FeatureWe Love You Liverpool: Meet Official LFC Supporters Club... New South Wales

New South Wales OLSC
By Joe Urquhart


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Liverpool FC has more than 300 Official LFC Supporters Clubs (OLSCs) across 100 countries worldwide.

The Reds' fanbase is famous for its passion and loyalty, cheering on both Jürgen Klopp and Matt Beard's squads whether on Merseyside or watching from afar.

Our We Love You Liverpool feature aims to bring supporters closer together to learn more about each other wherever they are based around the globe.

Whether in the UK and Republic of Ireland, on Merseyside itself, in North or South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia or elsewhere, fans provide the very foundations that the club is built on.

Here, we meet OLSC New South Wales…

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FeatureWe Love You Liverpool: Meet Official LFC Supporters Club... BarcelonaLiverpool FC has more than 300 Official LFC Supporters Clubs (OLSCs) across 100 countries worldwide.

Tell us about the OLSC…

OLSC NSW received official status in 2007, however we have been operating in an unofficial capacity since 1997 and supporters have gathered under the NSW banner to support the Reds ever since.

For the 2022-23 season, we had 350 official members, but have over 10,000 following our Facebook page. It's special for us to have like-minded supporters in NSW so we can connect to share our passion for the Reds, experiences and knowledge; both in-person for games and in our online chat forums.

It must give you a sense of community and connection to Liverpool and the club...

Yes, definitely. In a way we are one big, albeit crazy, family! Knowing that you and millions of others around the world are somehow connected is a very special feeling.

And what is so special about supporting Liverpool for your members?

Liverpool is a club that seems to attract the most passionate supporters. Being able to represent NSW through the OLSC network makes us feel very proud.

It's an incredible feeling connecting with others around the world through the network who share your passion. The opportunity to meet everyone in-person at the OLSC black-tie dinners is incredible. I've met people and become friends with people I would never have normally crossed paths with, all through our shared passion for Liverpool.

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Do you hold meet-ups for games, or any special events throughout the year?

We are very much dictated by the timing of games! Attendance at NSW meet-ups is dependent on the time of the game (3.30am on a Monday is a bit difficult even for the most passionate Red).

Has the OLSC ever visited Anfield?

Many individual members have visited Anfield, either for a game or the stadium tour. We have also had the opportunity in the past two years following COVID-19 to attend the OLSC black-tie dinner, with a small group able to represent NSW at the dinner and associated game. As I imagine it would be for most Reds, visiting Anfield can be a very emotional, an almost religious, experience.

What is your favourite memory together as an OLSC?

Personally, I would say the 2019 Champions League final was phenomenal. There were 500-plus Reds all jammed into Cheers Bar from about 8pm the night before and still singing YNWA at 8am Sunday morning on the Sydney Town Hall steps after screaming and singing (and drinking) for 12 hours!

OLSC info

Name: OLSC New South Wales

Location: New South Wales, Australia

Home venue: Cheers Bar, 561 George Street, Sydney

Twitter: @LFCNSWOfficial

Instagram: LFC NSW Supporters Club

Facebook: LFC Supporters Club of NSW

OLSC website: www.lfcnsw.com



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