Lena Aschenbrenner, Prevention and performance therapist - Liverpool FC

men's team

Lena Aschenbrenner

Prevention and performance therapist

Lena Aschenbrenner

Lena Aschenbrenner joined Liverpool FC's men's backroom team in July 2021 in the role of prevention and performance therapist.

She arrived at the AXA Training Centre after nine years with EDEN Reha in Donaustauf, Germany, while she also ran another therapy facility independently in Regensburg.

During this time, Lena worked with amateur and professional athletes from a wide range of sports and was a regular therapist at tournaments and competitions for the German Football Association (DFB), the German Olympic Sports Association (DOSB) and the German Volleyball Association (DVV).

After graduating from the University of Physiotherapy in Wasserburg, Germany in 2011, she immediately started accompanying a regional amateur football team in addition to her work in...

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