Kostas Tsimikas on bouncing back, squad togetherness and wanting more

InterviewKostas Tsimikas on bouncing back, squad togetherness and wanting more

By Joe Urquhart


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Kostas Tsimikas has praised the togetherness of Jürgen Klopp's Liverpool squad as they look to get back to winning ways against Aston Villa.

The Reds travel to Villa Park this evening in the Premier League, aiming to move level on points with Manchester City in the title race with a win.

Ahead of the clash, Tsimikas sat down with Liverpoolfc.com to discuss the chase for trophies, facing Steven Gerrard's side, his own game and much more. Read on for the full interview...


On how he reflects on the draw with Tottenham Hotspur last Saturday...

It was a very tough game. We try to win; we always play for that. We play against one very good team - [a] very strong opponent with good counter-attacks. They score one goal, we try to bounce back, we score one goal, [but] it was not enough. It was not what we wanted from the start, but we have to get that point and go again.

On trying to take the positives from the game...

Of course, this situation we are now [in], we are into every competition, we have to see every game differently. We have to train for each game. For us, [it] was very difficult... we wanted to win, but [it] didn't come. We're looking forward for the next game, we want to bounce back, even [to get the] winning spirit. This is what we can do, to be ready, to be focused 100 per cent for the next games because we have very, very big games ahead and even for me, personally, the league didn't finish yet. I believe we have [a] chance to win the league and we go for it.

On the next challenge of facing Villa...

It will be [a] very, very tough game. It will be [a] very intense game but, for me, we have to be us - to be exactly how we want to play. We have to be focused 100 per cent, we want to win and we will go for it. This is our mentality. This is in the goals we set from the start of the season and we will go for it.

On the opportunity ahead in both the Emirates FA Cup and Champions League finals...

I'm really, really looking forward for this game. I'm very proud for this team, all the work we did since the start of the season. As I say, we set all our goals to win all the trophies and we are so close. We won the Carabao Cup, we're in the final in the FA Cup, we're in the final [of the] Champions League. We are second in the league. I'm really looking forward [to it]. It was a very, very good season so far and we will go for it. We want to win as many [trophies] as possible. All the boys, we work hard for that to achieve our goals.

On how important togetherness is in the Liverpool squad...

Now we [have] very good timing. All the boys want to play, they work very hard. No matter who is playing, everybody supports each other [and] everybody is there for the other [person]. We want to win. That's our mentality. Of course, it's very, very tough but we have to go for it. We have to see every game to be focused and to win every game.

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On the demands the squad set for each other...

This year the level is so high. Everybody who wants to play has to work hard in training, and has to show he's ready for that. I think for me, personally, it's the best squad I train with and play with. This is very important for one team. Hopefully with no injuries, because until now we don't have any big injuries. I think this is the best; for me, this shows we are a family. We work for each other, we fight for each other and that's why we are here.

On how he sees his own game right now...

I feel very good, a little bit disappointed for the last game - everybody wants to win, to get the three points was very important for us. We have to bounce back. In the football game always it's like that. You can win, you can lose, you can draw, you can do anything - the only thing you can do is to give everything to win the games. For me, personally, when they give me the chance I want first of all to win, second to help my team to achieve our goals. I'm very, very happy for the games I get until now. I really work very hard to play more games and to be as ready as possible in every challenge they give me.

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On whether he is happy to have contributed six assists this season...

Of course, always I want more from myself. I always work hard for myself. OK, it's a good number but I think I could have more. Maybe I could have goals also! But, OK, I'm very happy [with] the number I have now and if they give me more chances, I will go to make seven, eight and nine if I can. I think this thing makes [a] full-back happy to make assists. I work for it and I will go for the next one.

On working with Klopp...

I learn a lot of things with him. When I saw he signed the new contract here I was very, very happy because you can see [his influence] in this season, or the last seasons, when the boys win everything. This season every challenge we are in, he wants us to work very hard. I'm very, very happy he is here and still I have a lot of things to work with him [on]. I'm very, very happy.



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