'Manager inside the field' - seven great quotes from new Hendo film

News'Manager inside the field' - seven great quotes from new Hendo film

Published 26th June 2022

Jordan Henderson's influence and importance for Liverpool is explained by his teammates and manager in a new documentary film.

Released on Saturday, Jordan Henderson is Never Done – produced by Nike Football, Laurence McKenna and Deft Touch Films – tells the midfielder’s story from a boy in Sunderland to a trophy-winning captain at Anfield.

Many of those inside the Reds dressing room feature, offering their insight on how Henderson has led by example during a hugely successful period for Jürgen Klopp’s side.

Watch the full film below and scroll down to read seven of our favourite contributions…

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Jordan Henderson

“When I’m on the pitch I’m different. I think I’ve always been quite an instinctive player, quite a high-energy, intense player, quite emotional. I’ve sort of had to improve over the last few years, definitely, since Jürgen came. I get a lot of help from the players around me, of course, a lot of help from the coaching staff.

“I do become a lot more intense [on the pitch], a lot more aggressive – only to try to help the team. I need to shout at people for them to be able to hear me really.

“My motivation has always been to prove people wrong and I don’t think that will ever go, I think that will always be the case. I’ve always had to prove people wrong all through my life and I don’t think I’d want it to change now. I’ve learned to deal with it, I’ve learned to use it in a positive way.”

Jürgen Klopp

“Nothing we achieved in the last few years would have happened without him, that’s easy to say. There are so many important things you do over a season to keep a group together, to keep a group going in difficult moments, and he is great in that.

“He has speed, he has endurance, so he can run for ages. Defensive skills are great, offensive skills are really great: awareness, vision, passing.

“I expect from him nothing else than I expect from all the others: be the best version of yourself as often as somehow possible. That gives us a good chance to win football games.

“He’s captain of my side because he was captain when I arrived here and I saw no need to change it – that’s maybe the biggest compliment. I obviously didn’t know Hendo when I arrived here; I knew him as a player but not as a person. He brings everything you need to lead a football team.”

Trent Alexander-Arnold

“We’ve got that relationship now where he will still tell me off if I risk it too much and if he thinks I should have kept it and played it simple. But he’s someone that encourages me to play the game I need to play. He understands the type of player I am and enables me to do that on and off the pitch. I don’t think I would have been able to make the steps as quick as I was able to without him being around and being there for me.”

Thiago Alcantara

“He is one of the best players, and midfield players, I’ve ever played with in my life. So, I’m proud to be part of his team, just happy to play alongside him.”

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Diogo Jota

“To be honest, it is the first time I had a player like Jordan on the pitch – he tries to speak with you always, not always good words! He keeps you pushing forward, the role of being a manager inside the field. I know that I cannot rest for a second because he will be right up against me.”

Alisson Becker

“I look a lot to him because he is really visible on the pitch, the way he moves, and he is someone that really runs for the team. As we have a team that likes to build up from behind, we need players in midfield always giving options. For me, Hendo is a guy that I look for building up. He is always making an option, even if he has a man at his back and he is a guy who can do that. So, I really trust him to give the ball and then he can do anything he wants and is capable of doing.”

Virgil van Dijk

“Jordan Henderson is a terrific captain, terrific leader and an example for every footballer in the world, in my eyes.”

Published 26th June 2022