'We had to prove a point for ourselves' - Klopp reacts to Bournemouth victory

Press conference'We had to prove a point for ourselves' - Klopp reacts to Bournemouth victory



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Jürgen Klopp believed his Liverpool squad had a point to prove to themselves in their stunning 9-0 Premier League victory over AFC Bournemouth at Anfield.

The Reds put on an impressive attacking display in L4, disposing of Scott Parker's men in style to grab their first three-point return of the campaign.

Roberto Firmino and Luis Diaz both struck twice while Harvey Elliott, Trent Alexander-Arnold, Virgil van Dijk and Fabio Carvalho also got on the scoresheet alongside a Chris Mepham own goal.

Read on for the post-match thoughts from the boss below...

Fabio Carvalho explains catalyst for stunning 9-0 win

ReactionFabio Carvalho explains catalyst for stunning 9-0 winFabio Carvalho revealed how the genesis of Liverpool's stunning 9-0 victory over AFC Bournemouth came on Tuesday morning.

On the one word he'd use to sum up the performance...


On the response from his players to three Premier League games without a win...

So, we had to prove a point - we had to prove a point for ourselves. After a short pre-season with mixed results; good performances and less good performances, which is completely normal for a pre-season. Having an absolute highlight that early in the season and playing really good stuff [against City] and then dropping for some reason.

I know how it sounds when you lose a game and then you try to explain and it's always the same, each manager in the world is a fantastic entertainer when you win football games... when you have to answer questions when you lose a game you try to find explanations, and obviously they sound like excuses or whatever. And that's why the public part of my job is not important, it's just what's the conclusion for us and that's why I said we had to prove a point for us.

We were not happy with the way we played; we had good moments in nearly all the games. We showed things which we are strong at and other things where we have to improve and that's what we had to do today, but you cannot make a list and take them all off the list step by step. You just have to give the game a proper direction and that's why I loved the start today so much. We didn't hesitate, we didn't hold anything back, we just went into the game full flying, put them under pressure, had the battles in the right areas in the box, around the box, bodies in the box, second ball situations, go again, and these kinds of things. Yes, counter-attacking threat, of course, but that's the risk you have to take.

We cannot do everything in the same moment and then you get this early goal and the second; two wonderful goals... how we played it, how we were positioned, the finishing, the set-up - all brilliant. And we kept going, scored different goals and, obviously, always with the same purpose; [to] keep going, put them under pressure, don't stop. And then it's 5-0 for half-time and I couldn't respect more what Scott is doing at Bournemouth in not the easiest circumstances how I can see from outside. So... half-time for us was important that we again keep going, because it's early in the season and it's not for us now to control it a little bit and let them score one and have this kind of bitter taste after a wonderful afternoon, so then you get out [of the] blocks again with 6-0 and everybody scored and we could bring on the kids, which deserve it so much, so we could rotate if you want at the start of the most busy period I have experienced. I can say it already before we have played, it will be crazy.

In the end it was the perfect football afternoon for us, lot of different goalscorers, all these kind of things, so, wonderful goals, fantastic situations and we know we needed something like that. We had bigger chances in other games and didn't use them - that's the nature of the thing. But at one point you need, I think Fabio had an easier situation against Palace if I'm right, he had a volley where the whole goal was open and now today he takes a volley and it's in. So, yes, he knows he can do that, we all knew it before and now we can go from here.

On Firmino's two goals and three assists...

Yeah, top. Top! In a bunch of outstanding football players and top performances today; loved Robbo's impact, for example, [he] makes all the difference for us when he's that lively, but Bobby, yes. He played, I know that's not the moment to talk about individual performances when you lose at Man United 2-1, but he played a really good game there. Imagine a game against United where we have near 70 per cent possession without Bobby, it would probably have been 49 [per cent], or whatever, so he was everywhere, but today was a completely different game. So for him, again, high up the pitch, more between the centre-halves, dropping, yes, but in different areas between the different lines and arriving in the box, being part of the massive chance in the first half when it was the little one-two with Harvey I think, backheel - that's Bobby Firmino how we all know him. For him, if you talk about what kind you get off the chest, this was a massive game today. So, and the timing couldn't have been better, to be honest.

On Elliott's half-time substitution...

Harvey felt just a little bit in another game. We wouldn't have taken him off, but being 5-0 up we thought if that's not the moment then the moment will never come again. Nothing after the game, assessment now, spoke now only recently with the physio. [He] should be completely fine.

Highlights: LFC 9-0 Bournemouth

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On where the 9-0 victory ranks in his career...

Wow, didn't think a second about that - I don't know. So 9-0 is a strange result, will not happen often in the combination with the weather we had today, it probably will never happen again - it would be too much coincidence. It's very important, that's why I said the word... needed. It just feels, it's not that we worked less in the last eight weeks, or whatever it is since we started again, it's not like that, it's not that we thought that will be difficult. No, no, no. We were all in a really good mood. We really liked what we saw most of the time, and then you don't get it really on the ground so that [is] when you have to turn a few other screws, but that's the job obviously and so, of course, when it then works out like today it's fantastic, but for us and everybody should celebrate today... let's go out and have a nice weekend - great. But, obviously, we are now very close to Newcastle already.

On whether he saw the result coming this week...

After the United game I said how difficult it is to answer a question after the thing. If I see positive things in a 2-1 defeat against United, people think I'm a bit mad. This game was us, a little bit more us. We should have won this game, so when I don't say that about all games against United... we lost against them in different circumstances. This specific game we really felt we came short, but because of ourselves, not for other reasons and so there was something to build on, but it's difficult to get that out of a game like this, so you better ignore it completely, use it as a completely negative experience. So, did we see it coming? No. Neither last week, nor today. But it's not out of this world that we lose at United 2-1, especially when we don't perform on our highest level, that can happen and it's very likely to happen. For today I wanted the start we showed and then the rest... we cannot give guarantees for results, but what we expect from ourselves is that we give guarantees for performance levels and today we started.

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On whether he has sympathy for Scott Parker and if he spoke to him post-match...

Not about that, we spoke of course, but not about that. He didn't moan, or whatever, about the situation. But when you look at the other two teams that went up and you look what they spend and you look at Bournemouth and say, 'OK, what will happen there?' It's not about the squad is not strong enough, or whatever, not at all, it's just the league is a really tough one - a really tough one - especially in a club like Bournemouth you need backing from everybody because it will be difficult. It's clear in the moment when you have the promotion, it's already clear the problems start now, so I think he is doing incredible, absolutely outstanding job arriving there and getting promoted immediately in a league where Fulham is flying away and Nottingham flying - that was a big one. Yes, I have a lot of sympathy for him.



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