Update on European collections for away game at Rangers

TicketsUpdate on European collections for away game at Rangers

Published 22nd September 2022

Liverpool Football Club has confirmed that, following feedback from fans, it will trial a new way for some supporters to demonstrate the use of their tickets for the Champions League game away at Rangers on October 12.

  • The safety and security of fans is the club’s priority and knowing who is in the stadium is key to this. 
  • Having listened to fans’ feedback, the club has reduced the number of collections originally planned for our fixture at Rangers to allow capacity to run a small trial using digital technology as a potential future alternative to collections. 

The club had decided to continue working towards 100 per cent paper collections in host cities for this season’s European away games. That decision has been reviewed following discussion with supporters, who suggested using NFC technology to allow fans to verify they have attended the match in person digitally, rather than collect their ticket in person.

Rangers v Liverpool: Champions League away ticket details
22nd September 2022

TicketsRangers v Liverpool: Champions League away ticket detailsLiverpool FC has released the following information on away ticket sales for the Champions League fixture against Rangers on October 12, 8pm BST.

The club was happy to listen and has decided to trial the use of NFC technology for the game at Ibrox next month. To ensure it’s a feasible option, 200 of the 1,000 proposed collect tickets will now be issued to fans via their preferred method in advance. 

They will present their paper ticket at the turnstile for stadium entry but will also be required to scan their NFC pass with LFC stewards, who will be in or around Ibrox on the night.

More details on this process will be issued directly to those selected to take part in the trial. 

The new collection plan is aimed to improve safety and security, with host clubs knowing exactly who’s in the stadium. It will also ensure the maximum number of supporters will be able to see the Reds on their European travels.

The club will review the use of NFC technology following this trial. 

Its desire to continue with collections in host cities is to ensure the maximum number of fans are in away stadiums to support the team and adhering to best practice safety and security guidance. 

Across the six Champions League away games last season, more than 15 per cent of the general admission allocation was left empty, meaning supporters purchased the tickets but didn’t attend the games. 

Some European countries have also made it law that all tickets have the name of the individual fan printed on them. Many Champions League clubs have moved to full ticket collections in host European cities for the same reasons, including Paris Saint-Germain, Chelsea and Manchester United. 

To ensure the European away day experience is as smooth as possible for supporters, and following strong feedback from the supporters about collections, LFC is introducing a number of operational changes to improve how supporters collect tickets in host cities.   

The club will have staff available in host cities to help facilitate this change and will ensure the collection point is open for a sufficient time to enable fans to collect their individual ticket before the match. The club also appreciates that our fixture at Rangers, while a Champions League match, is within the UK and will make every effort to minimise impact on fans who will travel to this in the same way they would a domestic Premier League game. 

The club has been discussing ticket collections over the past few seasons with supporters and understands that some supporters do have reservations about ticket collections in host cities, but the club prioritises the safety and security of travelling fans and is acting on the best advice. Engagement with supporters will continue on ticket collections via fan forums to help shape the collection process for each game. 

LFC would like to thank fans who will be travelling to European away fixtures for their understanding and continued support. The club’s desire is to continuously improve the collection process in host cities and will be reviewing feedback after each match. 

The full selling notice for the Rangers game is available here.

Published 22nd September 2022