Learn more about the Convention on Safety and Security and other reports into Paris failings

Published 14th February 2023

The Independent UEFA Report made a number of references throughout the document to the “Convention on an Integrated Safety, Security and Service Approach at Football Matches and Other Sports Events.”

The Convention was launched in 2016, in Saint-Denis, France.

Since then, almost 40 countries – including the United Kingdom and France – have signed up to adhere to its recommendations and the measures it provides, which are based on the highest safety, security and service standards developed in Europe.

It is the only internationally binding agreement that promotes co-operation between all public and private stakeholders, governments, municipal authorities, police, football authorities and supporters, in order to help provide a safe and secure environment at all sporting events.

To find out more about the Convention, download an information leaflet here.

It’s also important to note there have also been a number of other separate reports into the chaotic and distressing events at the Champions League final in Paris.

The UEFA Independent Panel used the findings from these reports, to a lesser or greater extent, to help compile their comprehensive inquiry and reach their 21 recommendations.

Firstly there was the report published in June 2022 by the Ministerial Delegate for Major Sports Events, which pointed to operational failures including lack of crisis management and flaws in the orientation and management of supporters. Five main recommendations for improvement were made at the time.

A month later, in July 2022, the independent French Senate report brought forward 15 recommendations, which LFC publicly supported. This report also exonerated Liverpool supporters of any blame at all, in fact one of the senators involved in the report apologised to both sets of supporters for what happened on the night.

And a third independent report of note was also published in October 2022, by the highly respected critical criminologist, academic and author Professor Phil Scraton. His report – “Treated With Contempt” An Independent Panel Report into fans’ experience before, during and after the 2022 Champions League Final in Paris – pointed to serious failings, including that UEFA had achieved abject failure in trying to meet its responsibilities, stating that five key safety guidelines outlined in the UEFA Guide to Quality Stadiums were broken.

Using hundreds of eye-witness accounts from LFC fans, it formed the basis of a BBC Panorama documentary programme and concluded that Liverpool FC supporters were “treated with contempt” and lives were “put at risk” by the “abject failure” of UEFA at the Champions League final in Paris.

Published 14th February 2023