Thiago Alcantara and Stefan Bajcetic fitness latest

NewsThiago Alcantara and Stefan Bajcetic fitness latest

By James Carroll


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Jürgen Klopp today offered an update on the fitness of Thiago Alcantara and Stefan Bajcetic as the pair continue to work their way back towards their respective returns to action.

The manager detailed why no timescale is being placed upon their recoveries, with the duo currently continuing to work with the club’s medical team.

On Bajcetic, Klopp said: “No, we don’t know [when he will be back]. With Stefan it’s, again, one of these things. Stefan’s quality, potential, talent, everybody could see and it’s incredible - what a player - but the body was not ready yet.

“They are still growing these boys and they are all different; we have other players with a different, what is it, skeleton, a different body where OK that’s fine and for other players it is a bit too early. We just have to put the break on again and just wait until that’s all fine. Then Liverpool FC has a wonderful player to use, but there is absolutely no time that we can put on that and we will not. We just have to wait.

“He is here, he is training, he is doing his stuff, we are building his [fitness]. We know how he good he is and now we have to make sure we help him to get a body to show that, and not only once but then three times a week.

“We will get there [and that will be] very good news for the club, [but] in the moment we cannot use him and that’s all.”

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Meanwhile, Thiago has yet to feature so far in 2023-24 as he continues his recovery from a hip issue that required surgery in the summer.

Klopp added: “With Thiago it is slightly different, it’s an ongoing thing and we cannot put any kind of pressure on there as well.

“We expect him to be back - and I would say probably the start of the New Year. It’s now already November, so that would mean another four weeks. I would say that’s probably a realistic thing to try and I can’t wait, to be honest, to have him back.

“The player he is is just exceptional. I understand you ask, but it’s nothing where we can have a week by week update because that will not change a lot in this moment.”



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