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Have you ever wanted to receive a personal LFC masterclass from experienced coaches? Thanks to the award winning LFC eAcademy, that’s now possible.

Hundreds of young Reds around the world have already signed up to eAcademy and are now enjoying the coaching resources offered by LFC’s official training product. With more than 50 training videos to watch and then practise in your own time, it truly is your personal LFC masterclass.

But how can LFC eAcademy help you improve your game? What will you learn from it? Are there any specific skills that will help you out when you’re playing in your favoured position on the pitch?

We’ve answered all of those questions and more below by describing just how it will help you to improve your game.

1. You will learn the skills valued most by coaches at LFC

In total, LFC eAcademy has 55 skills and techniques to master. The skills have been compiled by LFC coaches who consider these to be the most important for any young player to perfect. They are fundamental skills for a young footballer to learn. If you’re able to truly master them, then your game will improve in each of the areas included (dribbling, agility, shooting, turning, receiving, passing, ball mastery).

Don’t just take our word for it either, Reds boss Jurgen Klopp said: “eAcademy gives you a unique insight into the skills we value the most at LFC”.

2. These skills are important to master, regardless of your position

The great thing about these skills is that they’re vital to perform regardless of what position you play on the pitch. Whether you’re an attacking full-back or a defensive midfielder. A free-scoring striker or a central defender. Players in every position on the pitch need to know how to pass, receive, shoot and turn, not to mention improve agility and control of the football with ball mastery.

With the possible exception of shooting, the skills are also important for goalkeepers too. How often during a game does Alison receive a pass, turn with the ball and play it out to a teammate? Yep, pretty regularly!

3. You’re learning from the best

Not only does each video contain detailed demonstrations from LFC coaches and a voiceover with key coaching points explained, but there is a video demonstration of each skill being performed in a Premier League match situation. Therefore, you’re learning from the very best.

4. Benefit from leading academy expertise

Your personal LFC masterclass is made possible by the unique insight provided by the LFC coaches. eAcademy is a first opportunity for young players to benefit from the leading academy expertise of one of the world’s most successful clubs!

5. Practise makes perfect

Finally, eAcademy will improve your game because it allows you unlimited opportunities to practise whichever skills you want or feel the need to work on. This truly is your personal LFC masterclass. Practise what you want, when you want and perfect those fundamental skills!