Stefan Bajcetic on Chelsea draw, first PL start and Thiago guidance

InterviewStefan Bajcetic on Chelsea draw, first PL start and Thiago guidance



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Stefan Bajcetic is honoured to have the trust to start for Liverpool and vowed to continue giving his absolute all.

The 18-year-old kept his place in Jürgen Klopp’s line-up following the midweek win at Wolverhampton Wanderers to make his full Premier League debut in Saturday's goalless draw with Chelsea at Anfield.

Bajcetic played 82 minutes of the contest and maturely went through the afternoon, especially after picking up a yellow card towards the end of the first half.

Afterwards, the No.43 spoke to to reflect on the game and his own performance. Read on for the interview...

Match action: Liverpool 0-0 Chelsea

Stefan, let's start on the game. Do you think that was a fair result based on the performance?

Yeah, I think it was, to be fair. Sometimes you felt like somebody will win. There were good moments, bad moments. At the start of the second half, I think we were amazing, we were pressing, having the ball and having chances – but unluckily we didn't score and they had moments. But I think it's a fair result and a great clean sheet for us.

There seemed a bit more energy, a bit more conviction in the second half...

It was all about being compact again. Last game we were more compact, this game we were a bit more compact as well. It's all about being compact and giving everything basically.

It was so important to not lose the game. It was two teams in quite difficult moments...

We are chasing the same thing – top four. It was important to win [on Saturday] but it was very important to not lose.

With the result, there must be mixed emotions after your full Premier League debut. When did you find out you were going to be in the starting XI?

I found out [on Friday]. Obviously we prepare for the game the day before and I found out, I was a bit shocked. I'm so happy to be here and to play and to help the team.

The manager was saying before the game that it was impossible to leave you out after your display at Wolves...

I didn't hear it but it's always a great feeling to hear the boss say that. I'm just trying to give my best.

You showed great maturity again against Chelsea – how difficult was that game for you after you picked up the yellow card?

Obviously you have to be more careful the whole game. Obviously some challenges you know you can't be as strong because if you're late it might be another yellow and then you don't want to let the team down. I was just trying to keep safe in all the tackles.

Obviously all the first-team players will be a great help to you, but you've got this great family link to Thiago. Is he somebody that has really helped you?

He's always trying to help me and on the pitch he's talking to me, encouraging me. It's amazing to play with him and so easy as well.

Finally, you get a week together as a team to try to get stronger and a little bit of time before the next game to hopefully put a few things right...

We'll keep training, keep getting back to the way we played before and keep being compact, pressing, everything and hopefully we can get better.

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