Jürgen Klopp's verdict on Wolves 3-0 Liverpool

Press conferenceJürgen Klopp's verdict on Wolves 3-0 Liverpool

By James Carroll and Joe Urquhart at Molineux


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Jürgen Klopp described Liverpool’s start in the opening 12 minutes of the 3-0 defeat at Wolverhampton Wanderers as ‘absolutely not allowed to happen’.

Extended match action

The Reds went behind via a deflected Joel Matip own goal, while home defender Craig Dawson also struck in the opening period.

Ruben Neves then found the back of the net for the hosts 19 minutes from time to complete the scoring following a swift counter-attack.

Read on for a summary of what Klopp had to say in his post-match press conference.

On his reaction to Liverpool’s performance and the result...

Very frustrating, very disappointing. The start into the game was horrible, absolutely horrible; it was the opposite of what we wanted to do. The first 12 minutes, 2-0 down, is absolutely never helpful, but especially in our situation. It is absolutely not allowed to happen. Not for being passive, not for doing what we did in these moments. So, we saw different games today – all in one. The first 12 minutes, then an OK away performance where we created, we were there, that was absolutely OK. Then we started extremely well in the second half. The first 25/30 minutes of the second half was brilliant, was a super away game without scoring and then they scored the third goal from a counter-attack and the rest is then getting it over the line, pretty much. We caused that misery with the first 12 minutes. You can ask me if I can explain it; it is now 10 or 15 minutes after the game, still not. That cannot happen, it cannot. It did, I know, but that’s really tough to swallow.

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On whether Liverpool have an issue with starting games slowly...

That’s true, we had that subject through the first part of the season and now not so much anymore, but today it was, if you want, the pinnacle of our problems because in a game like this it is absolutely not allowed. You can criticise, you can judge us, you can say whatever you want and you are probably right – I have nothing to say against that because these 12 minutes are not allowed. Coming here with all the things we did in the last few days – and during the whole season so far – with what we want, then you arrive here and this is the outcome, that’s really hard to take, I have to say. We had other games with conceding early goals, we had that since the last season so it was now not that much anymore, but we didn’t win games so then it’s pretty likely when you lose games that you concede the first one. Again, these 12 minutes we were the worst for a while.

On Liverpool’s form since the turn of the year...

It’s really difficult to summarise. The team is not full of confidence, you can see that – the first 12 minutes were obvious, but it was about defending, being compact, being active. Do you need a lot of confidence for that? I am not so sure. Put your body between the ball and the opponent, block the ball and these kind of things, avoid the cross. You saw Stefan Bajcetic full of confidence, he plays football for as long as we kept him on the pitch. All the others, started a bit different, but second half, with low-confidence levels, playing this kind of game, I think nobody would have been surprised if we scored here, that we could have scored once and twice and then let’s have a look at the game. I know it is hypothetical, 100 per cent, but that was possible. We caused the problems ourselves, how can that happen? I cannot always cover things, it was obvious – we do it in public, that’s why everyone can see it.

On whether he is concerned overall...

Unfortunately, you ask me that too often. How can I not be concerned? I cannot sit here and think, ‘Oh, no. That’s all OK. We did well, but football...’ It’s not [OK]. I got now asked a question outside if it’s because of last season – 63 games – stuff like this. Yes, definitely, we have to say it. Meanwhile, it’s clear that has influenced the first part of the season, but how long do we want to suffer off that? So, how long? It’s now the second part of the season – on my watch it is February. We had a full week to prepare, we have another eight, nine days to prepare the next game. We are fit, we are now there, that might have been a problem earlier in the season, of course, then injuries – all are clear. But for today the first 12 minutes is not allowed, I have to say that, but we did it anyway. That’s true and that’s the outcome.

So then after that you can see this is not a 3-0 like I would say a 3-0 looks. So, they say, ‘OK, Wolves were clearly [the] better side and Liverpool had no chance.’ No, Wolves were clearly the better side for 12 minutes and maybe the last 10 minutes when they were 3-0 up and the ball was then their friend again, but in between we were really in the game. Especially in the second half [when] we put them massively under pressure against a team full of confidence now because being 2-0 up they had the momentum. That’s what we can do as well but then we don’t finish the situations off, which is not helpful. That’s why we lost 3-0.

On whether he has lost any confidence in his players...

No. I don’t think they are [at their] best in the moment and do I like that? No. But I still know how good they are and how good they can be. But football, and life, is not like this. We work every day and it’s not because of him, him, him. So, these things happen because we cannot help ourselves in these moments. How can you get in a situation… seven or eight players had nothing to do with the first goal, the other seven [or] eight players had nothing to do with the second goal – but everybody is influenced by it. So, these are the situations we have to go through. I don’t lose confidence in the boys or whatever, but I see where we have to improve. That’s what we are working on but again it makes this so typical to the situation. The start is horrible and then it’s normal and then it’s great but, OK, without finishing, I get that. Playing a 0-0 like we would’ve played the whole game like the [first] 30 minutes in the second half, we would’ve loved to see the end result. But in the moment it is always if, if, if. I cannot hear it anymore but it’s still the situation.

On Fabinho’s absence from the squad...

He was ill.

On how he can help his players find confidence...

Not in press conferences. That doesn’t help, obviously. You know my job, I know my job, my job is not to explain here how I can build up my team. I will be judged by that from you and that’s fine. But, let me say it like this, for today, it was not enough what I did.

On whether he has confidence in his own ability to turn things around...

Yes, yes, yes. Absolutely.



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