Changes to Membership credits update

TicketsChanges to Membership credits update

Published 11th August 2022

Ahead of the 2022-23 season, Liverpool FC announced changes to the way in which Members accrue credits when purchasing and transferring tickets.

These changes have been implemented to make the usage and process fairer and more transparent regarding the allocation of tickets.

The club has consulted with supporter groups and as a result of those conversations, LFC is making further changes to help supporters adapt to the new policy we are bringing in regarding changes to Membership credits and the introduction of ticket forwarding.

While our policy of using ticket forwarding remains, the club will permit Official Members with 13+ credits from either season 2018-19 or 2019-20 the ability to distribute a match ticket twice a season, therefore keeping the credit for those two games. This is not applicable to Official Members with fewer than 13 credits or season ticket holders.

In addition, we are aware that some weekend fixtures that move to midweek can cause supporters problems due to work and family commitments and therefore we want to ensure that, as we launch this new policy, we do as much as we can to support people in the first season. Therefore, all supporters will see distribution available for any fixtures that move to midweek from a weekend within 28 days of the original fixture date.

Full details on the previously announced changes this season are available here.

Please be advised that ticket forwarding is now live for the Reds' clash with Crystal Palace on Monday August 15. Fans are reminded that once they have forwarded their ticket it cannot be recalled, and one seat can only be forwarded a maximum of three times per game.

How to use the LFC ticket forwarding scheme 

Watch our video guide below for more information. Keep an eye on our ticketing pages for updates as to when ticket forwarding will be live for each home game.

Published 11th August 2022