Jürgen Klopp details Burnley analysis

Press conferenceJürgen Klopp details Burnley analysis

Published 11th February 2022
By Chris Shaw

Jürgen Klopp detailed exactly why he expects a 'tough one' when Liverpool tackle Burnley in the Premier League on Sunday.

The Clarets are currently at the foot of the table, though have several games in hand and come into the 2pm GMT kick-off having taken a point from each of their last three fixtures.

Klopp’s men, meanwhile, extended their recent excellent form by dispatching Leicester City 2-0 on Thursday night through Diogo Jota’s double.

The Reds boss previewed his side’s next outing during a pre-match press conference this morning – read everything he had to say about Burnley below…


On Burnley being in a battle to avoid relegation and having a lot riding on Sunday’s game…

Absolutely. So, I had the pleasure to watch their Tuesday night game, Burnley against [Manchester] United. And probably this situation explains the Premier League the best, that Burnley is bottom of the table at the moment, even with games in hand I know. But the quality they produced that night was incredible, especially second half; it was the highest intense game, they played pressing high up the pitch, counter-pressing was there, there were a lot of things. It really was a proper team performance. Together with the stadium, that is obviously the thing they need to do and have to do – they know that better than I do – to stay in the league. And there is a massive chance, for me. I know it always sounds like in February if you are bottom of the table then nobody cares anymore about the games you have in hand. It doesn’t make the situation easier but there’s a big possibility for them still to stay in [the league] because of the power they can produce as a team. We have to be ready, that will be a tough one definitely.

On the team goal finished off by Sadio Mane when the Reds beat Burnley earlier this season…

Yeah, for sure [it was one of the best goals of the season] but it was in general probably the best game we played against Burnley since I’m here, it was a really good game from our side. The goal was obviously one to remember.

Inside Anfield: Liverpool 2-0 Burnley

On Burnley’s record at Turf Moor and their ability to grind out points…

Yeah, unfortunately for us, we know [that]. That’s how it is. I’m now six-and-a-half years here, I don’t know how often I was at Burnley playing there and it was always uncomfortable, there was not one game where you thought, ‘OK, we have them early’ or whatever. It never happened, because they stay in the game, the mentality they have. You cannot praise enough how Burnley did it, how Sean Dyche did it in the last few years, it’s just incredible. This league is incredibly competitive and they stayed comfortably in the league all the time. This year, for different reasons, it looks like it’s more difficult but again, because it’s Burnley there’s a massive chance. That’s the situation we will face. But we are ready; we have our own targets, we have our own aims, we will go for everything. We will bring our supporters, at least the number of people we are allowed to bring there, they will create an atmosphere as well. So, if we are ready for a proper fight, if we can match the intensity of Burnley or even go over it, then we have a good chance there. But if not, then rightly so we will get nothing. That’s football.

On whether Burnley’s approach demands a ‘different physical and mental approach’ from Liverpool…

Yeah, good observation from your side. So, they obviously brought in a new striker; yes, they lost Wood but they brought in Weghorst. If you saw the game on Tuesday night then you saw he’s a pretty lively boy. He was pretty much everywhere up front, he fulfils the role of Wood for sure with deflecting balls and stuff like this, but was really very, very active all over the pitch. Not sure [about] the players around, if it will be Barnes or Rodriguez, I think Vydra is still not fit but I don’t know. Then Cornet and McNeil, that’s pure quality. Centre midfield I always liked a lot anyway, whoever is playing there they have really good footballers there. And a very experienced last line, plus a top goalie. That’s the team we will face.

And yes, Burnley ask for all physicality you can put in a game because you cannot have the ball all the time and in the moments when they have the ball they do exactly what they want to do, and they are good at that. So, they play the channel balls, they follow up the situation. They don’t play that only but if they play them, they are already difficult to defend. And then they have on top of that, footballers really everywhere. So, if Cornet and McNeil play, and Cork, Brownhill, whoever in midfield – if you let them play, they play. That’s the situation. And on top of that, the set-piece threat they are for sure. So, you have just to be aware and really focused and really concentrated, and that’s how we prepare the game.

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Published 11th February 2022