Jürgen Klopp on system change and 'beautiful goals' in Norwich comeback

Press conferenceJürgen Klopp on system change and 'beautiful goals' in Norwich comeback

By Chris Shaw


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Jürgen Klopp explained how a system change and ‘beautiful goals’ turned a complicated afternoon into a 3-1 win over Norwich City.

Liverpool 3-1 Norwich: Extended highlights

Liverpool fell behind in the 48th minute of Saturday’s Premier League clash at Anfield as Milot Rashica benefited from a deflection to open the scoring.

But a switch in formation aided the hosts’ comeback, which was achieved through goals from Sadio Mane, Mohamed Salah – his 150th for the Reds – and Luis Diaz, with a first for the club.

Read Klopp’s analysis of the contest and the contributions of Liverpool’s three scorers at his post-match press conference below…

Roberto Firmino and Diogo Jota fitness update

Injury newsRoberto Firmino and Diogo Jota fitness updateLiverpool are waiting to discover the extent of the muscle injury that ruled Roberto Firmino out of Saturday’s victory over Norwich City, but Jürgen Klopp had an encouraging update regarding the fitness of Diogo Jota.

On his assessment of the game and a ‘complicated afternoon’…

Yeah, but no problem with that. It was complicated before already. You can see, just as an example, you make an analysis of an opponent and of course you use as well the last game they played and some other games, and you see some things which you want to use and then during the game you realise they analysed their own game as well and changed that completely. Then you have to find other ways, that’s how it is. We could have scored really early in the game with two massive chances from Kostas and the other one was the header from Virgil when he squared the ball and I thought there were two players from us who could have finished it off, I don’t know why we didn’t do that.

Then, you don’t score, they find a little better in the game; they were actually always good, to be honest. It is a really good football team. Dean is obviously doing an incredible job – very talented, very brave, very confident and all these kind of things, in the situation they are, really good. But half-time, it was not that we said we had to change this, this and this. Actually, we showed one longer sequence where we played exactly like we should have played all the time. We just should have done it more often. We tried that in the second half obviously but then we concede that goal and you could see directly a few minutes after, it was now a bit hectic, the atmosphere was hectic, everyone got a bit nervous.

We thought it made sense to make that early change just to calm it directly down again. We did that literally obviously, with Thiago and a system change to 4-4-2. Then anyway you have to finish the situations off. The first goal obviously was not the biggest chance we had in the game, Sadio just scored off it with an incredible finish. And the other goals were really beautiful as well. Yes, it was complicated, no problem with that. It’s Premier League, you can see what kind of quality all the teams have. But that makes it so special when you win them then anyway.

On what the goal will do for Diaz…

We saw now two games when Luis played – came on or played – where he was absolutely incredible. Today it was hard work for him as well, it was a tricky one, a tricky encounter. So then staying on the pitch, staying in the game shows then the real quality because we changed system and brought Luis in the centre and Sadio in his natural position. Sadio scored anyway in the centre but Luis makes this wonderful run in the centre as well. It’s good, he’s just an outstanding talent, a really, really good player. I think he is very happy tonight. He should be.

On how much he enjoys the different challenges presented by the rhythm of so many games and what can be achieved this season…

We enjoy it. Not all about it, travelling and flying back on Thursday and playing on Saturday, these kinds of things, it’s difficult to enjoy. But obviously the situation, we really enjoy, we see it as an opportunity. We never had it before, that we are in all four competitions. That’s absolutely incredible and we really enjoy that. And long may it continue because that means we can play a lot of football games. That’s what we love most. But it’s not easy for the boys and that’s exactly why we changed today seven times, because I expect from the boys that they listen when I tell them that the next game we play is absolutely the most important game we’ve ever played. Anyway, the only one we play. But it’s not easy and today we wanted to help with seven changes, that we just bring in fresh legs and from there we go. I think we could have brought the game in the right direction early, but didn’t and then it became really hard work and stiff in moments and all these kinds of things. But in the end we made it through and now that feels absolutely great.

On his favourite of Salah’s 150 Liverpool goals…

Ah, today was a really cheeky one, to be honest. I remember the Chelsea goal when he was on the side and that thunderbolt in the far corner. A few of them dribbling – one City, one Watford. The United goal I liked a lot, the 2-0, Ali’s pass as well. Champions League, one at City as well – not because it’s City but it was very, very special. I can probably not remember all 150 but I can remember a lot and there were some good goals. The first one I think was at Watford, that was the easiest goal maybe he scored since he was here. If Luis would use the first goal for a similar journey, it would be cool! Nobody could have expected that day when he scored at Watford that in this short period of time it would be possible for him to score 149 more. Really special.

On Mane’s standing among the legends of the club’s history…

Oh, definitely. Sad’s goal record is absolutely insane as well and the goal he scored today maybe shows the whole range of the things he can do. He helped the team today massively with first playing in the centre, then going back to the left wing, then being in the right moment in the centre, then doing a bicycle kick. Sadio has more than 100 goals as well. He is a world-class striker wherever he will play: left wing, right wing, centre. He is a world-class striker and yes, it’s really helpful to have him here.



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