FeatureWe Love You Liverpool: Meet Official LFC Supporters Club... Bahrain

By Joe Urquhart


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Liverpool FC has more than 300 Official LFC Supporters Clubs (OLSCs) across 100 countries worldwide.

The Reds' fanbase is famous for its passion and loyalty, cheering on both Jürgen Klopp and Matt Beard's squads whether on Merseyside or watching from afar.

Our We Love You Liverpool feature aims to bring supporters closer together to learn more about each other wherever they are based around the globe.

Whether in the UK and Republic of Ireland, on Merseyside itself, in North or South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia or elsewhere, fans provide the very foundations that the club is built on.

Here, we meet OLSC Bahrain…

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FeatureWe Love You Liverpool: Meet Official LFC Supporters Club... BangaloreLiverpool FC has more than 300 Official LFC Supporters Clubs (OLSCs) across 100 countries worldwide.

Tell us about the OLSC…

In March 2013, a group of OLSC Bahrain fans gathered in Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain, to announce the formation of the local Liverpool Supporters Club. The event was attended by 100 fans, where a presentation was made by the founder Dr. Dheya Tawfiqi about the plan for the official registration of OLSC Bahrain.

In the October, OLSC Bahrain received its official recognition from Liverpool FC as one of its official supporters clubs. To achieve local requirements, the entity is registered currently with the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports and granted us recognition for registering OLSC Bahrain under the Liverpool Supporters Club Association.

We have a board of directors, which consists of seven members. The board holds a meeting once a month and an AGM on an annual basis. We have 145 members in total currently.

How special is it to have a feel of 'Liverpool' despite being in Bahrain?

Liverpool is a great city with all its history, culture and tourism. We noticed that the fans fall in love with Liverpool very quickly despite being far away. For the visitors, the magnificent attractions in Liverpool, the city centre, outlets, Anfield and museums all helps supporters with their love. The football matches and the televised fixtures also keep that bond. This is also a factor where the local fans would like to be associated with OLSC Bahrain.

Having said that, and above all, the great Liverpool FC is the main cause for such attraction with all of its history and success.

Do you hold any special events throughout the season, or meet-ups for the games?

Yes, of course. We arrange match gatherings from time to time but not for all matches. We select those with suitable timings to attract as many members as possible.

We also arrange an end-of-season gathering, plus any celebration related to winning trophies. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, we stopped for two years, but we are back up and running again now.

How do you bring 'Anfield' to Bahrain?

Whenever we have an event we make sure that we have the necessary posters and banners installed in the lounge where we watch games. In addition, we make sure that all members wear their LFC colours to help create the Anfield environment.

Has the OLSC ever visited Anfield?

Yes, many of us have visited Liverpool as well as Anfield. The experience is unforgettable. There is the Anfield tour, where fans can see all the parts of the stadium, including the changing rooms. But attending the matches is a totally different experience as far as the fans and environment are concerned. They are many favourite memories where the team achieved excellent victories.

OLSC info

Name: OLSC Bahrain

Location: Bahrain

Home venue: Avanti coffee shop

Website: www.olscbahrain.com

Twitter: @olscbahrain

Facebook: OLSC Bahrain

Instagram: @olscbahrain



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