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Original Publish Date - 16th February 2021

Are you looking for a great way to get your kids active again while still adhering to any lockdown restrictions that may be in place? If so, then the award winning LFC eAcademy is your perfect solution.

Developed by LFC coaches, eAcademy contains 55 videos of football skills and techniques. They have all been selected for inclusion within eAcademy by LFC coaching staff who have identified them as the most important to learn.

Each one is a tutorial, including an LFC coach giving a demonstration of the skill themselves and voiceover instructions explaining the key coaching points.

Furthermore, examples of the skills and techniques being performed in Premier League matches by LFC first team players are also included, giving genuine context of how they transfer into game scenarios.

Skills development comes with hours of dedicated practice, something that Reds captain Jordan Henderson knows all too well: “Developing your skills to become the best footballer you can be is about hard work, dedication and commitment. You need to spend hours and hours practising and mastering techniques as a young player.

“The LFC eAcademy will support and guide young footballers to make sure they are working on the areas that will help them the most.”

Using eAcademy as a digital guide to stay active

While eAcademy is a digital product, it has been designed and built in a way which encourages youngsters to get active and try out the skills for themselves.

Many of the videos can be practised in a small outdoor space, such as a back garden. This is ideal, as young Reds are motivated to get up and recreate what they see their heroes doing.

Many of us are limited for space, something which is magnified due to being in lockdown. So, if you do not have much space in the garden, worry not, as there are still opportunities to get up and get training with LFC eAcademy.

Many of the videos can actually be performed in a really small area, encouraging your youngsters to be active – possibly even when they’re inside the home! Within the seven skill categories within eAcademy, ball mastery and turning are perfect for training in small spaces!

Train alone or with a parent/sibling

Lockdown has presented many challenges. Being unable to play or exercise with friends is one we have all faced, young and old. LFC eAcademy has plenty of skills and techniques that are perfect for practising alone, meaning that young Reds can get up, get moving and get active while emulating their LFC heroes.

If there are family members who want to help out with the training, then they can certainly get involved as well, creating an opportunity for physical exercise with a parent or sibling, not to mention the fun of genuine interaction! Some of the passing, receiving, and shooting techniques are perfect if you want to lend a hand to your child’s next training session!

What to know more about eAcademy?

If you want to learn more about what is LFC eAcademy, then check out our blog which will explain it in detail.

When you’re ready to sign-up, simply head over to



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