Joe Gomez relishing benefits of Dubai Super Cup game time

InterviewJoe Gomez relishing benefits of Dubai Super Cup game time



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Joe Gomez is eagerly awaiting Liverpool's return to match action in the Dubai Super Cup this afternoon.

The Reds take on Ligue 1 outfit Olympique Lyonnais with kick-off set for 2pm GMT at Al-Maktoum Stadium.

Liverpool are currently undertaking a warm-weather training camp in the United Arab Emirates and will feature in the mid-season tournament as they continue to build towards the post-World Cup restart.

And Gomez is looking forward to a potential first runout since mid-November.

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"It's great for us to get the chance to get some minutes out here," the defender told

"The warm weather obviously adds to the fitness and great opposition [Lyon and AC Milan] as well. I think it'll stand us in good stead and hopefully everyone comes through it OK, and we can use that momentum.

"Obviously just getting the training under our legs and the tactical stuff we're doing; it's a real chance to get the fundamentals back in place and use it as a stepping stone to carry on for the rest of the season."

Read on for the full interview with Gomez below…

On the training camp feeling like a second pre-season...

It does have the pre-season feel in some ways. The gaffer has let us off a little bit with single sessions but they're gruelling, so it has got the pre-season feel in many ways, but I think we know it's straight back to it in a way when we get back, so that's different. But yeah, it's great to be out here - there's worse places you could be training so it's the best of both really.

On how he found the mid-season break...

It was quite abrupt. Obviously it's different perspectives for different people, I guess. For the lads going away it's one of the biggest tournaments - it depends how many they get in, but it's one of the biggest things in football. It is different but yeah, I think for us that have had chance to get a break we've had to use it well. To enjoy the family time, switch off a little bit, but it's nice to be back to it and we all love doing what we do.

On finding the right mix so the squad are ready to restart the season...

It's definitely a balance. You can't take your foot off the gas physically, obviously doing what we do we all have individual history or prehab that we need to do and continue with so it's carrying on with that but in a different setting and enjoying that. Taking the time with the family but knowing we're back into it.

On which players in the squad can be good and bad to be in a training camp with...

To be fair, Robbo is good fun, you can't even knock it. He knows when to just let it be and when to be a bit of a doughnut. But I don't know, I can't say anyone grinds my gears because it would take a lot to wind me up. So, I think it's pretty chilled. It's a good balance. Kostas is always ready to go, so if you're not ready to go then... yeah, I'll just leave it there! But what a guy. It's great being away, I think we all miss that. That's the bit about football that we all love as well, it's the camaraderie and the team spirit. We've obviously got a great team here and great people, so it's a pleasure to be away.



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