GuideHow to use ticket forwarding

Published 12th August 2022

Ticket forwarding allows you to transfer a ticket to one of your registered Friends and Family members if you cannot attend a game.

Watch our video on how to forward a ticket above, or follow the quick and easy steps below.

  • To forward a ticket go to
  • In ‘My Account’, click on the ‘Tickets’ tab to display the tickets you have available and select the game you wish to forward the ticket for and then click ‘Forward Ticket’. You will now be taken to your basket – follow the steps to complete the transaction. 
  • If the person you have forwarded your ticket to is an Official Member or season ticket holder, their pass will be automatically updated ahead of the match. 
  • If you would like to forward your ticket to someone who is NOT an Official Member or season ticket holder, they must purchase a free-of-charge NFC pass. Your Friends and Family member will need to log in to They should then click ‘General Admission NFC pass’ to obtain the pass and follow the steps online to complete the transaction. Supporters will then be able to forward their ticket to their registered Friends and Family member.

Supporters are advised that if they do not complete the above steps you will NOT be able to forward your ticket on.

Published 12th August 2022