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We recently launched LFC eAcademy, your personal LFC masterclass. But if you haven’t yet signed up for the eAcademy or had the opportunity to learn more about it, then you may be asking what it is?

Helping you learn to play the Liverpool way

Developed by a team of coaches at LFC and endorsed by Jurgen Klopp, LFC eAcademy is the first official training platform that the Club has released. It’s aimed at young footballers who want to develop the skills learned at our Academy in Liverpool, one of the most successive youth development programmes in world football.

Packed full of rich, easy-to-follow coaching tutorials from LFC coaches and examples from your favourite first team players, LFC eAcademy grants you 12 months of access to the perfect resource to improve your game.

Don’t just take our word for it.

Jurgen Klopp himself said: “The eAcademy gives users a unique insight into the skills we value when playing the Liverpool way. It’s a great platform to help young players learn the techniques they need to advance their skills and become a better footballer. The LFC eAcademy will show you how to master the most important skills and techniques.”

The most important skills for LFC players – as identified by LFC coaches

As a young footballer there are so many skills and techniques to master, all of which are performed by your first team heroes regularly. Coaches at Liverpool have identified the most important skills for young players to learn and included them in LFC eAcademy.

Whether you’re an energetic full-back like Trent Alexander-Arnold, a budding Jordan Henderson in midfield or a free-scoring Mo Salah, it’s important to develop the fundamental skills of the game in order to improve yourself as a player. These skills are not position-specific and instead are important to master regardless of which outfield position you wish to play in.

Seven categories of skills and techniques

The skills and techniques have been split into seven different categories. Each category has its own section within the eAcademy platform, making it easy to navigate from one skill to the next.

The categories are: Dribbling, agility, ball mastery, turning, shooting, receiving and passing.

EVERY skill has a unique video tutorial – that’s 55 videos in total!

For each skill in LFC eAcademy, an LFC coach demonstrates how the skill should be performed correctly. Featuring multiple angles and even some slow-motion footage, the demonstration is repeated along with some key coaching points which will help you master the skill more quickly.

First team player examples from the Premier League!

Finally, for all the videos in the dribbling, agility, turning, shooting, receiving and passing categories, there are real world examples of your LFC heroes performing it in match situations. Using Premier League footage, the examples show you just how important these fundamental skills are and how useful they can be when used in competitive matches.

So, if you think you’re now ready to jump into LFC eAcademy, then click the link below to sign-up and start training!

Good luck!

Join today for just £49.99 for 12 months access or £4.99 per month!