LFC Legends game sold out: Almost 60,000 to attend Anfield fundraiser

NewsLFC Legends game sold out: Almost 60,000 to attend Anfield fundraiser

By Liverpool FC


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A record-breaking, sold-out crowd of 59,655 will be at Anfield to see Saturday’s LFC Foundation fundraiser, as Liverpool FC Legends take on Ajax Legends.

The eighth annual legends game will kick off at 3pm GMT and welcome the biggest crowd for the event so far, with the stadium officially full to capacity and all available tickets sold.

Since launching at Anfield in 2017, legends matches have raised more than £6.4 million in vital funds that benefit people both in the Liverpool City Region and internationally.

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The money spent on supporters’ tickets for the match will help LFC Foundation to continue its work helping to change lives every day. Last season alone, the foundation supported almost 123,000 individuals, with almost two-thirds of those living in the top 20 per cent most-deprived areas of the country.

In that time, it also contributed £5 million into the local economy and delivered more than £32 million in health benefits.

While sport and improving physical health are at the heart of what the foundation does, its work covers so much more, with 60 per cent of LFC Foundation staff involved in non-sport-specific programmes.

This year LFC Foundation will use a large proportion of money raised from the legends game to support its education programmes.

It continues to develop and support projects to tackle a range of social issues, including poor educational outcomes, youth unemployment and young people becoming involved in gangs and crime.

Matt Parish, CEO of LFC Foundation, said: “It’s absolutely incredible to have a sold-out Anfield, with close to 60,000 fans for this year’s legends game – what amazing support that is for the foundation and the vital work we continue to do.

“Thank you to every single person who has bought a ticket for this fantastic event. The money raised will enable us to continue our work across all programmes but particularly across our education programmes.

“In these areas we are having real impact in schools with young people across the Liverpool City Region, helping to keep them in schools, or in jobs, and away from gangs and a life of crime.”

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According to government statistics, since the COVID-19 pandemic the Liverpool City Region has seen absences from school nearly double. LFC Foundation continues to work with local schools, teachers and pupils to try to help reverse this trend.

Its ‘Onside’ programme, which is funded by PLPFA, enables young people to engage in school through a bespoke curriculum developed and adapted to suit their needs, delivered by LFC Foundation staff.

‘Onside’ is currently in 21 secondary schools and the charity has more than doubled the number of programmes in one year due to school demand. Money raised will help expand the programmes across more schools, train more staff and ultimately positively impact more pupils.

Speaking about the work of LFC Foundation, Mrs Ashworth, assistant headteacher at Range High School in Formby, said: “The LFC Foundation has engaged some of our more complex pupils and has enabled them to feel a sense of achievement in school and in life.

“This, for some, is against a backdrop of challenging behaviour, poor attendance and complex home lives. Having this positivity has enabled pupils to feel a sense of pride, adopt a more positive attitude and a sense of belonging.

“For some, taking part has really boosted their mental health and wellbeing and has motivated them to get out of bed in the morning.”

Ms Simms, from Dixons Fazakerley Academy, added: “The LFC Foundation Onside Programme has become an integral part of our academy family, providing a safe space and invaluable support.

“Students thrive with their involvement, showing improved behaviour and concentration. Their dedication goes beyond visits; they’ve become essential to our community, offering amazing opportunities and enriching our students’ experiences.”

A percentage of the proceeds from the game will also go to Forever Reds, the club’s official former players association, which provides care for older players in need and supports local charities.

To make a donation to LFC Foundation’s ongoing work, please visit www.liverpoolfc.com/donate.



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