Klopp and Henderson's messages of support on Hillsborough anniversary



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Jürgen Klopp and Jordan Henderson have expressed their love, solidarity and support for all those affected by the Hillsborough tragedy.

Friday April 15 marks the 33rd anniversary of the disaster at the FA Cup semi-final between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest.

Ninety-seven children, women and men lost their lives as a result of the events that unfolded that day – and they will never be forgotten.

“When speaking on this subject I am woefully inadequate to find words that properly reflect its significance. I try to leave that to others,” said Klopp.

“But I know – because I talk to people who understand far better than me – that taking time to remember and reflect around this time is so important to the families of the victims and the survivors.

“For those who lost loved ones on that awful day, the pain will never diminish. For those who were there, who themselves were hurt or injured – or even witnessed the horror – they can never eradicate those feelings.

“So we must continue to support them and observe this anniversary in a manner which honours the memory of those we lost. But also acknowledge the courage, fortitude and reliance of the people who fought for justice in their memory for decades.

“The majority of us honoured to represent this club today can never truly comprehend the suffering, but we can express our love and our solidarity.”

Anfield paid respects to the 97 at Wednesday night’s Champions League fixture against Benfica.

A minute’s silence was observed before kick-off as a special mosaic was formed on the Kop, displaying the Eternal Flames and the number 97 in a poignant and powerful tribute.

Anfield remembers the 97

“That the number has increased from 96 to 97 over the last 12 months gives all of us an unwanted and tragic reminder that the impact of Hillsborough is still being felt to this day,” wrote Henderson in the matchday programme.

“I know there will [have been] family members in the crowd [against Benfica], there will be people who lost friends and there will also be survivors.

“Whatever your experience, I hope you know that you have the support, love and solidarity of every single player and staff member at Liverpool. What you have gone through since April 15, 1989 is inexcusable and our admiration for all those who have fought for the truth and campaigned for justice could not be greater.

“So when we [paid] our respects before kick-off, we [did] so in the knowledge that we [were] commemorating 97 lives that were lost unnecessarily and that countless more were affected both by the disaster itself and its aftermath. This is our responsibility as Liverpool players and it is one that will always carry enormous significance no matter who is representing this club.”



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