Jürgen Klopp: We must live in the moment and focus only on Luton

Programme notesJürgen Klopp: We must live in the moment and focus only on Luton

By Liverpool FC


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Jürgen Klopp insists Luton Town have Liverpool’s undivided attention for tonight’s Premier League match at Anfield.

The Reds welcome the Hatters to L4 in a game that will be played a matter of days before the Carabao Cup final, but Klopp and his players are focused solely on the challenges posed by Rob Edwards’ side, who claimed a hard-fought 1-1 draw in the reverse fixture at Kenilworth Road.

In his notes for the official matchday programme, Klopp writes: “Of course, we have met once already this season and the memories of the tough game we had on that occasion give us information that we need to use in this one.

“The main lesson is that we should not expect anything different this time. Luton will fight, they will use their strengths and they will look to make life as uncomfortable for us as they possibly can.

“This is why our first objective has to be doing everything we can to be the most difficult opponent that Luton can face. We did not do this as often as we would have liked at Kenilworth Road but this time we are at Anfield so it would make sense that we should use it.

“As ever, a big part of this is the supporters. I cannot emphasise enough how much we will need you in the situation that we are in. We will not feel sorry for ourselves with the problems that we have at the moment – this is not allowed – but it would not be too logical if we did not acknowledge that they exist and it is clearly a time when pulling together would not be unhelpful.

“Since I first arrived at Liverpool, we have not had an easy way presented to us. Reacting to challenges and problems is part and parcel of being at this club. But no matter what the situation, our shared obligation is to go for it and this has to be our aim again tonight.

“We should not even think about the next game until this one is complete. A fixture under the lights at Anfield against a strong opponent is definitely more than enough to earn our full focus and our total commitment. Living in the moment and for the moment is not just the right way, it is the only way.

Liverpool v Luton Town: Team news

MatchLiverpool v Luton Town: Team newsLiverpool will be forced to make at least two changes for Wednesday night's meeting with Luton Town in the Premier League.

“We did this against Brentford on Saturday and the performance and result were both really positive, especially given the setbacks that we had to cope with.

“We took the knocks – more than we would ever like – and still found a way. This is a characteristic of Liverpool as a club and as a city and right now it is one that we are going to need in abundance.”



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