Programme notesWhy Jordan Henderson is proud to support Rainbow Laces



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Jordan Henderson speaks of his pride at supporting the Rainbow Laces campaign during his matchday programme notes for tonight's meeting with Leeds United.

“This evening’s game takes place against the backdrop of Stonewall’s Rainbow Laces campaign as part of our own Red Together initiative,” the captain writes.

“This is always an occasion that makes me especially proud to be club captain because I could not be stronger in my belief that the values we are celebrating – unity, togetherness, inclusion – could not be more in keeping with those of our club and our city.

“I have regularly worn rainbow laces and today will be no exception because this kind of visible support can only have a positive impact. It also sends the powerful message that football is for everyone and the more of us who can take this message back into our homes, workplaces and daily lives the better.

“The more we can understand, the more we can learn and the more we can stand together on issues like this, the more we will move towards the kind of inclusive society that is more welcoming of everyone.

“Football has its part to play and, as I said, I couldn’t be more proud to play a small part of my own.”

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    Henderson also discusses on-pitch matters and states the Reds’ determination to build on their 3-0 victory over AFC Ajax in Amsterdam.

    “It is because of the standards that Liverpool has always set for itself, and also those that the current players have set for ourselves, that we look at our recent form and know we have to do better,” he says.

    “I know there was a fair bit of praise after our win against Ajax in midweek and much of it was deserved, but it is absolutely vital now that we find the kind of consistency that has eluded us so far this season.

    “This isn’t me trying to put a dampener on things or even playing down the fact that we have won four of our last five games – it is just a basic fact that we have a responsibility to keep on winning and also to avoid the kind of slip-ups that have cost us if we are to kick on.”

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