ClubOfficial LFC Supporters Clubs network gather at Anfield event

Published 16th June 2022

Anfield recently hosted a black-tie dinner to bring together the Official LFC Supporters Clubs (OLSCs) network.

More than 450 fans from more than 40 different countries – from the United States to New Zealand – attended the May 6 event.

The occasion returned after a three-year absence due to the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing many to meet for the first time in person after connecting online. 

Club legends Dirk Kuyt and Glen Johnson were also in attendance to meet the fans, along with Liverpool FC Women boss Matt Beard and other club guests. 

A raffle was held to show the OLSCs' support for LFC Foundation and raised more than £6,500 – a record amount for the event. 

The dinner aims to show the club's commitment towards the OLSCs network, reaffirming its investment of having them all around the world.

Johnson said: "The relationship goes two ways – the fans love the club, and the club loves the fans. 

"To put these sort of events on where you can see everyone enjoying themselves, all singing away and having a nice drink and a nice bit of food, everyone's having a great time.

"Without the fans, there is no game, there is no club. Me, Dirk and the lads have played for many, many clubs but you won't beat these fans."

Drew Crisp, senior vice-president of digital at LFC, added: "There's all sorts of parts that make up a football club, but the fanbase and these supporters clubs are an essential component. 

"I, frankly, think it's our duty to say thank you to them, because they do so much for us."

Published 16th June 2022