WatchJürgen Klopp gives inspiring team talk to encourage young girls to stay in sport

Standard Chartered Bank and Liverpool FC 'Play On'
By Liverpool FC


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Watch as Jürgen Klopp gives an inspiring team talk to a group of Merseyside-based girls from Standard Chartered’s Futuremakers programme and LFC Foundation’s Regional Talent Centre, encouraging them not to give up on playing sport.

Discussing the challenges faced by young girls playing sports, the Liverpool manager spoke openly about how it’s everyone’s responsibility to ensure every young person gets the opportunity to do what they love.

In this latest instalment of the ‘Play On’ campaign from Liverpool FC and Standard Chartered, Klopp was joined at the team talk-style event by Thiago Alcantara, who was keen to quiz the girls about their experiences and hear about the obstacles and pressures they face when playing sport.

Both manager and player were moved as the girls discussed their reasons for quitting sport, such as fewer opportunities, a lack of support from those around them, and confidence issues.

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Speaking to the girls in a classroom setting, Klopp said: “It’s our job to make it easier for you, all of you, to get the opportunity to do what you love.”

‘Play On’ is a four-year campaign that aims to combat the problem of young girls dropping out of sport by highlighting the benefits that playing sports on the pitch can make to their lives off the pitch.

This latest video launches just days before the Women’s World Cup final, when millions of people around the world will be tuning in to watch England take on Spain.

With all eyes once again focused on some of the most elite sportswomen in the world, this is a unique opportunity to engage and encourage the next generation of female athletes to ‘Play On’.

Talking about building confidence, Klopp told the girls: “The best players in the world, women and men, have got more criticism in their lives than anybody else. You have to deal with it and be your most confident version. It’s an incredible skill to have.”

In response to one girl who was worried about others’ reactions if her team lost a game, the Reds boss replied: “Nobody won from the first [moment], from the beginning. Nobody. It’s not about succeeding, it’s about fighting until you succeed, to become the best version of yourself.”



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