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Top 10 gifts for young football playing Reds



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We’ve compiled a list of Christmas gifts for young Reds to help with their training this winter. Take a look below for the items we’ve hand selected from the LFC retail store.

10. LFC Drills Set

This LFC Drill Set gives you a unique passing tunnel that can be used standalone or within the LFC Skills Trainer. It also comes with eight pitch marker cones, two training bibs and a 2m agility ladder. >>> LFC Drills Set

9. Nike EPL Yellow Skills Football

Take your game to the next level with the Premier League Skills Football. It's smaller in size, making it ideal for practicing and developing your footwork. Size 1 ball is perfect for skill development for all ages. >>> Nike EPL Yellow Skills Football

8. LFC Waist Trainer

Perfect Waist Trainer with premium quality and adjustable cord stretching up to 18 ft. Also comes with a durable tethered waistband so you can enjoy practicing and improving your shooting and passing without chasing back after the ball. >>> LFC Waist Trainer

7. LFC Skill Set

This Kids Skills Set comes with 4 different targets. Shoot into the Moveable Basket Hoop, the 2 Target Rings (which can be fitted to any goal) or the Mini Target Goal, testing your shooting and passing accuracy with each piece of equipment. >>> LFC Skill Set

6. LFC Target Goal Set

This high quality, 4'6 x 3'6 pop up target goal is the perfect piece of equipment for kid's football training. >>> LFC Target Goal Set

5. LFC eAcademy

Learn to play The Liverpool Way with the award winning LFC eAcademy, the club's official online training tutorials. You will be sent an activation card with a unique code for 12 month's access to the LFC eAcademy. >>> LFC eAcademy

4. LFC Red/Black Drinks Bottle

Show your support on the go with the LFC Red/Black Drinks Bottle. >>> LFC Red/Black Drinks Bottle

3. LFC Essentials Black Gym Bag

Support the Reds this season with the LFC Essentials Black Gym Bag. >>> LFC Essentials Black Guy Bag

2. LFC Nike Kids Black HyperWarm Academy Gloves

The Nike HyperWarm Academy Gloves are designed to help keep your hands warm, so you can focus on the game. Textured palms also help you grip the ball during throw-ins. >>> LFC Nike Kids Black HyperWarm Academy Gloves

1. LFC Nike Black Charge Shin Guards

Step onto the field with confidence when you wear the Nike Charge Shin Guards. A hard shell creates low-profile coverage and has a foam back for comfort. Pull-on stirrup design stays in place during play. >>> LFC Nike Black Charge Shin Guards



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