CommunityThiago Alcantara opens new community play area in Toxteth

Published 24th February 2023

Thiago Alcantara visited The Greenhouse Project in Toxteth on Thursday to officially open a new early years play area, funded by The Alcantara Foundation and LFC Foundation.

LFC Foundation and The Alcantara Foundation raised more than £37,000 for the project at a joint fundraising event in September.

The funds helped to replace the existing playground at The Greenhouse Project Early Years Education Centre with a wide range of playground equipment, including a new octagonal shelter and bike track.

“Our foundation’s work is to be a part of and involved in the cities where we live. Liverpool was a choice, and we want to leave a piece of our body, our soul here,” said Thiago.

“We’re always trying to help children and give them the best chances and atmosphere so they can develop themself. It’s about creating chances for them to grow up and be the best that they can.”

Matt Parish, chief executive of LFC Foundation, said: “This is a grassroots community project, and the play centre needed a bit of support and help.

“The Tiber Football Centre is one of our community hubs and when we showed Thiago and Julia The Greenhouse Project, which is situated on the same site, and introduced them to their fantastic team they were sold and wanted to help.

“We went on to host a joint fundraiser, which raised over £37,000, and with lots of further support from other groups, providing labour, parts and time for free, we were able to produce this fantastic new facility for children to enjoy for years to come.

“I’d like to thank everyone involved who made this happen.”

Published 24th February 2023