Key information for supporters attending LFC parade

InfoKey information for supporters attending LFC parade

Published 28th May 2022

Here's some of the key information for fans to help get ready for Liverpool's city parade on Sunday afternoon.

Route information

The parade is planned to start at 4pm BST and is expected to last for a number of hours. The victory parade route will start at Allerton Maze and will travel northbound on Queens Drive towards the Fiveways roundabout and Rocket flyover. From there it will journey along:

  • Queens Drive
  • Mill Bank
  • West Derby Road
  • Islington
  • Leeds Street
  • The Strand
  • Route finishes at Blundell Street

You can follow the progress of the team bus on the Culture Liverpool website here, which features the full route in an interactive map.

Top tips

  • Fans are advised to watch the parade at a location close to your home that you can walk to and from; there will be significant road closures and diversions in place for all vehicles in the city and public transport to and from the city centre is also going to be extremely busy. 
  • The open-top buses will not be stopping, so take advantage of the full length of the route. 
  • There is no best place to view the parade, there will be special effects and celebratory moments along the entire route. 
  • Be patient – it is impossible to predict how long it will take the team bus to travel along the route. This will also impact on when road closures will be lifted and when affected bus routes can get back to normal. 
  • Please be advised, however, if you are bringing young children to the event, that prams can be difficult to navigate in the crowds. Also, for those with restricted mobility or who require walking assistance, there will no designated seating along the parade route. 
  • Stay at home if you display COVID-19 symptoms, as you should with any viral infection.

Travel information

  • We strongly advise that you pre-plan your journey and check the Merseytravel website here and direct with transport operators for detailed information on bus, rail, Mersey Ferries and Mersey Tunnels. Plan ahead to ensure you can get to the parade and home again. 
  • If you have to travel, use public transport wherever possible, but consider that trains and buses will be running to a Sunday timetable with some rail services affected by engineering works, and bus services will be disrupted as a result of parade road closures. Check before you travel. 
  • If you live along or close to the route, stay local and walk or cycle. This means you can avoid a busy transport network. 
  • We strongly advise against bringing vehicles into the city centre on May 29 as vehicle movements in and out of the city centre will be significantly impacted. If bringing a vehicle into the city centre is unavoidable, then give yourself plenty of time and expect severe delays in being able to access/egress the city centre by car. 
  • On Sunday, a 30-minute service will run on Merseyrail, except on the Southport line, where trains will run every 15 minutes. There are timetable changes and the following stations will be closed all day to safely manage the number of passengers expected to travel: 
    • Lime Street Lower Level
    • James Street
    • Green Lane
    • Bromborough Rake
    • Capenhurst 
  • Merseyrail northern line trains will call at Moorfields only and Wirral line trains will call at Liverpool Central only. 
  • Passengers are advised to plan their journey in advance by visiting the Merseyrail website here for timetable information. Tickets should be purchased either in advance or a return ticket on the journey to the parade. Due to sheer numbers of fans likely to travel it’s also being recommended that extra time is allowed by anyone making a journey. 
  • While passengers are encouraged to enjoy celebrations as much as possible, Merseyrail operates a TravelSafe policy and passengers are advised that if anyone is deemed unfit to travel due to excessive alcohol consumption, they may be refused access to the Merseyrail network. 
  • Northern Rail services will be limited, please check timetables before travelling. There will be no TransPennine Express services due to planned industrial action.

Health and safety information

  • The use of flares, pyrotechnics or anything similar is illegal and strictly prohibited at the parade event. The use of pyrotechnics poses serious risk of injury to fellow fans and serious health risks. Any individual found carrying and bringing these items to the parade may face prosecution. 
  • Anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated – everyone wants to see the parade, please be patient and considerate of your fellow fans. 
  • Please follow public health guidance and stay at home if you display COVID-19 symptoms, as you should with any viral infection. Self-isolate for 10 days if you test positive (you may be able to reduce this to six days if you test negative in the meantime). 
  • If you bring refreshments and food items of any kind with you, please take all of your rubbish home. 
  • Parents/carers/guardians – plan ahead and take a photo of children before attending the parade. Should you be separated, this will help identify them quickly. Stewards will be distributing wristbands – please write the number of a responsible adult on the wristband and attach it to a child/vulnerable person. 
  • If you lose a child/children during the parade, please alert your nearest steward or member of Merseyside Police immediately. 
  • Please note, no drones are allowed on the parade route and any unauthorised drones will be removed.

Liverpool FC would like to thank in advance supporters who show their support in a friendly, respectful and considerate manner.

If you are unable to attend the parade you can also watch it live across LFC’s official Twitter, Facebook and YouTube channels. You can also watch live coverage of the parade on LFCTV via Sky channel 425, Virgin Media channel 544 or on LFCTV GO. Coverage will begin at 3.45pm or 4pm BST depending on the platform.

You can also get live updates via:

Published 28th May 2022