'It'll get to the bottom of it' - LFC supporters excited by insight 'Intensity' will provide

Reaction'It'll get to the bottom of it' - LFC supporters excited by insight 'Intensity' will provide

Published 4th August 2022

Liverpool FC supporters are looking forward to the insight Pepijn Lijnders' new book 'Intensity' will provide.

Intensity – which is out now – takes a unique inside look at the club’s stunning 2021-22 campaign through the eyes of the Reds’ assistant manager.

Written alongside LFC’s head of editorial, James Carroll, Lijnders’ debut book gives supporters expert first-hand insight.

A small number of fans and competition winners were invited to attend a special launch event on the eve of its release at Anfield, where a Q&A and meet and greet were held for those in attendance.

“I’m really, really excited to read it,” season ticket holder Andy Bell told Liverpoolfc.com.

“As a supporter who goes to every home game, I don’t judge success purely from trophies. Last season for me going to Anfield and home and away, it’s the journey that we’ve been on, we just have such amazing memories following this team. I’ll never forget that.

“It doesn’t matter to me that it didn’t end so well in the Champions League final. We still got two trophies and played in every match possible. It was an amazing experience.”

On what he is most looking forward to in the book, Andy said: “I think just to get that behind-the-scenes access to players that I idolise and analyse every week.

“Understand a little bit more their personalities and how the make-up of the dressing room works. And, for me, the first time I ever saw Liverpool win a trophy live was the League Cup final. I’m looking forward to seeing what was going on behind the scenes for that one.

“It’s just been great to meet an icon of mine, somebody I’ve seen around the club for a number of years and somebody who a manager such as Jürgen Klopp rates so highly.”

Fans will be given a fresh look behind the curtain at Anfield, straight from one of Klopp’s right-hand men.

“You do get to see it because the club are brilliant, but it’s the little ins and outs that Pep and Klopp and all the backroom staff have. Hopefully this will give us an insight into all of that,” supporter William Cawley added.

“They won a lot of games, so it’ll be interesting to find out in those games they did lose what the decision-making was behind certain things and why it happened. Then what sort of changes they made.

“There were points in the season that you could see that they’d done something different but it’s about what they actually did. You never really get to find that out, so this book will get to the bottom of it.”

You can find more information on Intensity and purchase a copy here.

Published 4th August 2022