NewsJürgen Klopp on FSG's appointment of Michael Edwards as CEO of Football

By James Carroll


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Jürgen Klopp has offered his reaction to the news Michael Edwards will begin a new role with Fenway Sports Group this summer as CEO of Football.

The 44-year-old, who successfully served with Liverpool for 10 years – including six as sporting director – before departing the club in 2022, will assume his position on June 1 and oversee football operations for the ownership group.

The news was announced by FSG on Tuesday, and during his pre-Sparta Prague press conference today Klopp was quizzed by reporters for his thoughts on the appointment.

On whether he has spoken to Edwards and what he thinks of the appointment...

We had that conversation, yes. Michael and I, we always had a really good relationship. It was always very good on a professional basis anyway, really good, and a lot of good things happened obviously in the time that we were here together. Michael decided to do something else and now he’s back I am really happy. I said it a few times, I want to see the club in the best possible place after I leave, so everything we can do as long as I am here I will do. After that, other people have to do it and I think it’s a top solution, honestly. A top solution. Our conversation was great, we spoke about a lot of things, about what I think about different things, players and stuff like this [and] the situation in the club because I was in all the time while he was not in, so what had changed and what might have to change. These kind of things. A really good talk and, as I said, I think it’s top news for the club.

On whether Edwards tried to convince him to stay beyond the end of this season...

No, because – and it is very important in the job – he is not dumb. It’s not a subject to talk about, to be honest. Can you imagine I changed my mind now? Can you? Of course not. I cannot say what I said... It would be like, ‘Never, ever for another club in England’ and then [I] signed for next year for a neighbour or whatever, or whoever needs a coach. That would be completely crazy. I don’t say these things without thinking before. It would mean I started only now realising how great this club is. I know it all the time. It is, for me, the best club in the world and I leave it anyway – that’s why I tried to explain. I just want the club to do as good as somehow possible. I am really sure we created a basis with the right people in charge, and Michael is a top choice.

On whether he is optimistic about the future of the club after he departs...

Absolutely. The club is in a really good moment, in a really good place. Of course, people will measure that only at the end of the season and have a look at what we really achieved, but that’s not that important for the future. What we achieve is for now. For the the future it is important how good is the team, how good are the players, how good is the structure [and] how good is the organisation. That’s where my optimism comes from and that’s why I think it’s a rather good moment to be with LFC. I am really happy about that, but that’s a general question and a general answer and has nothing to do with the game tomorrow. I am absolutely on my toes for tomorrow and and now we have to make sure everybody feels the same and we should be able to play a good football game. That is all that I want.

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