Press conferenceTrent: Vice-captaincy a lovely surprise - I want to lead by example

By James Carroll and Chris Shaw in Singapore


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A proud Trent Alexander-Arnold is relishing the responsibility that will come with being appointed Liverpool's vice-captain.

The Scouser was confirmed as the deputy to new Reds skipper Virgil van Dijk on Monday, marking the latest step in a career that has already seen Alexander-Arnold win a host of major honours with his boyhood club.

Alexander-Arnold reflected on the emotions surrounding the decision – which Jürgen Klopp revealed to him in Singapore at the weekend – during a press conference today to preview Liverpool’s clash with Bayern Munich on Wednesday.

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Read a transcript of the No.66’s chat with the media below…

On the moment he was told by the manager he would be vice-captain…

At first I thought he was going to tell me to stop giving the ball away! It was a lovely surprise, to be honest, it was not one I was expecting in that moment. I thought we would have a conversation around that sort of thing at some point but not in that moment. So it was special, it is a moment I’ll remember.

On whether he feels ready to take more responsibility and the pride in taking the role…

Yeah, of course I feel ready, I feel like without being put in this position, I felt like I’ve been a leader and I lead by example with the things I do on a daily basis in training and in and around the lads. And I think the lads see me as someone in a leadership role, and I’m happy the manager and staff see that too. That’s my mentality: I want to lead by example, I want to make sure that I take responsibility for what I do and how the team performs as well. It’s an amazing position to be in but there’s more responsibility on me to make sure that we succeed and we achieve the things we want to this season.

On the appointment of Van Dijk as captain…

Makes complete sense. Captain of his country. I think there were many candidates for it and I think that’s an amazing thing to have. I’m sure it gave the manager a lot of headaches but those are the kind of headaches that are good headaches. It’s a good decision. He’s someone who is used to being in a leadership role and will obviously step up. He’s got big shoes to fill in obviously Hendo, who was an amazing captain, but I’m sure Virgil will follow that and do it in his own way. We’ll all follow him in the direction he leads us to.

On whether he’s taken a moment to reflect on what he’s achieved in his career so far after receiving the vice-captaincy news…

It’s difficult because, like the gaffer said, it’s a busy time for us. I’ve put a lot of hard work in up to this moment to reach these kinds of milestones. It is a moment where I have reflected and thought I’m proud of myself and it has made me smile – and it takes a lot to make me smile! I’ve never been shy of saying what my ambitions are and that’s always been to captain this club. This is a pathway and a stepping stone to that. It’s a role and a responsibility I’m really looking forward to and I can’t wait to get started, get the season started and hopefully achieve the things we want to.

On how much he enjoys playing in a midfield role...

First of all, I think it’s clear to see I enjoy playing in there. Since the transition or the slight change and adaptation I’ve felt it has brought the best out of me again and it’s something I’m excited to play. There is a lot of work that has gone into it and there is still a lot more that needs to happen to really iron out the creases in it. We’re working on that, that’s what pre-season is for, and we’re excited as a team and I’m excited for the season to start. In this system, making it work, new players and having to adapt to it and make it work, having to think about it whilst playing and off the pitch too, studying and learning, is something I enjoy.

This role is definitely something that will bring the best out of me, whether it’s starting in there or transitioning into there when in possession. For me, it’s just getting into those areas to impact the game, affect the game, and use the skillset I’ve got to help the team win the game. In terms of players who I’ve watched, I’ve always admired quality passers of the ball. I grew up watching Steven Gerrard and Xabi Alonso, so I was very fortunate in that respect. I’m a student of the game, I love watching football. It’s not that I will sit there every weekend with my notepad and thinking what can I learn, it’s more just watching it and picking things up as it goes. When I do need to study it, then I go and do that. I enjoy the game: I love watching it, I love being around it and I think that helps with how I learn and how I adapt.

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