FeatureThree things we learned from James Milner's 'We are Liverpool' podcast



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James Milner was the first guest on the brand-new 'We are Liverpool' podcast – here's what we learned from his appearance.

The Reds vice-captain joined co-hosts Robbie Fowler and Peter McDowall in the studio at the AXA Training Centre to chat through his distinguished career and lots more.

Read on for three enjoyable snippets from the show…

'We are Liverpool' podcast: Episode 1 - James Milner

He's the man in charge of the fines

Milner – somewhat reluctantly – takes responsibility in managing and enforcing the Liverpool squad's fines policy.

"The boys see you coming and straight away they stop doing what they should be!" Milner laughs.

"Where we stay before home games, I'll have rice pudding before most games and I have jam in it and you've got to walk to the far side of the room, so I've got to pass all the tables.

"No-one's allowed their phone at dinner. I've got that walk across and I can see someone's head down. You just lean your head over and see someone's phone on the lap, it's like, 'Sorry mate!'

"I'm surprised they haven't moved the jam yet."

And to his credit, the 36-year-old is honest enough to accept when he's fallen on the wrong side of the rules from time to time.

He details: "Yeah, I've had to [pay] a couple of times. We had one where I was late for a meeting because I was in the gym doing an exercise. And then I think my phone might've Siri'd or something in dinner."

Snow stopped him from playing for the blue half of Merseyside

Milner famously rose through the ranks at Leeds United to feature in the Premier League as a 16-year-old. But it could've been entirely different without a cold snap.

He reveals early on in the podcast that he drew interest from Everton before signing up for his boyhood club.

"I was playing for a local team in Leeds and I got scouted by Everton," Milner states.

"I got asked to go on a trial game and it was just before Christmas time, I think it was. The game got called off because of snow and I never heard anything.

"Then Leeds came in three months later, February-March time, and I went there for a trial. They signed me and I was there from 10 years old."

The way he absorbed the Premier League title win

The most senior of the 'been there, done that' players in the squad, Milner celebrated differently to the rest of his teammates when Liverpool were confirmed as Premier League winners in June 2020.

With Jürgen Klopp's team having watched Chelsea defeat Manchester City to mathematically clinch top spot, the vice-captain was somewhat of a bystander for the reactions at the final whistle.

He explains: "That's probably one regret as a player – you don't get to enjoy the highs as much as you should because it's always the next one.

"With that, when we won the title and were at the hotel watching the Chelsea game, I was at the back of the room just watching everyone – and the game obviously. But I could see the whole room.

"Seeing people's reactions and the emotion, that was nice. I wouldn't have done that before – I would have been right in the mix. I watched the first half in the mix and after that moved to the back."



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