Members' ticket sale ballot update

TicketsMembers' ticket sale ballot update

Published 16th November 2022

Following the end of the registration period for the Members' ticket sale, we can confirm supporters have today been notified of the outcome of the ballot by email.

Those supporters who have been successful will also be able to check which games they have been successful for in the ‘Personal Details’ section in My Account on the afternoon of Thursday November 17.

The club has received more than 102,831 applications for tickets for Premier League home games in the second half of the 2022-23 season, which is a record number of applications compared to previous seasons.

Members who registered have the following chance of being selected as a winner for the game(s) they have registered for.

  • Liverpool v Chelsea – 1 in 2.2 chance
  • Liverpool v Everton – 1 in 2.5 chance
  • Liverpool v Manchester United – 1 in 2.5 chance
  • Liverpool v Fulham – 1 in 26 chance
  • Liverpool v Arsenal – 1 in 2.1 chance
  • Liverpool v Nottingham Forest – 1 in 24 chance
  • Liverpool v Tottenham Hotspur – 1 in 2.1 chance
  • Liverpool v Brentford – 1 in 26 chance
  • Liverpool v Aston Villa – 1 in 2.8 chance

The ballot is managed independently, with each booking having an equal chance of being selected for each of the games registered for.

Fans are reminded that the Members’ ticket sale will take place in the week commencing November 21, with full details available here.

Published 16th November 2022