    The best part of the week was finding out I had been asked if I would visit some of our LFC family  on a very special trip to China. When I arrive I get to see the brand new LFC International Soccer School and say Nî hâo (that's hello in Mandarin) to more new friends.  Make sure you check back with me to find out all about my adventure, I'll make sure I keep you updated.



    Back Together

    10th October 2013

    I have been a very happy Liver Bird this week because I have been back to visit my friends at Anfield Infants, Anfield Juniors and All Saint Catholic school. They let me join in with their assemblies where we sang songs, learnt about new things and I got to show them my special school stretches. We always have fun at school and play cool games in the playground.
    This week I also received a very special invite, it asked me to visit LFC's hospitality lounges on matchday. I'd never been here before so I was very excited. When we arrived I got to join in with the birthday celebrations and I even got to cut the cake!

    When the team walked out ready to take on Crystal Palace the whole stadium roared with excitement. The game started off with an early goal, then another, then another - WOW the final score was 3-1.

    Two goals were from our very own S.A.S Sturridge and Suarez and one from Captain Fantastic scoring from a penalty. This goal means Gerrard holds an Anfield record for scoring in the last 15 Barclays Premier League Football Seasons. Only 6 other players have ever done that, well done Stevie.


    Proud to be a Red

    4th October 2013

    I have been flapping my wings all over the place this week and for my first stop I went to see all my friends at Alder Hey. Getting the chance to visit the wards with the Academy Under 18's was boss and so was seeing all the smiling faces everywhere. One of my friends couldn't wait to challenge me to the tallest tower competition!

    Next stop on my travels was Halton Stadium where not only would Liverpool Ladies be playing their last game of the season, in the title decider against Bristol academy, but it was also the Girls Tournament Final. What a final it was, with St Anne's Rovers winning the under 10's title and TMS winning the under 12's. Your favourite handsome liver bird even got to help give out the medals at the presentation.

    It was then time for me to take my seat ready to watch the amazing Liverpool Ladies in action. I must have been a good luck charm as they won 2-0 which meant they became the Women's Super League champions for the first time EVER! It was so good to see them lift the trophy; it made me even more proud to be a Red.

    If all that wasn't enough excitement it was over to the lads who where playing against Sunderland. Jordan Henderson made his 100th appearance in a Liverpool shirt and helped us to a 3-1 win over his old team, with 2 goals from Suarez and 1 from Danny Sturridge. Great win to move us back up the Premier league to 2nd. I think I need a lie down after all that fun.

    Football Galore

    1st October 2013

    As you know my favourite place on a matchday is the Family Park and now it's better than ever!

    There's now live bands and singers performing on our very own LFC stage. This makes everyone ask me to show them my best dance moves - so I do!!

    That's not all , my world champion football freestyler buddy John Farnworth runs boss competitions where you can win cool prizes. He has 4 world records for keepy uppys, so the challenge is on!

    There's photo booths, a face painting stand, five-a-side footy pitch and the list goes on.

    If you have not had a chance to check it out then come and say hi next time the Reds play at home.

    Mighty March

    17th September 2013

    Back to school and back at the top, it's a great way to start the term.

    The best thing so far about being back at school was the Mighty March we did with St Gregory's Catholic Primary School. All of my friends got the chance to do a sponsored walk around the school field, trying to go round as many times as we could. They even let me ring the bell to start it off!

    We had so much fun singing, jumping and stomping on our way round; I even did a whole lap of the field backwards.
    I think everyone has got their energy from watching LFC playing football. We have had a great start to the season, unbeaten so far for every Premier League game we've played.

    Can't believe Steven Gerrard played his 400th game for us this week, incredible. I enjoyed watching two new faces on the pitch at Swansea Mamado Sakho No17 and Victor Moses No12. Can't wait till our next game, at home - ANFIELD.

    Football Fanatic

    28th August 2013

    Win, win, win! What a great start to the season.

    Getting to see the team back together again at home was amazing and having 3 games to watch in 10 days has been BOSS! There was a roar of excitement for the first game at home against Stoke and a sea of red filling the stadium, waving scarf's, banners and flags.

    We had a special visitor at the Family Park to, Pottermus had travelled all the way from Stoke City to see me and welcome his friends supporting their team. We had so much fun playing football together and posing for photos for all of our fans. We are one big family here at Anfield and everyone left the Family Park with a smile on their faces. Pottermus wasn't smiling after the final whistle though because the score was 1-0! No15 Daniel Sturridge scored the winning goal. Pottermus loved the atmosphere though and invited me to visit him soon.

    LFC played away at Villa Park (Aston Villa's ground) and won 0-1 Sturridge scored the goal again.  2 games played and won in the Barclays Premiership now time to compete in the Capital One cup.

    First game was at home against Notts County and guess what??? We won again this time 4-2 Sturridge 2, Sterling 1 and Henderson 1.  We all celebrated Sturridge style! Next game Manchester United - we can do this!

    Hope Kolo Toure, Aly Cissokho and Joe Allen are well soon after their knocks on the pitch.

    New Season

    16th August 2013

    The fun just hasn't stopped since I landed back in the UK.  When I got home I had a special letter waiting for me.

    I couldn't wait to open it, guess what was inside? It was a pass to watch Brendan Rodgers put the first team through their paces in the Kop at Anfield for free. It was definitely an unforgettable day.

    50 lucky LFC Official Members got the chance to win a once-in-a-life time experience, meeting players for a personal photo and signing session - how cool is that.

    Being an Official LFC Junior member means I get invited to loads of cool events like this, I feel proud to carry my membership card with me.

    And now it's time to celebrate the new season starting. We are so lucky that Liverpool open the Barclays Premier League season with a game at home against Stoke City. It's going to be so much fun, can't wait to watch them all back together again.

    Last time I visited Anfield it was for Steven Gerard's testimonial. There was such a buzz around the stadium.  In the Family Park people were singing, jumping and dancing everywhere.  This special game was played to honour our captain after 15 years of service; we even got to see Robbie Fowler play back on the pitch too.

    I have my kit ready and my new scarf to wave around when I'm cheering the team, hope you have to.

    Mighty On Tour

    9th August 2013

    I have had the best time ever on LFC Pre-season Tour.

    Let's take the journey together, are you ready?  First stop Jakarta, Indonessia.

    I couldn't believe it, as soon as we landed 1000's of fans rushed to the plane to greet us. No one could have ever dreamed of this welcome.

    The amazing welcome continued all the way to our hotel and every second we were in Jakarta. I've put some of my best bit together here for you to enjoy - click here.

    After all that fun It was then time to say goodbye to Jakarta and hello to the Aussie Reds in Melbourne. The soccer clinics continued with the amazing Foundation Coaches and old pals Robbie Fowler and Ian Rush.  It was great seeing them again, can't believe it's been a year since we were last on tour. Click here to find out what else happens in Melbourne.

    The 3 days in Melbourne were over already, it was time for the last part of our tour, Bangkok in Thailand. Here I got to sit in the front row at the open training session, the rain was so bad I thought I was going to need my armbands but it didn't stop our fun. Check out even more fun - click here.

    Make sure you have your dance shoes ready, over the 3 countries I have visited on my journey I have been teaching all my new friends my very special dance moves, watch this space to see how they got on.

    Next match will be at home against Stoke City. So excited that it is the first game of the season. Look forward to seeing you at the Family Park.

    Time for take off!!

    18th July 2013

    It’s that time of the year again. Time for me to take to the sky. No I’ve not learnt how to fly but I’m going on a plane! Now this isn’t any old plane, it’s the LFC team plane.

    Every year the first team travels to meet fans in different countries before the season starts. Last year we went over to Boston, Toronto and Baltimore and this year we are visiting Jakarta, Melbourne and Thailand. I feel very honoured to be given a special seat on the players plane, I promise to be on my best behaviour.

    After I received the news that I would going on this BOSS trip I got researching and made sure I could say ‘Hello’ to my new international friends.

    In Indonesia they say ‘Salam’ in Thailand they bow and say ‘Sawasdee Krab’ for men and ‘Sawasdee Ka’ for women and in Australia they say ‘G’day’!

    We studied for the LFC Tour and made some really cool videos to share with everyone too, take a look at them here. I think you will be impressed. You may have noticed my cool fitness video on there as well, I've been getting fit for the summer and I got to try out some moves at the gym in Melwood.  I must go as I have so much to get ready for. You can keep update with daily tour news by visiting www.lfctour.com but make sure you ask your mum and dad first!

    I will be checking back in with you as much as I can.

    My New Best Friend

    24th June 2013

    I've been on so many new adventures over the last few weeks I've not had chance to blog, however the wait is over, this entry is by far the best.

    Remember I mentioned a guy I met at the play on the pitch days at Anfield?  Well we have both made it onto TV-Yes we are that cool.

    LFCTV captured our best sides as we played footy together and scored plenty of penalties at the Kop end, I definitely felt like a Mighty Red that day! Check the video out here.

    That's not all, my new friend has been helping me prepare for the biggest event EVER - LFC's pre season tour. Can you believe they've invited me to travel with them to not just one but three countries.  Jakarta which is in Indonesia, Melbourne in Australia and Bangkok in Thailand.

    I will make sure I take my laptop with me so I can you up to date on all the cool stuff that will be happening.

    3 more weeks till I fly so watch this space!

    My footy practice is going well and I reckon I have some great skills to show off for the new season.  I've been taking part at Young Warriors footy club at Kirkby and Halewood this week. The coaches were amazed to see my goalie skills, they have asked me back to next Wednesday for the session at Broadgreen. 

    I have to get back to learning now but I'll catch you back here next week.

    Enjoy and have fun everyone.

    Play on the Pitch

    3rd June 2013

    What an insane, crazy and out of this world experience this week's been. 

    Just as the season ends and we think it's all over, LFC opens its doors to give its fans the chance of a lifetime to 'Play on the Pitch' including yours truly - wow! What an honour. 

    My busy week started last Saturday when I got to meet some lucky visitors and their very special guest Banksy (who is Barclay's best friend).  Banksy is a big blue eagle and he had travelled all the way from London by train with his friends from Barclays and 200 other mates.  I couldn't wait to show them my second home and how good my footie skills were of course!

    We had such a wicked time; I walked away with a hatrick leaving Banksy amazed. Well I am a Red after all!

    My footie fun didn't stop there as I played footie all week with the LFC Official Junior Members, my friends from All Saints, Anfield Juniors and Anfield Infants schools plus ten other local schools from around Liverpool.
    New pals and top coaches from all the boss Foundation programmes joined us at Anfield too and not forgetting the talented International Soccer School coaches and their youth teams. I've met so many inspiring people I'm trying not to forget them all.

    One guy stands out in my mind, someone who does amazing work just like me. Sir SIB (from London too) he is a shy green turtle who helps Standard Chartered with their 'Seeing is Believing' programme. You got to check out what he showed me here.  There are loads stories and adventures to tell about my adventure with Sir SIB so make sure you log in for my next entry on Thursday.

    Excellent work to everyone this week, I had the best week this year so far. Thank you.

    Thank You Carragher

    23rd May 2013

    What a way to end the season, 1-0 win for us at home against QPR and the best farewell to LFC's vice-captain Jamie Carragher on his 737th game. The crowd was buzzing for hours from start to finish.

    The thing I remember the most was when Carragher went in for that class shot from 25yard line - OOOHHH was so close but just crashed off the post, you could hear everyone gasping for air, he is a LEGEND.

    I think that we gave him a good send off as everyone had flags and banners, shirts and scarves to show their thanks our number 23.

    So you would think that it being the end of the season and Carragher's last game for LFC and as captain (because Gerrard is recovering from his operation) would be enough to be the greatest day ever, but no it didn't stop there. I was given a brand new LFC home shirt to wear with my name on the back. I love it. It's definitely going to keep me cooler when I play footy this season. Thanks team and thank-you Warrior.

    And I haven't forgotten about my picture album from the tournament last week. It's all done and at its best or you can check it out here

    Road to Anfield 2013

    17th May 2013

    As expected the Premier League Junior Tournament was out of this world. It's not like me to be stuck for something to stay but that day I was. I'm sure you understand though, I mean imagine being able to play a sport you live for on a pitch you would die for.

    I thought of you all the day though and didn't want you to miss out on anything so  I am busy creating a wicked behind the scenes album for you all so you could enjoy with me too! I need to make sure it's perfect so will share with you once its right!

    One day we will lift up that Premier League trophy and hold our heads up high YNWA

    I'll keep you posted when my debut on Disney XD programme Goalmouth too it is, going to be a wicked show.

    After all the excitement of the day I was a very tired Liver Bird so made my way to bed. I have to be ready for the game on Sunday, it's the last one of the season can you believe it? End of season already wow it's been a fun one can't wait to see what's in store next season. Ones thing for sure it will be very different not having Carragher on the pitch. YNWA

    Tournament Time

    8th May 2013

    Had a great time at the U10's and U11's tournament at Halton Stadium on Saturday. We had so much fun dancing on the side lines and trying out new pose's, the Mighty Mo-Bot was a hit! Well done to Brazil Girls U10's and Town Green U12's for winning the sections in Quarter Final 2. You can check out the scores (and my boss pictures!) here Great result for my Liverpool Ladies friends winning 1-0. I must have passed over some of my skills to them! You can check out the scores and my boss pictures here.

    That wasn't all though, now I don't know about you but I have never experienced a Merseyside Derby before - WOW what an experience. The atmosphere was buzzing even more than normal (never thought that that could be possible) as the reds and blues made their way down Anfield Road. I could hear everyone practicing there chants, 'Oh when the reds go marching in, oh when the reds go marching in'... I like that one!

    The sun was out too which could only mean one thing, it was time for an ice cream! after my pre-match warm up in the Family Park I deserved it. Vanilla Mr Whippy ice cream with a flake = PERFECT.

    Shame on the result but can't fault the effort. YNWA

    Looking forward to the Premier Leagues School tournament this week called 'Road to Anfield 2013' what a name. Good Luck everyone and enjoy

    I'll check back in and let you know how it goes.


    3rd May 2013

    I have made a new discovery this week with one of my new friends at Anfield Infants.

    Together we took a journey around the playground to find a secret garden, I can't wait to show the rest of my friends too.

    The Mighty Mobile has gone down a storm I'm turning more heads than ever now and that's even without them seeing my sleek style in person!

    I am counting the days down till Sunday I'm going to see the new massive kit image up on the huge wall near the Shankly statue in front of the ground, go over to the Family Park for 10.30 till 13.00 then it's time for.......The Merseyside Derby - COME ON!

    Hopefully I will get to practice my Daniel Sturridge dance again just like I did last weekend when he scored against Newcastle. We were playing away and it ended up  0-6 MAGIC, Well done lads.   

    The Mighty Mobile

    24th April 2013

    Can you believe that Chevrolet have provided me with a new set of wheels?  Big Thanks Chevrolet. My cheeks are aching from all the smiling I have been doing.

    The car really fits my style loud, bright and completely wicked!  This is definitely going to make everyone smile every time they see me cruising by.  I know I can't drive it yet because I'm only 8 but that's ok because my good friends from LFC will drive me in it to my events.  I have a lot to take with me so I'm glad it's big enough for me, my footy kit, water bottle and my photo cards.

    I can't wait to pull up outside school and show it off!  We went back to school after our little break over Easter, glad to see my friends have loads of stickers in their attendance season ticket book.

    Wish it hadn't rained on Sunday so I could have played in the Family Park but Dad said it was too wet so went to the Family Zone instead!!  I had loads of fun up there to and my new friend Luis Bond won the junior quiz prize.  Well done Luis.  The Reds played well against Chelsea with the final score being a 2-2 draw.

    Family Tour Fun

    11th April 2013

    I have been back to the International Football Academy talent spotting, hoping to find more stars for the future!

    I love being off school as I get to do so much cool stuff and spend lots of time at my second home 'ANFIELD'.

    There were lots of smiles on the Family Tours, who can blame them having the views they had from the Kop and me being there was an added bonus for everyone!

    Being on the Family Tour reminded me of how much fun I had at the Family Park for the LFC v West Ham game on Sunday.

    Shame it was 0-0 and we didn't get 3 points though, but I thought we played well and 1 point is better than nothing hey?!

    I deserved my CHOCOLATE!!

    5th April 2013

    I definitely deserved eating my Easter eggs this week!

    The International Football Academy has had us all working really hard this week at the LFC Academy in Kirkby.

    The best part was my group's penalty shootout competition.  I stretched properly then got into position, focused and planned out my attack (just like the coach had taught me) and I took my shot....... gooooaaallll! Top right hand corner, world class for sure! I have to say the crowd did help me through it though. The screaming and shouting built up an awesome atmosphere so I couldn't let them down.  Fans really do encourage the team and without us I bet they would feel alone.

    The talent was endless as the competition went on, the goalkeepers were stopping some screamers. I didn't win a medal but it didn't matter I was just glad to be part of it, it was so much fun and everyone got a signed certificate at the end by the one and only LFC Legend Ian Rush.

    I have a few days to relax after all that excitement before I make my way to the Family Park for 3 hours before kick-off. Seems like ages ago since we had a home game but Liverpool v West Ham on Sunday - Come on the Mighty Red Men.

    Liverpool Ladies

    27th March 2013

    Not even the snow could stop me from watching Liverpool Ladies in action who were playing at The Stobart Stadium on Saturday.  Even before the Derby began there was loads of fun happening including a wicked all girls tournament featuring eight teams that had been handpicked from Merseyside and Cheshire.  I really enjoyed watching them play from my dug-out as they showed off their awesome skills.

    After the tournament we all joined the FA in some pre-match activities before it was time to take our seats to watch our very own LFC Ladies take on local rivals Everton Ladies.  The snow continued to fall but that didn't stop the ladies who walked away with a 1-1 draw.  Not a bad result for the first game of the FA Women's Super League Continental Cup (long title I know!).

    I had such a good weekend and it's been boss watching our first team lads playing for their country to.

    My new magazine

    20th March 2013

    Can't believe that I have my very own Junior Reds magazine on the shelves already!

    The first edition of my mag Kop Kids was ready for everyone to see last week. It is packed of all things Liverpool. My talents amaze me, I make a boss magazine editor.

    I couldn't wait to show this off to my friends in the playground. Everyone wanted to see what I was so excited about and they quickly understood why. Although the writing is perfect there are so many cool pictures, tips, facts, posters and awesome competitions too.

    You've got to see it to believe it so check it out.

    This week I was lucky enough to be invited to a school I hadn't visited before in Liverpool called St Vincent's. I met over 100 new friends that day in a special award assembly.

    They had all done so well in school and out of school activities the teachers wanted to reward them, how cool is that? I got to join in and they were all wearing red too! I did think at first that it was because they were trying to look as good as me (which is hard to perfect) but found out they were raising money for Comic relief, just like me and the players did last week. Great work everyone hope to see you soon.

    Has been an amazing week yet again, just a shame about our Saturday result losing 3-1 away at Southampton. Feeling positive about our Aston Villa game on 31st March though. YNWA

    Comic Relief

    15th March 2013

    I'm sure that my looks helped inspire the name for this day - 'Red Nose Day'.  You won't find a better red nose then this one!!  Well apart from our friend Dinomite and all his dinosaur friends at Comic Relief.

    Everyone is doing something funny for money, even me!  I got to tell some special jokes in my class today, do you want to hear one? Thought you would. Here goes - Why are all dinosaur jokes so bad? Because they are pre-hysteric!!!  Well I tried.

    I have had some fun this week as I got to join LFC starss Jonjo Shelvey and Martin Kelly, LFC ladies, Natasha Dowie and Nicole Rolsir as they battled to bake the best 'red' inspired sponge cake at The Boot Room Sports Cafe, Cheshire Oaks. The girls took the lead as Natasha won the prize (with a little help from her friend from the Foundations Youth Skills programme).  It was a great afternoon and even better still I was joined by my best buddies from Anfield Juniors and Anfield Infants - Being on time for school does pay off!

    To top this comic week off we all went home smiling after watching the Reds win 3-2 against Tottenham - I'm definitely Red Forever!

    What a Draw

    5th March 2013

    Jordan Henderson is such a great guy. This week we were both asked to help the draw for the Premier League and the Disney Channel Goalmouth Premier League Schools Tournament.  We had to draw out the teams in an FA Style ball draw!

    We picked that LFC's rivals Everton and Manchester United were in the table, I reckon Liverpool have this competition in the bag.

    There are so many reasons why this competition is so boss.  I will get to meet loads of new friends aged 6 - 13 years and show of my new skills that I learnt at the International Soccer Academy that I went to last week.  There will be a crowd of 1,500 people watching us and best of all the tournament will be played at ANFIELD.  I can't believe it! We all feel like super stars (let's face it I'm a super star in my own right already!)

    Although I am a great footy player already I still need to practice hard to score a hat trick like the Reds amazing No 7 Luis Suarez did on Saturday. A brilliant 4-0 win against Wigan away.  Stewart Downing scoring the first and Luis taking on the rest. Great team work lads can't wait till Sunday. Tottenham at home - Come on you REDS.

    Being good pays off

    27th February 2013

    No school this week yippee.  I didn't just have later nights to look forward to but Mum and Dad had bought me a surprise.

    They told me on Sunday night I was going to Liverpool's International Soccer Academy - OMG I can't believe it. Being good really does pay off in the end!

    I got all my stickers at school and played nicely with my brother and sister to, I have to admit I've been well good so deserve my treat. 

    At the International Soccer Academy I met over 100 new friends from all over the world.  Before the session kicked off we all had a pre-match handshake and a few even wanted a thumb war comp!  We kicked off the day on the Academy's amazing outdoor pitches and you will never guess who turned up...Andre Wisdom, how cool, he even passed on some useful tips for use on the pitch and how he progressed through the Academy.  If I practice hard maybe I will get to play along-side LFC stars like him.  He gets to play with Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher who were in the LFC Academy to.

    Couldn't have asked for a better surprise.  3 days of pure awesomeness! Thank you LFC (oh and Mum and dad!)

    John Aldridge and Me!

    20th February 2013

    I love the Family Park anyway, but seeing John Aldridge again, having a photo with him and getting his signature was out of this world.

    Thank you to Barclays Footy and their Pingit photobooth we all had an amazing time.

    I didn't think the day could have got any better but I was wrong. The lad's won 5-0 against Swansea, incredible work.

    I was having a good week before Saturday because I was at the Young Warrior sessions, where I was asked to referee their Penalty shoot-out competition.  I also went back to visit my friends at Anfield Infants, Anfield Juniors and All Saints.

    Meeting John Aldridge was just  a perfect way to end the week before half term. Looking forward to a lie in tomorrow!

    New LFC Shirts

    12th February 2013

    Two games in one week! That makes me one happy Liver Bird.

    Last night at the West Bromwich Albion game the players had new shirts, they said 'Seeing is Believing'. LFC gave me one to just like 1st team, I'm going to treasure it!

    Seeing is Believing aims to help tackle avoidable blindness in developing countries. 

    There were special guests at the ground as well to help raise awareness.  John Bishop (Liverpool comedian) and LFC Legend Robbie Fowler were blindfolded and then took part in penalty shoot-out against my new friend Sir SiB.  The former Captain of the GB Blind Football team Dave Clarke showed them how to do it first - Dave was awesome.  I enjoyed seeing Coutinho come on.   

    Looking forward to Sunday as the Family Park is open and we are playing Swansea at home - YNWA

    Young Warriors is Boss!

    5th February 2013

    I learnt so many new skills with the LFC Foundation Coaches this week.  I joined them for my first session at Anfield Sports and Community Centre at 4pm on Monday.  I met some great new friends and even scored a few goals too.  So much fun hope I meet you there soon!

    As well as playing some wicked footy (as always) I have been making sure I have been to school on time.  It's hard work but knowing I may get some goodies at the end of term makes it all worthwhile!  I do enjoy it when I'm there if I'm honest but don't tell my grownups.

    Welcome to the LFC Family Coutinho.  I'm Looking forward to our next game.   We are playing at home and I have been invited to the Family Zone - which is inside the ground on Upper Anfield Road. Soooo excited, hope I get to see Sturridge and Gerrard score like they did on Sunday against Man City. Feathers crossed!

    Young Warriors

    30th January 2013

    Yes...100% school attendance at All Saints School.  Well done to everyone who was awarded with this awesome reward, you've done great, I'll be popping in again very soon.

    I'm very excited to be asked to become a Young Warrior with the LFC Foundation coaches.  This means I get all boy football coaching with my friends aged 4-6 years old. The sessions are hosted every Monday to Friday, 4-5pm, during term time, across four fun sites in Liverpool.

    Happy birthday to everyone in our LFC family (and our LFC stars) who celebrated a birthday this week.   

    Sturridge Scores Again!

    21st January 2013

    What a come back from last weekend's game with Man United with a boss result - 5-0 win against Norwich!

    Sturridge scores again. 3 goals in 3 games - get in lad.

    It's been great to see the snow in Liverpool and I got to make a few snowmen and have a few snowball challenges too.

    Was made up to see Dan Magness at the Family Park - freestyling and teaching us all a few tricks! I can't wait to see him again, I'm going to make sure I practice really hard.

    Reward Week

    15th January 2013

    "I'm not happy that it hasn't snowed yet I was looking forward to making a snowman and snow angels in the garden this weekend. It's still freezing so maybe this week - Fingers crossed!

    I have been really good this week and collected all my stickers in my school season ticket, the LFC Foundation will be so proud of me.  Mum said if I continue this way all week that she will take me to The Liverpool Store in town and I can pick a little treat.  I'm so excited; I will use my new Official LFC Membership card so I can get 10% of any item in the store which is wicked.  I must make sure I keep my room tidy and get up early to make sure I'm not late for my lessons.

    Ooooh what to buy??...............Sorry daydreaming there, where was I? Oh yeah the game, not the best result for us against away against Manchester United (2-1 defeat) but we worked well together and just like Brendan said 'We showed great fight in the second half'. 

    See you soon everyone". 

    A Great Start to 2013

    8th January 2013

    I've struggled this week to have to get up and go back to school (and there's no more chocolate for breakfast!)

    Was great to see all my school friends again and hear about all their adventures.  We had so much to talk about that the day went really fast.

    Footy was cancelled at lunch today because the pitch was too wet and muddy, would of loved to slide in it too.

    Made up that the start of 2013 has been good on the pitch both at Anfield and away!  We won 3-0 against Sunderland at home and then won again against Mansfield 2-1 away in the 3rd Round of the FA Cup - get in lads! Fingers crossed for the Manchester United game on Sunday 13th.

    A massive welcome to Liverpool FC - Daniel Sturridge.  I hope you will all join me in making Sturridge feel welcome in the LFC family.

    Happy New Year

    31st December 2012

    Santa did visit me and he's left me some great things for me and my family.  I've had so much fun seeing family and friends and playing cool games with them.  I've heard that today is the day for more celebrations as we say goodbye to 2012 and hello to 2013.  The fun never stops!

    I'm looking forward to watching the Reds play back at Anfield on Wednesday against Sunderland, maybe we will win again 4-0 like we did against Fulham last Saturday.

    Happy New Year everyone!

    Seasons Greetings

    24th December 2012

    I've been to so many parties leading up to the holiday celebration. I am so excited to see what Santa delivers for me tonight.  

    I've been really good looking after my sister and brother so hopefully he will stop off at our house. I'm leaving him a mince pie and some milk for the reindeers.  Saturday really gave me a good reason to celebrate,  4-0 against Fulham - yippee so happy.

    Seasons greetings to you all and see you in the New Year. 

    Festive Fun

    18th December 2012

    "MMMMM.....Getting to eat a chocolate after breakfast from my advent calander makes getting up so much better.  I'm so excited to see what Santa leaves under our Christmas tree.

    I became one of LFC's elves this week when I was invited to visit Alder Hey Hospital.  Me and the first team players got to give out loads of LFC goodies to all our friends there.  Nice to see we could but big smiles on their faces.

    Was wicked to catch up with all my friends from All Saints Primary School on Saturday, they came down to The Family Park to sing us Christmas carols.  After their great singing we all relaxed and joined in the Christmas activities in The Family Park.   Warrior gave us free Skreamer key rings and there was a chance to win a free pair of Skreamer football boots on the speed cage. They even had a Reindeer Rodeo - it was so cool!  Shame we didn't win against Aston Villa that day - sad face.

    To finish off my festive week I was invited to Anfield to join in with the Family Fun day.  Was great to take a tour around Anfield and see all our trophy's in the LFC Museum. The food was gorgeous and well deserved after the dancing competition.  It was great to meet so many new people and have my picture taken loads of times!  Thanks everyone and I hope you enjoyed our new dance moves!!''

    Win a signed copy of my new book

    10th December 2012

    "I can't believe that everyone can now get the chance to follow my LFC journey right from the start as I have my very own book which has now been published.

    Inside the book there are some really great drawings of me with my family and friends. 

    The best thing about the book is that all the money from it goes to the Liverpool Foundation who not only look after me, they also do some amazing work.

    This week I am feeling really festive so I'm giving away six copies of my new book which have been signed by me!

    To win a copy of my signed book simply give me a new festive look by downloading a colouring sheet here.

    Ideas and designs can be sent to me via email mightyred@liverpoolfc.com or by post to F.A.O Mighty Red, Anfield Football Stadium, Anfield Road, Liverpool. L4 0TH.

    Good Luck! Winners will be picked on Monday 17th December". 

    Weekend Madness!

    3rd December 2012

    "What a week. So much has happened I don't know where to start!

    I couldn't wait for the school bell to ring on Friday, it would mean only one more sleep until I could go back to the Family Park. I love joining in with all the games there. This week they had a special surprise for me - Pudsey bear was there! Wow he's a cool bear.  We had a great game of table football together before heading off to watch the Reds in action. I nearly lost my voice screaming when Daniel Agger scored a header. 1-0 to us, get in.

    The fun didn't stop there.  On Sunday I was invited to The Boot Room Sports Cafe Cheshire Oaks to join in with a Penalty shoot out party on their Goal Simulator! I met Santa too! Pheww I'm a busy, busy Liver Bird".

    At School on Time!

    29th November 2012

    "I'm so happy that I got to see all my friend's again this week at Anfield Juniors and All Saints School.

    It was amazing to see so many of my friends eagerly waiting my entrance - even in the freezing cold everyone was at school on time and some of them had come in even earlier than what they had to be just to see me!  All I wanted to do was hide under my quilt and ignore my mum shouting me down for breakfast, but if I did that I wouldn't get a sticker and I wouldn't get the cool prizes from LFC at the end of term.

    Schools have so many cool things to do, I even found out they have their own park at All Saints - it's wicked.

    I'm well looking forward to the game on Saturday because I get to go to the Family Park again and a special friend is coming to visit!". 

    Visiting Alder Hey Hospital

    21st November 2012

    "I've been touring the wards at Alder Hey Hospital this week.  I cheered so many people up and I also got to show off my dancing skills as well as posing for loads of photos. Everyone was well excited to get a personal signature from me.

    Was boss to see Bill Bygroves again, he always has cool songs to sing and rocks on his guitar!

    My wings are still aching from all the celebrations after the game on Saturday. 3 points for LFC after beating Wigan 3 nil at Anfield! Great result lads and welcome back Pepe Reina".

    Seeing my School Pals

    13th November 2012

    "Made-up! I was invited back to see all my friends at Anfield Infants, Anfield Juniors and All Saints School. 

    We had loads of fun playing games in the playground before school started. We played hop scotch, number ladders and alphabet swirl. Because everyone was at school on time we all got a sticker to put in our special school season ticket.  It was another picture of me which made everyone really happy!  

    It was brilliant to see Glen Johnson back on the pitch on Sunday and I was buzzing after watching Luis 'game-changer' Suarez help us  finish on a 1-1- draw". 

    Scoring like Suarez

    5th November 2012

    "It's a shame that the weekend has to pass so quickly. There always so much fun, especially when my favourite team are playing at Anfield!. 

    Yesterday was the best.  I was at the Family Park before kick-off having a game of footy with my mates and LFC's Foundation Community Coach was the ref.  Strange thing was our score was 1-1 just like the 1st teams score - although I will have to work on my goal scoring to produce a stunning goal like Luis Suarez.

    Looking forward to watching some fireworks tonight, must wrap up warm it's going to be freezing". 

    Meeting my Friends at Liverpool One!

    29th October 2012

    "Why does the week have to go so fast when you don't have to be at school? I have enjoyed the late nights and the late mornings! I was allowed to stay in bed till 10am (I needed it after a full day in the park). My BMX has had loads of days out to, riding through all the muddy puddles was boss!

    The highlight of my week though was being invited to the Official Liverpool Store in Liverpool One. I spent 3 hours there signing my name on a cool new photo card. I must have seen over 200 people all trying to get a sneaky snapshot of my fiery feathers, I couldn't blame them really. After that I was straight to the ground enjoying the pre-match activities at the family park and soaking up the excitement of another win for the Reds against Anzhi YNWA".


    Weeks of Action!

    25th October 2012

    "Another action packed week for me, well worth having aching feet from it! At the start of the week I visited 3 very special schools in Anfield, Liverpool.  I started at All Saints Catholic Primary School then went onto Anfield Infants before finally flying into Anfield Juniors.  I'd heard that the LFC foundation had chosen them and me to be part of an unbelievable programme to win cool prizes.  All they have to do is turn up to school 'on time' with their special school season ticket and they will get a sticker - easy! The best part was that the sticker has a photo of me on it!". 

    Liverpool v Reading on Saturday 1- 0 win - get in!

    "The pre match activities in the family park were amazing (like always) but this week I was given a new t-shirt to wear and stickers to hand out.  I had the same t-shirt as ALL the players. This was to show the clubs involvement with 'Kick it Out'.  Well done to everyone involved in this amazing campaign". 

    "Looking forward to this week, must rest now". 

    Football Fun at The Boot Room

    15th October 2012

    "Well I am one lucky bird. I was invited to the Boot Room Sports Cafe at Cheshire Oaks for the launch of their amazing new goal simulator.  Although I practiced really hard I didn't get the highest score, John Aldridge did! Yeah I know lucky or what? Got my picture taken with him and all my new friends that I made whilst I was there. I will definitely go back and try and try until I get the highest score! 

    They asked me to stay for a birthday party so I played with more party people until my feathers couldn't take anymore - Phew!! What a great day."

    Shopping at Liverpool One

    16th September 2012

    "Glad I've been in school this week, I have been practicing loads of different sports in P.E. I showed off my new skills at the 24 hour Footy match at Williamson Square. I definitely impressed them and kept them entertained whilst they were raising money for Alder Hey!! 

    The best bit was when I got invited down to the L1 store to see the new LFC boys collection. I am definitely putting that stuff on my Christmas list. Well maybe not all of it but most of it!". 

    LFC New Family Park Fun

    2nd September 2012

    "Wish it was still the school holidays , there was so much more time to go out and explore. I played footy almost every day too.

    The best thing has been going to watch the Liverpool home games at Anfield. Not only are there loads of people singing and shouting, they have opened an amazing area called the 'Family Park' on Anfield Road!! There are loads of cool things to do there.  Theres a speed cage, penalty shoot-out area, 5 a side footy pitch, table footballs and loads more. And if that wasn't enough I got to see Ian Rush open it with a lucky Junior member who had won the Monthly Dream Draw.

    Can't wait to go back again. Don't have that much fun at school". 

    Still Off School

    29th August 2012

    "Having so much fun whilst I'm off school. I have been able to learn some great new skills with the LFC Foundation Coaches at their soccer clinics - they even gave me a certificate signed by the players! That's going up on my bedroom wall.
    Enjoyed the LFC v Man City game to. The noise from the crowd is amazing, you can't get that anywhere else!". 

    Really Cool Week

    24th August 2012

    "I had a really cool time this week, no school again!! Had loads of time to practice my footy skills & learn some tricks on my skateboard.

    My friends from Standard Chartered Korea filmed me for a new Korean television programme, I took them to the new family area on the concourse at Anfield, they loved it! 

    Then to finish my week I was invited to help raise money for Alder Hey at Springfield Park. I ate loads of ice cream there! Mint choc chip's my favourite.

    Yesterday I joined some new friends at the Boot Room Cheshire Oaks for a party - A great way to end a fab week. Thanks everyone! Off for more adventures now".



    Meeting Changy

    13th August 2012

    "I had a great time meeting Changy (Evertons #1 fan!) this week. We are both looking forward to the Big Heart Race next month. I think Alan Kennedy will make it a 4-1 lead for the reds this year!".

    Loving the Olympics

    6th August 2012

    "I've been resting my feathers after a very hot and busy tour in the USA. So glad I'm not at school, lie in's and staying up late to watch the Olympics is so much better. I reckon I could get a Gold Medal in sateboarding, footy or on my BMX!". 



    Legends delight kids in Boston

    24th July 2012

    Mighty's had the best day ever! I made 400 new American friends, got to show them all my boss dance moves, played footy all day, and best of all I did it with my two new pals Robbie Fowler and Ian Rush at Camp Harbour View in Boston. 

    I felt like a rock star as I had all the kids singing along with me - and they even sung my special theme tune. It was a hot day in Boston, but my dance moves were much hotter and I couldn't let the chance pass to play some pranks on the people at the camp. I hope they don't put me in the detention nest! 

    I also made a new friend in Linda Pizzuti, who said I was very cheeky - I'm definitely taking that as a compliment!

    Flying to the States/Airport Adventure

    24th July 2012

    "I'm so excited! A few days ago, some of my wingless friends from the LFC Foundation told me I'd be flying this week - and they'd be flying with me. I was a little bit confused, and also worried because I have been eating a lot of candy floss at all the parties I've been to recently and not really practiced my flapping. 

    But it turns out I was flying on a plane for the first time ever - and not only that, I'd be flying with the Liverpool team to North America for their pre-season tour! Now I don't know whether the plane is better than me at flying, but this was certainly a great adventure for me and I barely slept a wink in my bed the night before. 

    At the airport, I joined the Liverpool players and managed to take a cheeky photo of Charlie Adam on my phone - he was trying to hide from me after he'd heard rumours I was planning to challenge him to a dance off. America here comes Mighty!". 

    Staff Party at Anfield

    1st January 1970

    "It seems like I'm the talk of the LFC offices after I received a special request to fly over to Anfield and meet some of the clubs staff and their kids today. Now I don't get nervous - only excited - but the thought of who could be at the party meant I had to give my feathers a good wash. 

    The party had already started when I got there, but I made sure everyone noticed me. I entered The Trophy Room flapping my wings and busting out some moves as You'll Never Walk Alone was played (the dance version of course). I managed to catch my reflection in all of the silverware on display in the room - I looked boss! I made more great friends to and even had a dance off with some of the kids. Another great day for me".

    Alder Hey Visit

    23rd July 2012

    "Another busy day for me as I visited some of the wards at Alder Hey children's hospital to show off my boss dance moves, have a bit of a singsong and hand out some special presents I'd brought along. My mate Bill Bygroves was there to playing his guitar - I now have my very own Mighty chant! Thanks Bill and gang!

    I think I also ruffled a few of the nurses' feathers when I took a cheeky opportunity to answer the phones behind the desk, but sometimes I can't help it, I'm a mischievous bird!". 

    Meeting my new LFC friends at Anfields boot room cafe

    23rd July 2012

    "This was a massive day for me as I was recognised as Liverpool's No.1 fan!

    After becoming the Reds' newest signing, I went to Anfield for a special party where I made friends with over 50 young fans at the Boot Room Sports Cafe. 

    Now anyone who knows me knows I like to take centre stage, so after a quick stretch of my wings I made my entrance to the party by busting out a few of my signature dance moves.

    They seemed to go down really well, and some of the kids had almost as much energy as me - almost. It was a great party and I managed to get my beak around some delicious candy floss. This was definitely better than school!".