Guest blog'I jumped in a pool when we won the Champions League in Istanbul'

By The Mysterines


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In our latest guest blog featuring Liverpool-supporting musicians, Callum and George from local indie-rock band The Mysterines tell us about their love for the Reds…


I’ve been a Liverpool supporter since the day I was born, dressed in a Liverpool kit from a baby. It’s always been a sort of religion in my house. Growing up, I used to watch each match with my dad and his mates and I would go to Anfield whenever a ticket came up or had the money to.

I remember walking up the steps out to the seats and seeing the pitch for the first time, an unforgettable moment that I still feel every time I go back to watch a game now. The Liverpool red of the stands contrasting with the green of the grass. It’s a special feeling and one that stays with you as a fan of the club.

Favourite memories come in abundance, but of course the Champions League wins top all, I’d say. I remember Istanbul so vividly, on holiday with my parents I jumped in the hotel pool when we got back in the early hours of the night out of excitement. I think there’s still a picture of me knocking round with my kit soaked through beside the pool, heart aglow with the excitement of winning the biggest cup against the best team.

Madrid 2019 was special in a different way, I was older and had seen a lot more, good and bad, so I appreciated the enormity of what we had done, especially in the semi-final.

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I think despite the news of [Jürgen] Klopp leaving, we’re in a good place moving forwards. I think with Michael Edwards back in place and the squad we have we’re set up to do well.

We’ve still a lot to play for this year and it would be a perfect ending to an amazing story if we can win the league and/or the Europa League and send the big man off with a proper party.


Becoming a Liverpool fan in my family isn’t exactly the norm! I am actually from a family full of Evertonians. Luckily my mum has always been a Liverpool supporter and was able to take me under her wing and lead me to support the best club there is.

When I was young she took me to my first game. It was Liverpool vs Rabotnicki, Europa League in 2010. Sitting in Anfield Road felt amazing and I still remember the buzz of the atmosphere! If I remember rightly, I believe the score was a 2-0 win.

Over the years of supporting Liverpool I’ve seen the club go through many highs and lows. But if everything was constantly perfect that just wouldn’t be any fun, would it?

'There's nothing in the world like the sound of the Kop'

Guest blog'There's nothing in the world like the sound of the Kop'In the latest edition of our series of guest blogs featuring Liverpool-supporting musicians, BANNERS delivers a compelling description of his experiences of the sights and sounds of Anfield…

Out of all my experiences as a Liverpool fan, the standout moment for me would have to be the 2019 Champions League semi-final and then the final itself. Achieving the impossible comeback in front of a home crowd and against a side containing the greatest player to ever play the game has to be one of the greatest moments the sport has ever seen.

The final was a lot less exciting as a game but it was the first time I could enjoy a Liverpool trophy win. To watch it surrounded by my mum and mates in our local was a moment I will never forget. The buzz of the city the next day for the parade on The Strand was just amazing!

We have our second record Afraid Of Tomorrows out on June 7 and subsequent tour following this October. You might see us at a bunch of various festivals this summer also, so come and say hello.

Up the Reds.



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