Jamie Carragher and John Bishop support Quorn's Double The Donations foodbank drive on derby day

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Ahead of the upcoming Merseyside derby, Jamie Carragher and John Bishop are calling on fans from across the city to support Fans Supporting Foodbanks in whatever way they can at Anfield on Monday night.

Hunger doesn’t wear club colours, so whether a Red or a Blue, show your support for the city and drop off non-perishable food items at Flagpole Corner ahead of the 8pm GMT kick-off.

Whatever is collected on matchday will be doubled thanks to Quorn, Liverpool FC’s official sustainable protein partner. Quorn’s ‘Double The Donations’ pledge is now in its second season and is helping to raise awareness of the issues of food poverty and raise food donations to alleviate food poverty in the Liverpool City Region.

Using their voices to support the important cause, Carragher and Bishop feature in a new video – which can be watched above – where they meet people who feed the city and provide community lifelines during these difficult times.

“The Double The Donations initiative is doing a great job to support the local community and raise awareness of the increasing need for foodbanks in Liverpool,” said Reds legend Carragher. “We’re so grateful to the volunteers who dedicate their time to tackling food poverty, and we’re really pleased to be able to give them our support.

“Sadly, Liverpool is the third-most deprived local authority in the UK. Despite the fierce rivalry that exists between our two biggest football clubs, the fans have shown time and again that they can come together to support those most in need, and that’s what’s special about the people of Liverpool.

“It’s not just footballers helping the cause, we just help give it a louder voice. The real heroes are the volunteers who give up their time to run the foodbanks, and the ordinary working people of Liverpool who donate food to support those in their community who are in more need than them.”

Comedian Bishop added: “It’s been inspiring to learn about the Double The Donations initiative and the work of Liverpool and Everton fans, as well as the foodbank volunteers, who do crucial work to support the local community. You can’t help but also think, when you hear that one in five in the UK are now living in poverty, that it shouldn’t be their job. The government must do better.

“It’s thoroughly depressing to have one in five people living below the poverty line in a country as wealthy as the UK – it’s a disgrace. Politicians should be ashamed.”

Sam Blunt, commercial operations director for Quorn, said: “We’re incredibly inspired by the hard-working foodbank volunteers and Merseyside football fans who are fighting against food poverty in their community.

“It’s their generosity and compassion that is making sure people get the help they need, and we’re proud to partner with Liverpool FC to support this important cause.”

Fans Supporting Foodbanks was founded in 2015 and is a joint initiative between Liverpool FC and Everton FC, promoting a global message of football solidarity because hunger doesn’t wear club colours.

Fans Supporting Foodbanks started with just three fans collecting tins of food on matchdays. It now supplies a massive 25 per cent of all donations to North Liverpool Foodbank.



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