Alisson Becker: We are fully focused - now we must use our time

InterviewAlisson Becker: We are fully focused - now we must use our time



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Alisson Becker hopes Liverpool can utilise a full week of training wisely to put in more hard work behind closed doors.

The Reds played out a 0-0 draw in the Premier League with Chelsea last weekend, and now have a free midweek before they turn their attention to the Emirates FA Cup.

Jürgen Klopp’s men will travel to Brighton & Hove Albion on Sunday for a fourth-round clash in the competition they are defending, which will see a second meeting with the Seagulls in two weeks.

“That’s good for us. We are focused on that as well,” the goalkeeper told

“We know with the schedule that we have in front of us, it’s not easy to have time to work and to work hard.

“Sometimes we [have to] just rest and we have to be ready for the next game, [to] just prepare for the next match and you cannot focus on improving technical things - you just talk and try to fix things by talking and showing some situations.

“But now this week we are going to have the time that we need to do that, and we have to use [it] and take it into the next game.”

Match action: LFC 0-0 Chelsea

Read on for the rest of the interview with the No.1 below…

On whether he felt a draw against Chelsea was a fair result…

I think the draw was fair enough for what both teams produced [and] create during the game. But we have some positive things, the clean sheet is one of them. Everybody knows the situation we are [in], we have to create, building up the confidence again and defending is part of that confidence.

So, today we keep the clean sheet with us and the way we defended on the pitch with the right attitude. Of course, Chelsea, they were dangerous at times because of the quality of their team, their players, that’s clear. I think we dealt really well with the situations that they had in front of our goal.

On how much the team can take from their second half performance and what changes were made…

Well, what we are trying to do in every game is improving every time we have the ball. I think in the first half we didn’t play too much, we didn’t create enough situations and didn’t put our opponents in dangerous moments.

In the second half straight from the restart of the match it was like that. We put them in dangerous situations and that gives you a good feeling during the game and gives you more confidence. Unfortunately we didn’t finish those situations off that we had, but there is as well the hard work from Chelsea defensively, as they have similar problems pretty much as we have.

On another goalless draw with Chelsea…

I think just because [of] the moment we are living everybody wants to change immediately everything but it’s not like that. We have to build up again our game [and] we have to be patient. I want as well to immediately change that but we have to be honest with ourselves. We have to trust the process, we have to stay positive, stay together and keep working on the things we are working on - we are working really hard.

Anybody can tell that we are not doing the things you must do. So, staying active we wait for things to get better for us. But today was a very difficult game, we keep the clean sheet and we keep as well the positive things that we did on the pitch and we take that for the next match.



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