Inside the Stadium

To protect yourself and others, we recommend that supporters aged 11 and over should wear a face covering while moving around the stadium and in enclosed spaces like queuing, on concourses, and in the LFC superstore. As this is a recommendation, we ask you respect other supporters if they choose to wear or not wear a mask.   

Once inside the stadium we would encourage you to make your way to your seats as soon as possible. 

To protect the health and safety of you, your fellow supporters and club colleagues, please wash or sanitise your hands regularly using the hand sanitiser provided - please avoid touching your face, handles and railings wherever possible. Please also observe respiratory etiquette and always cover your mouth with your arm or tissue when coughing or sneezing. 

We kindly ask that you sit in your allocated seat or viewing position while watching the match.

We appreciate that you may need to pass other supporters in your row to get to or move from your seat or viewing position. Please avoid face to face contact by turning your back to other supporters from different households, and ensure you wear your face covering when moving around the stadium. You should also wait until the gangway is clear and always follow directional and safety signage. 

Directions and health and safety information will be carried on concourse screens and LEDs – while additional information will be broadcast over the public address system. 

Please be aware that lifts around the stadium will be operating at significantly reduced capacity and will only be available to those who require them. You may be required to wait a little longer than usual.

Catering & Facilities

We are a cashless stadium – contactless and/or chip and pin payments are required in all areas. In line with current COVID-19 guideline and best practice, cash will no longer be accepted.  

Kiosks will be open inside the stadium, with a range of food options available.  




Seat Serve will also be in operation throughout the stadium for you to buy food and drink and have it served directly to your seat – download the app here: 

Matchday programmes will be available to buy on the concourses or online here