Jürgen Klopp's post-match press conference: 'It was a top night for us'

ReactionJürgen Klopp's post-match press conference: 'It was a top night for us'

By James Carroll and Glenn Price at Anfield


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'A top night' was Jürgen Klopp's assessment after watching his Liverpool side defeat Leicester City 3-1 on Wednesday to advance in the Carabao Cup.

A second-half comeback with goals from Cody Gakpo, Dominik Szoboszlai and Diogo Jota saw the Reds claim victory in the third-round tie after they recovered well from Kasey McAteer's early opener.

The win set up a trip to AFC Bournemouth in the next round of the competition, with Klopp expressing delight at what his players produced at Anfield against the Foxes in his post-match press conference.

Read on for a full transcript of the boss' reaction...

On his team's performance...

Yeah, that will probably be kind of a headline a little bit that we are again 1-0 down, but again a completely different goal to all the others. I'm not sure if it was a foul or not, looked for us obviously like a foul, Kosti felt it was a foul. Could we have defended them better in the first moment? Maybe yes. Then the last pass was really good and the finish is a good finish, so then it's difficult. And again it happened, we don't like that but it happened and then it's all about the reaction. Without playing outstandingly well immediately, we created already massive chances, chances [that were] really difficult to miss but we did and the goalie had a save, crossbar, whatever. However the ball did not go in the back of the net, I have no clue.

And half-time now is clear, you want to make sure that we don't get frustrated because so far we didn't score, stuff like this. We have to really stay positive and not really chasing the game, just playing the game – and that's what the boys did. Minute by minute, we grew into that game and it was a top performance, to be honest. With all the quality of Leicester, we have to admit that as well, super-coached team obviously, super set-up, you can pretty much see, feel and smell the confidence they have because of their situation, so that made life difficult. But we kept going and improved during the game as a team clearly but individually as well, a lot of performances stepped up and here we are, and I like that a lot.

On the goals scored by Liverpool...

Top goals, absolutely top goals. But I think the goals we didn't score were pretty beautiful as well, just didn't go in – like the last of Harvey, I have no clue who blocked that. How I said, now looking back, a top night for us because you look at Wataru, how he grew into the game and how dominant he was in the second half, how he really won the balls, passed the ball. I'm not sure it was the last pass before Dom scores but for sure probably he passed the ball through the lines again, what he did quite frequently. That was really, really good, he played a super game. Jarell Quansah, not only playing outstandingly well, setting a goal up. So exciting, you cannot watch him without smiling, to be honest. It's really, really nice to see.

Strikers fought so hard and scored then super-important goals, both Cody and Diogo. Harvey, what a work-rate. Curtis on right-back. Ibou using his full speed in their counter-attacks in the second half. Caoimhin, calm, composed. I'm not sure I forgot anybody. Kosti, super-difficult start and was close, I think, to lose a little bit, but found a way back in the game – really good for him as well. Ryan, in a game like this, being in the most-difficult area and constantly under pressure and finding always little solutions and solutions which help us a lot. Super signs tonight, I really like that a lot. The boys enjoyed playing it and you saw how they were pressing until the last second. They really enjoyed it and that's cool.

On Szoboszlai's goal and whether he is encouraged to shoot...

I don't have to tell him to shoot, he knows that, he knows better than I that he has a pretty good skill. The next one, which goes slightly over, is another grenade. You can see that in Premier League games, everyone tries to block him, that's why he didn't come through yet – but if he comes through there's a good chance the ball could be in. A super goal. Wataru passed the ball through and in that moment, there is no midfielder there, there is no defender who can then hold him, that's why it is so important we are winning the ball to try to play the first pass forward or at least have a forward-orientated idea. That helped there, a lot. Good.

On whether he expected such an impact from Szoboszlai...

It's so long ago that he's here I forgot what I thought when he came in. Since the first minute of training, it was pretty impressive. He's a top bloke, really top guy. Easy step into the team dressing room-wise and stuff like this. A very naturally confident boy and that helps and a super-hard worker and that's what you see. Today he came on and had two very difficult situations; he stepped on the first ball when he defended a counter-attack and lost the ball there. Then the next one I think he lost as well. From that moment on, he was just in the game. That is super-important. He enjoys it a lot being here and the people obviously appreciate it as well. It's a good situation. Long may it continue.

On when he told Curtis Jones he'd be captain...

Yesterday, when I told him he would be playing right-back, the same moment. I sold the right-back idea with the captaincy, let me say it like that. But he was already completely excited when I told him that he will play right-back. The way he executed it was super-special, I have to say. Wow. Super-smart. We thought about him. We couldn't play Stefan long, we have to be careful with him. Joey will be OK for the weekend but was not OK for today. For Trent it is too early. So I needed to find solutions and Curtis was always in my mind as a potential solution there. He is really football smart, he enjoys being on the ball and the deeper you are the more often you can get the ball. It was a top performance, I have to say, for the first time in – for him – a strange position. He did really well and I liked that a lot. He is in a good moment, so he could probably play each position in the moment. But we will try to use him as often as possible in his natural position.



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