VideoWatch Expedia's 'Finding Liverpool': Bonus episode with Jürgen Klopp

By Liverpool FC


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Expedia, Liverpool FC's official travel partner, recently launched a new content series 'Finding Liverpool', which takes a close-up and personal look at the club's global family and its impact across the world.

A bonus episode, which sees Jürgen Klopp interviewed by Kelly Cates to look back on his emotional journey with the club, is out now and can be watched in the video below.

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In a sit-down conversation, they look back over footage to explore why his time with the Reds has been so extraordinary.

On his arrival in 2015, he talks about his first impressions of Liverpool as a city, a football club and what makes it so special.

Speaking candidly, Klopp says: "The people, the togetherness, the community, the heart… I knew I would love being here.

"It became home for us and that's pretty special."

Cates asks about what it felt like to walk out at Anfield for the first time, travelling to over 25 countries with the team and finding fans all around the globe.

He adds: "The club is so big, and you only realise it when you go to different countries and continents.

"The best thing I take from here is that I'll never walk alone again in my life."

His journey with the Reds is one no-one will ever forget.

Throughout the partnership, Expedia has worked closely with LFC to make travel easier for fans to cheer on the men's and women's teams home and away.

Supporters can join Expedia to unlock member prices and earn points towards future trips. Sign up to Expedia Live here and follow the Reds – because nothing beats being there.



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