'I hope it's used at Anfield!' - SASH!'s seal of approval for viral Alexis Mac Allister song

Interview'I hope it's used at Anfield!' - SASH!'s seal of approval for viral Alexis Mac Allister song

By Glenn Price


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The frontman of the DJ group SASH! has given his seal of approval to the chant used to celebrate Alexis Mac Allister's transfer to Liverpool.

An incredibly catchy song to the tune of their 1997 hit Ecuador went viral in the build-up to the World Cup winner's arrival at the Reds, with its lyrics supposedly worked up by artificial intelligence.

Having been used as part of the club's official announcement for Mac Allister earlier this month, Sascha Lappessen now wants to see it adopted by 60,000 people when the No.10 plays at Anfield.

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He told Liverpoolfc.com: "I hope that it's really going to be used there and I cannot wait for someone to send me some video footage of it. It will be insane, of course, to see and hear.

"I have so many fans in the UK and loads of them do, of course, support Liverpool, so they straight [away] informed me about it. It's funny that even AI is deciding that SASH! and Ecuador is a huge thing to use.

"I always was thinking that maybe one day one of the SASH! songs was going to be used in a football stadium – but until today it did not happen."

The group have also noticed a hefty uptick in listens to Ecuador on streaming platforms after the Mac Allister song was posted on social media.

"For sure, a lot of Liverpool fans do remember, 'Ah, that is the track.'," Sascha explained.

In terms of football, Lappessen is an avid Borussia Monchengladbach supporter and was once offered a professional contract by his boyhood club while a youngster.

After Liverpool and Gladbach first met each other in the 1973 UEFA Cup final, they have enjoyed a special relationship ever since, with supporters of the Bundesliga side making annual visits over to L4 – and Kopites heading the other way to Germany.

Lappessen is proud to play a part in the latest of many links between the two clubs.

"Sadly, I have never been so far [to Anfield]," he finished. "But maybe now I will soon do a half-time performance or so with Ecuador!

"I know there exists a long-time friendship between Liverpool and Monchengladbach fans, and I know that the Die Elf vom Niederrhein song is being played often in your stadium.

"So, it is great to see that the Liverpool fans chose a song for the new player from one of the biggest and most famous Borussia fans!"



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