Mia Leath LFC Womens Academy Player

FoundationLFC Foundation launch new Premier League funded employability programme.



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LFC Foundation are expanding their employability and training provision and welcoming ‘Global Works’ to the list of programmes and opportunities currently available.

Global Works is a community-based employability programme coming to the UK in partnership with LFC Foundation and the Premier League Charitable Fund.

The aim of the programme is to provide high-quality, outcome-driven delivery around employment support from our committed Foundation delivery staff. Consisting of sport-based employability sessions, mentoring and post programme support, the programme aims to get each participant to feel work-ready and actively seeking employment. It will look to focus on the development of skills and the exposure of careers within sport through meeting industry professionals.

The Global Works programme offers each participant the chance to be matched with a professional mentor once the cohort has finished, taking about 8 weeks and focusing on building out their networks, knowledge and confidence further. Participants will then graduate with their post-programme pathway plan of one-to-one support, work experience, interview practice, shadowing, and access to events.

Employability Manager James McCall said,

‘We are very excited for Global Works to begin. By combining sport and employability we will be looking to develop the skills of some of the hardest to reach young people in the Liverpool city region.’

‘We have been able to draw from experience of previously delivered programmes to create Global Works and we are particularly excited about the professional mentor element. We anticipate that our experienced pool of mentors will provide invaluable career support, but most of all be role models for the young people that engage.’

We’re pleased to announce Mia Leath, LFC Women’s Academy player, as the new ambassador for the programme.

‘I’m excited to support the new Global Works programme. I’ve seen the amazing work that the Foundation do and it’s something that I want to be a part of in any way that I can. Being an ambassador for a programme like this will not only hopefully benefit the young people on the course but will also benefit me too as I navigate my way through education, football and my own career.’

Mia is currently an LFC Women’s Academy player and also a student at the Fowler Academy in which the Foundation are in partnership with. Passionate about helping others, the ambassador role will allow Mia to support the Foundation and the young people we work with, whilst allowing her to build on her own progression as she completes the Introduction to Coaching Football Qualification.

Our Foundation ‘Works’ programmes encompasses all our 16+ employability provision and follow the basis of the below outcomes:

Immediate outcomes:

  1. Improved mental health, Happiness & wellbeing.
  2. Increased positive attitude and future.
  3. Increased confidence, self-esteem & resilience.
  4. Improved transferable skills and like skills.

Long-term outcomes:

  1. Improved educational attainment & employability.
  2. Vibrant and prosperous local economies

For more information about all our Works offerings and how you can get involved, please email lfcfoundationemployability@liverpoolfc.com



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