FeatureThree things we learned from 'When Stevie Met Salah'

Published 10th March 2023
By Sam Williams

Here are three things we learned from 'When Stevie Met Salah', a new LFC Original that premiered on Thursday.

Liverpool legends past and present, Steven Gerrard and Mohamed Salah recently sat down for a chat at Anfield.

The pair watched and analysed a selection of their favourite and best goals for the Reds while telling the stories behind the strikes.

Read on for three takeaways to emerge from Gerrard and Salah’s fascinating conversation – and watch When Stevie Met Salah on LFCTV and on demand on LFCTV GO now.

Watch: When Stevie Met Salah

‘The King made the King cry!’

Among the goals they enjoy together is Salah’s penalty in the 2019 Champions League final.

The No.11 admits to feeling more nervous than usual before taking that spot-kick due to the magnitude of the match and also reveals that he scored despite flouting the age-old golden rule of penalty taking.

“I don’t want to lie, I changed my mind at the last second before hitting the ball,” Salah recalls. 

“I was practising the whole week in the other side and in the last second as I was running to the ball I changed my mind because I scored too many goals there… I was so mad because I don’t have to do it [change my mind] in a big game like that!

“Every time I decide before [and] I speak with Millie a lot. We always talk about pens and I just decide before ‘I am going this side’ and I keep doing it, but this one I changed my mind.”

Gerrard, meanwhile, tells Salah how the goal went down with one of their fellow Liverpool luminaries.

“That was a special goal for me as well because I was at the game as a fan, I wasn’t doing the TV,” the former captain says. 

“I just went as a fan to enjoy it, the club invited me, and that goal made Kenny Dalglish cry. So always remember that, you made the King cry – the King made the King cry!”

The Jordan Henderson Appreciation Society

Jordan Henderson is among the few to have shared a Liverpool dressing room with both Gerrard and Salah.

And the duo speak of their admiration and respect for the man who succeeded the former as club captain.

As they watch Salah’s Gerrard-esque strike from distance against Chelsea in 2019, Gerrard picks up on Henderson’s role in the goal – a selfless off-the-ball run, which opens up space for his teammate to cut inside and unload.

“Hendo is always doing that through the game when you play,” Salah says. 

“Most of the games he makes it easier for me because of the way he does that run. I think because we played together for five years I understand the game… Hendo always keeps talking to me.”

Gerrard adds: “I used to enjoy playing with Jordan because Jordan was very selfless. He was a leader, he would do a lot of running for me and I was older at the time so I needed Jordan’s energy.”

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Practice makes perfect

Dedication is, it seems, the driving factor behind Gerrard and Salah’s ascent to greatness. 

After viewing Salah’s stunning solo goal versus Manchester City last season, Gerrard asks the Egyptian whether the way he finished on that occasion – dipping back on to his less-favoured right foot – is something he works on.

“I just try to practise in training going on my right side because everyone expects me to go with my left,” Salah confirms. 

“I try to go inside just to make them confused in the game. I do in the gym some movement with the bands and that stuff and also I do [work] outside so I always try to see ways I can improve my game. I do most of my work in the gym but also I do [it] outside.”

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Watch Salah's solo stunner v Man City from every angle

Gerrard’s long-range rocket against Manchester United back in 2001 is next up on the big screen.

“That was unbelievable!” exclaims Salah.

“Shoot and hope!” replies Gerrard, with a wry grin, before detailing how and why his knack of scoring such incredible goals was not down to talent alone. 

“After training, probably a bit similar to you, I’d probably try 20 or 30 of these different ones [long-range shots] – running onto them like this or I’d have a coach passing into me to take a touch. So, it’s more [about] the technique of the strike rather than the accuracy.

“Most days, unless it was the day before a game, I would always work on long-range shooting.”

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Published 10th March 2023