Press conferenceJürgen Klopp on Brighton, Stefan Bajcetic, midfield options and more

By Joe Urquhart and Peter Lennox


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Jürgen Klopp previewed Liverpool’s Emirates FA Cup fourth-round tie at Brighton & Hove Albion with a press conference on Friday.

The Reds boss met reporters at the AXA Training Centre ahead of his side’s visit to the Amex Stadium.

Read on to see what he had to say ahead of the fixture below…

On what Liverpool will aim to do differently this time after their last defeat at Brighton…

Everything. That’s the plan obviously. We knew before the Wolves game, it was Brighton [in the next round] and we showed we really wanted to go through. That’s football. There is always a new chance, and you can always do better. That’s what we will do. But Brighton is a really good moment, so it’s all about that [performing better].

On Stefan Bajcetic’s new contract and his promising start to his Reds career…

That was pretty clear from the first moment, but you never know how quick it goes [his progress]. We were pretty careful with him, because of his age. He showed now he is ready and for us it is very helpful, with all of his natural skills. It’s something we didn’t show often enough in the recent games; aggression, but a good aggression, it’s not that he kicks players. He is a good footballer on top of that, so that’s obviously very important in the centre of the park. I am really pleased he signed his new contract. He deserves it and I think he is really happy about it.

Jürgen Klopp's fitness update on seven Liverpool players

NewsJürgen Klopp's fitness update on seven Liverpool playersJürgen Klopp has offered an update on the progress of Luis Diaz, Roberto Firmino, Diogo Jota and Virgil van Dijk in their recovery from injury.

On how he assesses the game against Brighton as FA Cup holders…

Being cup holders, I don’t think it’s [a] massive advantage in the competition. We start completely new. We know how great the event is if you arrive at the final, so that’s helpful if you want. It [the last game against Brighton] is still the worst game I have ever seen. Pretty much everything went wrong. We had to change the approach completely, not only against Brighton, but in general. We did really well in spells during the games [against Wolves and Chelsea]. I think, the first half against Chelsea was really disciplined. Chelsea are a really good football team and we didn’t give them a lot of play through, which is important.

That’s something we have to do similar against Brighton, of course. In the second half [against Chelsea], we built on the first half and started really well. We got a bit overly excited. We were not that compact, and the pressing was not that coordinated, and then Chelsea got two chances. That is something we want to work with and that’s where we want to go from. Being more compact than we were at Brighton [in the first game] would be really helpful. Compact in our case never means being very deep – we cannot do that. But in the decisive areas we need to be compact, we need to defend them well. We respect them a lot for good reasons, and we did that before the first game as well. We have to make it more difficult for them and we will do. We will see what we make of that.

On whether he will refer to the last game at Brighton with the players…

Not on a daily basis but, of course, we had intense talks after the Brighton game. We had to change immediately, and we did. A couple of days later we played against Wolves and it obviously looked completely different. After the game, I said it looked like two different sports. Now, we will not do the meeting where we show all the bad situations from Brighton, or it will be a proper horror show. We saw that already – we played it and saw it.

If there is anything good about it, it was that it was that bad everybody was clear, it was not about here and there [things need to change], it’s about general change and improvement of different things. You can lose a game, but if you don’t learn from it, it’s just a defeat. If you learn from it, then that’s important as well. We intend to do things like that.

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On using the same midfield three of Thiago, Naby Keita and Stefan Bajcetic in the last two games...

Obviously we had injuries after Brighton, or little niggles in there, so it was clear that we had to change anyway. I liked the rhythm; I liked the mix of offensive things and defensive readiness – I liked that. It was not the three alone, because the three alone can do nothing, but the front lines did that really good as well, that's really important to us. There are specific things an opponent is doing, it's not that each opponent offers absolutely everything and you have no clue what they're doing. Sometimes that can happen, but lesser with quality teams. Just with teams they try to survive then you don't know really what you prepare for – but it's Brighton [and] a lot of things are clear what they are doing. You have to respect that and defend that.

If you don't do that then you are screwed, there is no doubt about it. The midfield three, it just worked well for these games. We will see who will start [on] Sunday. It’s not about against anybody, or whatever. It's just the boys in the moment train, it's not about the midfielders – they all show up. They obviously all want to play, so that's good. And my job is then to make the decision, let's see how it works best and then we have five opportunities to change. For me it’s exactly the same importance [between] how we start and how we finish a game. It's exactly the same. The players might be slightly different... for me it's the same importance. So, we have six [or] seven midfielders in top shape. Perfect situation. You play a system now, or used to play now for a while, [where] only three can start. But then you cannot make mistakes, let me say that, with line-ups. That's good. That's actually a situation I want to be in again.

On the importance of his midfield set-up against Brighton in particular...

Yeah, it is. But against Brighton especially it’s massively important how you defend the first line. So, they are that good. [Moises] Caicedo and [Alexis] Mac Allister and then the two centre halves [are] calm... the goalie – really calm. So, they just pass the ball through. If the front three is not defending well, and that was our problem, for example, at Brighton – that's how it started. The midfield wanted [to press] but were never close enough. If you defend Brighton with seven... theoretically, if you defend Brighton with seven players, no chance. That’s the situation. It's not about the midfield, they are good there, that's why we have to be good there. Yes, that's one part, it's really about how we defend in general.



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