PreviewInterview: Curtis Jones eager for first Merseyside derby outing at Goodison

The Reds make the short trip across Stanley Park to take on their neighbours in the Premier League, for what will be the 244th edition of the fixture.

As a Scouser, Jones knows exactly what the game means to both sets of supporters, and is relishing the prospect of featuring against the Blues in the 8pm BST kick-off.

The No.17 told "As a Liverpool player and a Scouser, yeah! Of course, I've played in the derbies, I've scored as well.

"But the last one that I played in was COVID times and there wasn't any fans there and I've only ever played at Anfield. It'll be good to go there to experience it. I'm looking forward to it."

Liverpool are looking to build on Sunday’s impressive 3-1 victory over Fulham at Craven Cottage, a result that kept Jürgen Klopp's men firmly in the hunt for the Premier League title.

"It didn't change the mood," Jones said. "I think the mood has always been good but we had a hard run, of course, everyone knows [that]. But it didn't change the mood in the camp at all.

"The lads were happy. We still have our goals and the position that we're in is still fine. It wasn't just a win; I thought the team played well. It's a performance and a win we can build on."

Read on for the rest of our pre-match interview with the midfielder…

On how he's feeling after his recent return from injury...

I feel good. It's been hard. It's always going to be hard; I was out for seven weeks. I've come back around the team. I'm not up to full scratch yet but I will be soon. I'm enjoying it and I'm happy I'm back around the team. There's plenty of games still to play, so every chance that I get I'll always try to give 100 per cent for the team. I'm happy.

On what sort of role he takes while sidelined and if he looks to give others advice...

Yeah, of course I do. I feel that that's something that's been brought into our team. You see teams and get around teams and see lads that are in the starting team and they're happy and bubbly and stuff. But then as soon as they're out of it their heads are down. But I feel that it's good in our team, because I feel it's more of a family thing in a sense of lads who don't play, they're always around the team. They're always there at the stadium. They're always there to support the lads and that's including the lads who have been out the squad as well.

The lads who are not going to play or not going to start, they could come on the pitch and play a role, and I think that's showed in the season. The amount of times the subs have come off the bench and changed the game [and] scored goals that have won the game or assisted the goal that's helped us with a draw or win the game. That shows that the lads that are on the bench, they're not sulking. They know that they're going to play a role and they know that they're a part of the team. I feel that's been managed well by the staff and the lads around the place.

On knowing what it means as a Scouser to play for Liverpool…

That's exactly what it is and that goes for every game I play. I'm 23 and I've been around the first team since I was 19 and I've been at the club since I was five-and-a-half or six, so it means a lot to me and my family. To be around the first team now and be a big part of the team and have the responsibility in your hands to win games to put a smile on faces and make their week as well, it's a big ask but we enjoy it; me certainly as well. I know how much it means to the fans. I enjoy it and I take it with both hands.

On his goal against Everton at Anfield in 2020...

It was my first goal. It could be against anyone! But funnily enough it was against them. It was a dream come true as a kid. Every time I'd score, I'd always say it was against them. So, I spoke it into existence and it happened! But that was ages ago now, I've scored more goals and I'm happy to always score and to play my part in the team. Of course, it's the next team we're going to play, so I'm excited.