Community Red Neighbours' summer Breakfast Club serves more than 500 local children

Published 22nd September 2022

More than 500 local children attended Anfield across the summer to enjoy a nutritional breakfast as part of Red Neighbours' Breakfast Club programme.

Throughout July and August, children – along with their families – in the local community were invited to the Shankly Lounge for a morning filled with breakfast treats, raffle prizes, dancing and much more.

In total, 511 children attended and enjoyed guest appearances and special visits from the club's official mascot Mighty Red and Margaret Aspinall.

With food poverty and education being key areas of focus for the club, Breakfast Club runs with an attempt to alleviate some of the pressures that come with school holidays within the local community.

Local resident Sammy Richardson said: "Summer holidays can be tough for many parents and carers in our local community. When we were invited to the Red Neighbours Breakfast Club, it was a blessing.

"There were several of my neighbours whose children all attend the same school, and we went as a group and the kids had the most amazing time. Mighty Red was amazing, Bill had them all up dancing and singing. The whole team – Christine, Forbes, Jen, Margaret and the rest – were amazing.

"It relieves the pressure for so many knowing it's a group to attend. It gives the kids a structure and a playful time and a hot or cold meal with no pressure – just fun. I didn't see anyone walking out without a smile on their face each morning. Thank you, Red Neighbours."

As part of the event, children and families from primary schools across the L4, L5, L6 postcodes and Kirkby areas were treated to LFC-themed gifts, sing-along sessions, activity packs and free entry to the LFC Museum.

Donna, a parent from Millstead Special Needs Primary School, said: "This event was most welcoming, especially for my son. He recently had a birthday and they made him feel so special at the welcoming.

"He was given a birthday card from Mighty Red! All the staff are so friendly and make a lovely atmosphere at the venue.

"The breakfast was delicious and perfect for the little ones! They did a little sing-song, which all the children could participate in, and it was lots of fun. They even got the grown-ups to join in!"

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Published 22nd September 2022