Trent Alexander-Arnold interview: Man City, a 'big' week and Luis Diaz's return

Q&ATrent Alexander-Arnold interview: Man City, a 'big' week and Luis Diaz's return

By Glenn Price


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Trent Alexander-Arnold outlined Liverpool's plan to begin the season run-in with a positive result and performance at Manchester City this weekend.

The Reds visit Pep Guardiola's side on Saturday lunchtime in the first of their final 12 fixtures of the 2022-23 campaign.

Alexander-Arnold and his teammates are looking to pull together a consistent run of form between now and the end of May, as they eye up a top-four finish and Champions League qualification.

The No.66 told "We know we've got it in us – I think we haven't shown that this season.

"But we've been together as a group long enough to know our qualities and we know that we are able to put a run of great results together.

"There's no better way to go and start than against the reigning champs. We're excited to go and try to get that started on Saturday."

He added: "We've got our aims now to go and make sure we get Champions League football for next season. This is a very important week to go on and secure that really."

Read on for the rest of our sit-down interview with Alexander-Arnold at the AXA Training Centre to preview the short trip to Manchester...

Trent, there are 12 games left in the season and it's a cliché to say every game is a bit like a final, but is that the mentality you've got to have?

Of course. I think it's important for us to go out there and to perform. But when it comes down to this time of the season, it's more about results than performances. So, we'll do anything to win the games that we need to. Twelve huge games for us and hopefully we're able to pick some consistency up along the way and win games because we need the points.

Some people would look at Man City and think, 'Is that the ideal game after the break?' But there's no bigger game to raise yourselves for – is that how you view it?

Every time you play against Man City, the motivation's there no matter what. Over the past five, six years, I would say us and them have been the best teams in the league, and they show their quality year in, year out and consistently. They're always up there as one of, if not the best team in the world. That'll be the same on Saturday. We need to play a really good game and execute our game plan to have a chance of winning it. I think we're able to go there and get the result but it's about making sure we earn it.

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Then it's Chelsea and Arsenal after that. How pivotal could this next week be for you?

Definitely, I think [if] we get three big results and it's game on really, and hopefully the season pushes on to be a good one. These three results can define the season if we let it and if we want it to. We want to go out there and win all three games – and that's our plan. I think as a team we've probably lacked that confidence at times during the season. But to go and get big results against big teams will instil that confidence back within us. We're excited as a team, we're looking fresh, good in training and we're excited. It's going to be a big week and then hopefully a big end to the season for us.

Finally, it's a welcome sight seeing Luis Diaz back in training. How much of a boost can his return give you for the run-in?

He's a top player, a top lad. It's been a tough season for him to see him out so much. But he's back, he's back smiling, he's enjoying his football, so that's all you can ask [for]. With a player like that, he brings enthusiasm to the team and brings a spark that not many players have. It's exciting to have him back.



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